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Shani Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya

[श न साढ़े सती एवम ढै या]

Shani Sadhe Sati means 7½ period of Saturn transit

Shani Dhaiya means 2½ period of Saturn transit.

It is important to observe that these periods are independent of Saturn's period of 19 years, in other
words these periods bear no relation to Saturn’s Mahadasha period. These periods may or may not
coincide with Mahadasha period.

This period, as stated above, has relevance only to the transit of Saturn in the zodiac and Saturn we
know transits a sign in about 2½ years.

Sadhe Sati: When Saturn reaches the 12th sign with respect to Moon sign the period of Sadhe Sati or
7½ years begins. From the 12th house he aspects the 2nd house of the chart and hems ascendant
between himself and his influence on the 2nd house. After 2½ years he arrives in the lagna and thus
casts its physical effect on the Ascendant or the lagna. Here also he takes 2½ years and has his
effects on the native. When he reaches the 2nd house he influences the 2nd house by his occupation,
and 4th, 8th and 11th house by his aspects.

Example: Assume Aries rising in the horizon at the time of epoch, so that is lagna and Moon occupies
Taurus, the period of 7½ year start if Saturn comes to Aries.

Now here is the controversy regarding assessment of transit results of planets concerned, Indeed
they are important to be judged from the Moon sign, What about the Ascendant and Sun sign?

It is well known that Moon governs the emotional part of the brain and many actions are impulsive
and that is how Moon becomes important. Even where impulse is not allowed to govern actions we
find that sentiments, sensitivities generate the action and as such Moon comes into play. Therefore
anything that, which influences our feelings influences our mind or brain and thus the actions
becomes important. It is perhaps on this account that Moon sign gets precedence over ascendant.
Also to the fact that Moon sign is the connecting link between the pre and post natal period of the
individual. The prenatal period is the governing factor of the individual, thus the effects on the Moon
sign cannot be overlooked.
Sun: While the importance of Moon sign and that of the ascendant cannot be challenged, it is equally
important that Sun sign be considered, particularly when the effects of Saturn are under judgment as
Sun represents our atman or the soul. It is this soul which takes birth and rebirth to fulfill his desires.
Be known, that, Moon is the desire part of the soul and the ascendant represents the external
physical circumstances in which the soul has to move with its vehicle the physical body; The Moon,
its feeling part and the ascendant the restraining factor upon the freedom of the soul. This becomes
more important in the context of Saturn who is only the other side of the effluent soul. While soul
has its innate belief that it can do everything, Saturn by way of instituting its discipline, restrain,
limitations, and order-structure makes the soul realize that everything which it wishes or desires
comes with a rider of Karma and rinanubandhana. And that is what creates space for fear, anxiety
and worries and also to unscrupulous astrologers to build market for various remedies etc etc.
The relationship of Sun and Saturn can therefore not be ignored. While dealing with transits,
whether of Saturn or any other planet, we should be very clear as to what the transit mean. Transits
have their own effects. They do make the circumstances favorable or unfavorable, helping or
obstructing our smooth life but they do not give us that which is not promised to us by our birth

Transits only help in determining the day, date and timing of the event. They themselves cannot
cause and cast an event if the same is denied by the D1 chart.

Coming to core issue of Sadhe Sati and its significance; now that we know how and when it begins,
we can with ease deuce the outcomes of the Saturn’s Transit with respect to the promises laid down
by the D1 chart and of the Saturn in particular.
When stationed in 12th House: From here Saturn will influence 2-6-9 houses.
When in the 1st house: It will influence 3-7-10 houses
When in 2nd house: It will influence 4-8-11 houses

Factors influencing the predictive value of Saturn Transit:

1. The rules of judgement remain same irrespective of natal or transit chart. Therefore any
prediction would rest on the promises laid in D1 chart and also by the duties assigned to
Saturn in a given chart.
2. No prediction would be fruitful without considering other 8 planets and also the aspects by
them both in natal and in transit.
3. Relationship of Saturn as per the ascendant, meaning by its benefic, malefic, yogkaraka
4. Rulers of the sign of the transit and their relation to the Saturn.
5. Nakshatra transit of Saturn
6. Always take into account the karakattva of Saturn and its temporal nature of being a natural

Dhaiya or 2½ period of Saturn:

This period is said to begin with respect to Saturn’s occupancy in the 7th house from the Ascendant or
from the Moon sign.
Results: To be casted and interpreted as for Sadhe Sati.

जय श न दे व
या करो महाराज
मा ारथी हूँ

Dr Sanjay Dhiman, MD [Internal Medicine]