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Mole Concept

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A 1.85 g sample of mixture of CuCl2 and CuBr2 was dissolved in water and
Example mixed thoroughly with 1.8g portion of AgCl. After reaction, the solid which
now contain AgCl and AgBr was filtered, dried and weighed to be 2.052g.
What was the % by weight of CuBr2 in the mixture?
A. 34.18 C. 54.8

B. 3.418 D. 65.2
Example What volume of 75% alcohol by weight (d=0.80g/cm3) must be used to
prepare 150cm3 of 30% alcohol by weight (d=0.90g/cm3)?

A. 67.5 mL C. 44.44 mL

B. 56.25 mL D. None of these

Example How much quantity of Zn will have to be reacted with excess of dilute HCl
solution to produce sufficient hydrogen gas for completely reacting with the O2
obtained by decomposing 5.104 g of KClO3?
Law of Equivalence

The law states that one equivalent of an element combine with one equivalent of
the other. In a chemical reaction, equivalents and milliequivalents of reactants react
in equal amount to give same number of equivalents or milliequivalents of
products separately.
Example 20ml of 0.1M BaCl2 is mixed with 30ml of 0.2 Al2(SO4)3. What is the mass of
BaSO4 formed? (Molar Mass BaSO4 = 233 g/mol)

A. 0.466 g C. 0.65 g

B. 1.23 g D. 0.233 g
Example The weight of a metal of equivalent weight 12, which will give 0.475 g of its
chloride, is
A. 0.18 g C. 0.24 g

B. 0.12 g D. 0.16 g
Example Calculate the amount of oxygen required to produce enough CO on rxn with C
which can reduce 1.6 Kg Fe2O3

A. 480 g C. 240 g

B. 560 g D. 960 g
Example Percentage of Se (at. mass = 78.8) in peroxidase anhydrase enzyme is 0.5% by
weight, then minimum molecular mass of peroxidase anhydrase enzyme is

A. C. AIIMS 2008

B. 15.76 D. 21360
Example 1.60g of Ca and 2.60g of Zn when treated with an acid in excess separately,
produced the same amount of H2. If the equivalent weight of Zn is 32.6, what is
the equivalent weight of Ca?

A. 40 g C. 20 g

B. 10 g D. 25 g
Example One mole of chlorine combines with certain weight of a metal giving 111 g of
its chloride. The same amount of metal can displace 2 g of hydrogen from acid.
The atomic weight of the metal is

A. 40 C. 20

B. 80 D. None of these