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Question 3. If the three birds described in question 2 are arranged in a V-formation with the middle bird flying at a distance d ahead of the others, the combined vortex system may be represented by a broken vortex line of strength T as shown in the sketch. Defining r=d/b, Find the midspan downwash at bird M as a function of r in the form w,,(r)= f(r) Plot f(r) to obtain the following figure. How do you interpret the graph! {+ a og o8| o7 fer) os os 04} e ) 8 val As, Tn a Viformaten wrth the wrddle bord fly distance o h of the others, the Uheun Vertex dgslo «The: Velocsly mV formation at a | We hove y= ex W ie | het us M by ef bob Ae Hele 3) Raye ZW, Inbtdededt at M iz “Bc SEO 8 pe AT evaluals each term Capnrately ir) Velocedf yaa de pick sme — Sao 5 B B= % => sb BI Sin B = a he b+b @ z) VeloelG, duced at pet M by eee Be eet [s*B- se | oh Lo Be 4a(d) B c 4 be &b ' doh Sin B a 1 ov. & z £ e J ark) ChB & y 43ce* tb fe a | abe Lv | Up osash Bc 4xd arab, [at bt Tr) Veleedy induced at port M by fleet ae LE EE _ Sin B et Wook mete RT D Y i Bee => Sin BE =o. Sa B= a Ft d . aCe) dehy wo coe be peb- [a bry