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Section 3
1. In your opinion, what was the most important form of art or music to emerge in the
twentieth century, and why was it important? s 2008
2. Why does graffiti appeal to so many people, and why does it offend so many others?
s 2008
3. Why should we bother studying writing from the past or from other countries if it does
not seem to be relevant to us? s 2008
4. ‘Good books rarely get turned into good films.’ How far do you agree or disagree. s
5. To what extent do museums and galleries play a significant role in your society? s
6. What does the theatre offer which cinema and television do not? s 2009
7. Do you consider art as an unaffordable luxury? s 2009
8. To what extent is advertising always misleading? s 2009
9. Should people have to pay to hear music? s 2009
10. How important is it to have a good comment of spoken and written English? S2010
11. To what extent is the appearance of a building important? s 2010
12. Explain the popularity of designer labels. S2010
13. ‘All art is useless.’ How far do you agree? S2010
14. How important is it for individual cultures to maintain their own art forms? S2011
15. To what extent should the media lead or follow public opinion? S2011
16. ‘Without storytellers, we would understand neither ourselves nor the world about us,’
How far is this true? S2011
17. To what extent should the arts aim to awaken our political and social awareness?
18. At its best, architecture is both artistic and functional. How far do you agree? S2013
19. Do you agree with Oscar Wilde that ‘all art is quite useless’? S2013
20. ‘Languages with a declining number of speakers should be left to die out.’ How far do
you agree with this view, s2013
21. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of writing about yourself on the internet.
22. How far do you agree that music needs words to be of any interest? S2015
23. In advertising, the visual image is more important than language. Discuss. S2015
24. ‘Tourism encourages countries to maintain and preserve their historical sites and
buildings.’ To what extent is this true? S2015
25. Usually a film is reviewed in the media before its release date. To what extent is this
useful? S2016
26. To what extent is your country’s heritage expressed in its buildings? S2016
27. Examine whether television is anything more than an escape from reality. S2017
28. How far does a society benefit from using more than one language? W2008
29. Consider the artistic and social value of cartoons and/or animated films. W2008
30. To what extent is the present celebrity culture harmful or beneficial w2009
31. What is the role of libraries in today’s world? W2009
32. ‘Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.’ How far do you agree? W2009
33. Consider the special appeal of poetry w2010 (3x)
34. What, in your opinion, makes a work of art worth a huge amount of money? Give
reasons and examples for your choice. W2010
35. To what extent has television had a negative impact on ‘live' entertainment? W2011
36. To what extent are Shakespeare’s works still relevant today? W2011
37. ‘The media pay far too much attention to people who do not deserve it.’ How far do
you agree? W2012
38. ‘Affordable fashion comes at a cost.’ What do you understand by this statement?
39. ‘Modern buildings are ugly; histories buildings are beautiful.’ To what extent would
you agree? W2012
40. What kind of advertising do you find ineffective and unconvincing? Give reasons for
your choices. W2013
41. Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. Discuss.
42. How far do you agree that films should focus more on storytelling than special
effects? W2014
43. To what extent would it matter if printed newspapers and magazines disappeared
completely? W2014
44. To what extent is censorship essential in advertising w2014
45. Assess what distinguishes a successful film from an unsuccessful one. W2015
46. Watching television limits the imagination whereas listening to the radio expands it.
Discuss w2015
47. ‘The photograph rarely tells the whole truth’ Discuss w2016
48. Account the continued popularity of television documentaries about the natural world.
49. ‘The skills and knowledge gained in studying literature cannot be transferred to
everyday life.’ Discuss. w2017