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Vardhman Textiles Ltd .


The Vardhman Group believes in leadership through excellence. They are a focused textile
group with strategic venture in steel business. They strive to achieve excellence through a
culture of innovation and continuous improvement. As an organization, they believe in well
thought-out consistent growth and a consciously conservative approach. They are committed
to investing in the business with initiatives directed at long-term sustainability.
Their customers are their best teachers and central to all operational processes. The company
has the largest range of textile products across fiber (acrylic), yarn & fabrics and has the
flexibility to produce a wide range of products. With their sophisticated design and sampling
capabilities, they act as an extended design partner for their clients.


1) Ensuring Environmental Sustainability (2017-18)

The Company has contributed some amount of money for developing green belt area and
plantation activities to increase green area.

2) Rural Development Projects

The Company has contributed some amount of money for construction of bus shelters at bus
stops, setting up of open gym by providing exercise equipment.

3) Village Adoption

Under the Better Cotton Initiative, Vardhman Textiles collaborated with Punjab Agricultural
University to study the techniques and conditions of farming which gave birth to the Village
Adoption Program that started with one village and slowly increased to 95 Villages. Under
this program Farmers could achieve 60 % higher yield than national average.

4) Healthcare Initiatives

Health plays a crucial role in transforming people’s lives. Healthy people can utilize
opportunities available to them. A well-configured and highly resourced health-care system is
required to provide basic health services to the people. Today, the foremost challenge
confronting India is improving its health indicators.

5) Education Infrastructure

Education creates a plethora of opportunities that provide employment, improve the socio-
economic situation and ensure a secure future. In FY 2017-18, The Company constructed
“Vardhman Block” of 14 Classrooms and two separate toilets at Government Primary School
Giaspura, Ludhiana by spending H 1.82 crore to substantially uplift the infrastructure which
has benefitted over 1400 students, majority of whom are children of migrant labour employed
in nearby factories.


Rikki Raj
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