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About Us
TapApp is where lifelong learners come to learn the skills they need,
to land the jobs they want, to build the lives they deserve.

Our Mission
Our mission is to democratize education through the offering of
world-class higher education opportunities that are accessible,
flexible, and economical. Virtually anyone on the planet with an
internet connection and a commitment to self-empowerment
through learning can come to TapApp, master a suite of job-ready
skills, and pursue rewarding employment.

Our Students
TapApp students are a community of global learners united in a
shared goal of uplift and transformation. Our unique learning model
enables an unprecedented degree of engagement with our students,
and we are with them through every step of their learning journey—
from the first moment a marketing team member might answer a
TapApp Technologies /
question on Facebook, to the penultimate moment when a career
team member receives word that a graduate has gotten a new job.
Our mantra is Students First, and this is the light that guides us as we
continue our mission to bring the highest quality learning possible, to
as many students as we can possibly reach.

Learn the latest tech skills to propel your career forward

 Real-world projects from industry experts

 1-on-1 technical mentor

 Personal career coach and career services

 Flexible learning options

Enroll in a Nanodegree program and build your best future today.

Find the right learning path for you. Match your goals to our
programs, explore your options, and map out your path to success.

 Programming & Development

 Cloud Computing

 Artificial Intelligence

 Data Science
TapApp Technologies /
 Business

 Autonomous System


Looking for highly-skilled, non-traditional talent sources? TapApp
candidates are lifelong learners. They’ve built practical skills in our
industry-vetted programs in fields like data science, artificial
intelligence, autonomous systems, and machine learning.

We make it easy for you to source candidates matched to your

specific requirements. TapApp’s AI-powered, easy to use platform
stack ranks qualified candidates with the skills your company needs.

o Hire with confidence

TapApp’s project-based Nanodegree

programs provide practical, job-ready
talent with proven technical skills and
ability to solve real-world problems.

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o Streamline your search

Browse our global pool of thousands of

job-ready candidates. Filter for select
skills and locations, and track
application status. Automated
communications offer personalized
introductions to in-demand talent.

o Stay ahead of the competition

Our talent pool is constantly evolving to

ensure you have access to the most in-
demand skills when you need them.

TapApp Technologies /

o Imagine your future!

What do you want to learn today? What's your dream job? Discover
the program that's right for you!

o Find Your Next Great Hire With Us

Bridge the growing tech talent gap by tapping into TapApp’s global
Talent Program. Use our online tool to browse, filter by skills and
location, and find your ideal hire today


 Transform your workforce:

Focusing on data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence,

our end-to-end solution helps you transform your workforce and
immediately enable innovation across your organization.

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 Why Now?

Integrate the right training solution for your organization. Assess your
workforce, measure your skills gaps, and deploy transformational
curriculum that features hands-on learning, cutting-edge curriculum,
and a groundbreaking platform flexible enough for every member of
your technical team.

 Get ahead of Digital Disruption

Rapid advances in technology are disrupting companies and

industries worldwide. Your employees must acquire, and constantly
update, critical skills.

 Nurture In-Demand Technical Skills

Technical skills are increasingly important to every functional area

across your organization, including data science, machine learning,
and artificial intelligence.

 Address the Talent Gap

TapApp Technologies /

Skilling up your existing workforce is the most effective way to future-
proof your organization, and counterbalance a prevailing shortage of
specialized talent.

 Embrace a More Effective Training Approach

Current training offerings provide exposure without mastery. Your

advantage lies in building a workforce that demonstrates fluency with
the most valuable, future-facing skills.

 Why TapApp

TapApp’s curriculum is built in with the world’s most innovative

Courses. TapApp’s offerings promote fluency in critical technical areas
such as data sciences, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Why TapApp for Enterprise?

 Course curriculum built with industry experts.

 Managed end-to-end solution

 Assessments that provide customization and predictability

 Real-world hands on projects

 Project reviews and feedback from industry SMEs

TapApp Technologies /

 Dashboard (EMC) - offering a real-time look at employee

 Massive savings by reskilling vs hiring new talent

TapApp for Enterprise Differentiated Approach

We have a different approach than most. We are not an online

catalog offering thousands of short videos to help build basic skills .

 Customized Solution

TapApp for Enterprise partners with companies to develop a

customized, end-to-end, managed solution to transform their
workforce and build agility into the organization so they can operate
at scale.

 Unique Approach

We are not an online catalog offering thousands of short videos to

help build basic skills. Instead, we offer Nanodegree programs in
critical areas where the need is high, and talent is hard to find.

 Managed Experience

TapApp Technologies /

From skills assessment and custom onboarding, to tailored course
offerings and hands on projects, TapApp manages your entire

 Pre-Assessments

In-depth workforce assessments help you identify your team's

current level of knowledge and generate custom learning paths for
your employees to develop fluency and mastery on a timeline of your
choosing. Our adaptive assessments ask the minimal set of questions
required to place an employee along one of our learning paths. The
results help you identify potential top performers in key areas such as
data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Leverage
this knowledge to transform your workforce, ensure competitive
advantage and realize significant ROI.

 Real World Hands-on Projects

Employees learn and apply new techniques, analyze results, produce

actionable insights, and build a dynamic portfolio of work. This
TapApp Technologies /
portfolio of real-world projects will demonstrate growing proficiency
and mastery of the subject.

 Industry Validation & Reviews

Your employees will demonstrate mastery of their new skills through

a series of rigorous, real-work projects designed and validated by
industry subject matter experts and leaders from our Advisory Board,
ensuring your employees are job-ready.

 Dashboard & Progress Reports

The TapApp for Enterprise solution comes with an interactive

dashboard (Enterprise Management Console), that allows
administrators to manage employees, track course progress, perform
bulk enrollments and more.

 See How Much You Could Save

Research shows that it is significantly less expensive to upskill and

retrain your staff than it is to hire new talent. The amount of time,
resources and agency fees that goes into hiring, let alone the cost of
advertising for these roles, makes hiring cost prohibitive. In addition,
TapApp Technologies /
talent in artificial intelligence, machine
learning and data science is scarce,
and, in disproportionately large
numbers, these people come with
premium salaries.


 Get noticed

Our Career Coaches are ready to help you

get the attention of recruiters and hiring
managers. Speak with a Career Coach or
submit your resume, LinkedIn, or GitHub
profiles for review.

 Grow your network

TapApp Technologies /

80% of jobs are not posted online. Build your networking muscle with
our LinkedIn service to connect with others in your field.

 Land the job

You’ve got the skills, now get the job. Connect with innovative
companies who are interested in hiring talented TapApp grads like
you through the TapApp Talent

Go from Job Search to Job


TapApp Technologies /

 Career Coaching

Meet with an experienced Career Coach, available to answer

your career questions whether you’re new to the field or
experienced in your industry.

 Resume Review

Get a detailed resume review from an industry professional to

ensure your resume effectively conveys your abilities and gets
attention from employers.

 LinkedIn Review

Get a customized review of your LinkedIn profile from an

industry professional. Optimize your profile for recruiter search
and boost your visibility. You will also understand how to
leverage LinkedIn to grow your own professional network.

 GitHub Review

Your GitHub profile is an important portfolio of your work. A

technical professional will help you organize your profile to
showcase your projects and skills.


TapApp Technologies /

Face-to-face learning, accelerated success.

In-Person Learning With TapApp Connect

 In-Person Collaboration

Work with instructors and peers to complete projects,

overcome challenges, and master new concepts.

 Accountability

Stay on track through weekly sessions with Session Leads who

help with goal-setting, time management, and motivation.

 Efficiency

Finish in just 4 months by dedicating 5 hours/week to TapApp

Connect sessions, and 10 hours/week to independent study.

Learning for Life

Lifelong learning is the key to success in our modern economy,
and TapApp supports lifelong learners of every age and

TapApp Technologies /

experience to achieve their life and career goals. Intersect 2018
offers attendees a wealth of resources and opportunities. Meet
1-1 with a career counselor for personalized guidance on
advancing your career.

Career Resource Centre

Get ready for your dream job.

 Explore Your Career Options

 Coding Practice - A piece of advice all programmers agree on:

never stop coding. Whether you're new to programming and
want to practice, or you're experienced and want to learn
another language, it's important to always be coding.

 Hackathons - Hackathons are a place to network, collaborate,

and innovate. Usually lasting one or a few days, anyone
involved in software development (programmers, designers,
project managers, and others) collaborates on projects.

TapApp Technologies /

 Contributing to Open Source - Open source code or software is
available, usually with a license, for anyone to use. It's common
to collaborate on open source projects and use the material to
build creative and exciting projects.

 Professional Communities - Getting involved with a community is

a great way to get connected to people who have similar
interests as you do! By joining a community, you can stay up-to-
date on trends and network.

Impress your future employer.

 Resume

Whether you're looking for your first or tenth job, you should
continue to update and refine your resume. The best resumes are
those targeted to a specific job, because it shows the employer
you've researched the role and that you have the skills necessary for
the job. Many companies also utilize software to filter out resumes
that don't seem to match the job description. It's recommended to
have different versions of resumes to send to different companies.

 LinkedIn and GitHub Profiles

TapApp Technologies /

LinkedIn-LinkedIn profiles are an extremely valuable asset to your job
portfolio. Unlike a resume, which is confined by length, you are able
to describe in more detail the projects or work that you have done on
your LinkedIn profile.

GitHub - GitHub, in addition to being an essential tool and resource

for programmers, is a powerful networking tool. Hiring managers will
look at your profile when considering you for a role. Active
programmers with frequent commits on GitHub will also attract

 Cover Letters

A cover letter is typically your first opportunity to tell a recruiter or

potential employer about yourself, and precedes your resume.
Ensuring that your cover letter is memorable and impressive will
ensure that you will be called back for phone & in-person interviews!

 Portfolio & Showcasing Your Work

Your portfolio is incredibly important to the job process because it

gives potential employers the opportunity to see your actual work!
Consider sharing your work in one of the following ways.

 Interviews
TapApp Technologies /
The last part of your job search process will usually be a series of
interviews, ranging from short phone calls to longer in-person

 TapApp Interview Courses and Guides

Learn from TapApp how to prepare for and ace your final
interview. Each of our courses are available in their respective
Nanodegrees and are targeted to the specific job you want to
pursue. Enroll in an eligible Nanodegree program to submit
Dry-Run Interview Projects, which focus on both behavioural
and technical aspects of job interviews. Front-End Web
Developer, Data Analyst, Full Stack Web Developer etc.

Find work opportunities

 Start Your Job Search

You've built up your skills and your portfolio is ready to show to

employers! Find out how to get started on your job search with

 Job Boards
TapApp Technologies /
Most, if not all, companies post their job openings on multiple
job board websites. Use them to find opportunities in your area
and beyond.

Many recruiters find job candidates through a simple deep

search on a web browser. Upload your resume on multiple job
seeking websites to optimize for recruiters' searches.

 Employment Types-Contract vs Freelance vs Full-Time.

 Networking -

Building relevant professional relationships –or

networking can make a huge difference during the job
search. Especially if you're new to the industry, having
someone on the inside help guide you will provide you
with more opportunities and insight

Negotiate Your Job Offer

o Salary Negotiation

Do you have an offer letter in hand, but aren’t happy with

the salary offered? We understand that navigating the salary
negotiation can be challenging on your own. Try to ensure
that you get a competitive offer that matches your skills.

TapApp Technologies /

o Deciding Between Jobs

Remember that you haven't been looking for just any job,
but for your dream job.

o First Day on the Job

You got the job! Now … what do you do? Remember that the
company hired you because you were the best candidate for
the job and you will excel in this next stage of your career!

Land your dream job, launch your career!

Technology Requirements

TapApp Technologies /

To participate in TapApp Nanodegree programs and courses, please
make sure your computer or mobile device meets the following
minimum requirements. Certain programs and tools may have
additional requirements. Please view the respective overview page
for those details:


» An up-to-date version of Chrome is strongly recommended.

» We also support the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Opera and

Microsoft Edge.

» At this time, most features, including Classroom, Knowledge,

and Student Hub, are supported on mobile web.

Internet Connectivity

◉ Download: 2+ Mbps recommended; minimum 1 Mbps.

◉ Upload: 0.5 Mbps.

◉ Mobile Data: Reliable Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Operating System

TapApp Technologies /

▢ PC: Windows 7 or higher with the latest updates installed (note:
Internet Explorer is not supported).

▢ Mac: OS X 10.11 or higher with latest updates installed.

▢ Linux: Any recent distribution that has the supported browsers


▢ Ubuntu: 17.10+ or 14.04 LTS+.


Each course and program has its own specific hardware

requirements in terms of processing power, hard drive space
and any external hardware. Please refer to the program’s
individual overview page for additional info.


 Ability to watch YouTube videos is required. If YouTube is

blocked on your network, please contact your IT support or
internet provider.

 If you do not use the HTML5 player, we recommend Adobe

Flash Player v28.

TapApp Technologies /

 If you do not use the HTML5 player, we recommend Adobe
Flash Player v28.

Google Account

Required for Webcasts, one on one appointments, and exit


 Sign up for Google account here.

 If you have a Gmail or YouTube account, that same login can be

used to access all of Google’s features.

TapApp Technologies /