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L5R 4th ED Combat Cheat Sheet

Sequence of events for a skirmish pg 81-2

1: Declare stance then roll initiative. Must stay in stance for first combat round.

2: Participants take their turn in initiative order unless they choose to delay their turn.
Can perform 1 complex + free actions or 2 simple + free actions in their turn. Starting in second combat round
can change stance when it is their turn.

3: The end of the combat round is called Reactions Stage where certain effects end or trigger.

Stances pg 84 Void Point Usage (once per round) pg 78

Attack/Water: Can perform any action 1k1 to any skill, trait, spell or ring roll

Full Attack/Fire: +2k1 on attack rolls and +5 to one Temporarily gain a skill for an unskilled roll
move action -10 to armor TN. Melee attack actions or
movement actions closer to the target only. Reduce damage by 10

Defense/Air: Add Air+Defense rank to armor TN. At the start of a combat round +10 initiative for the
Cannot Perform attack actions round

Full Defense/Earth: Defense/Reflexes roll and add ½ At the start of a combat round +10 armor TN for the
the result rounded up to your armor TN Free actions round
At the start of a combat round switch initiative with a
Center/Void: Take no actions this round next round willing target for remainder of skirmish
get +10 initiative and 1k1+Void Rank to any roll
(including damage) Katana only +1k1 on a damage roll

Void points spent to activate techniques do not count toward once per round use.


Draw a weapon (small) Activate a Kata Make an attack (melee or ranged)

Speak (up to five words) Draw a weapon (medium or large) Cast a Spell

Move Action (Water x5 ft.) Move Action (Water x10 feet) Skill Use (any non Weapon Skill)

Pull out a spell scroll Dismount a horse String a bow

Drop a weapon/item Guard someone Mount a horse

Pick up a weapon/item Move Action (Water x10 feet) when

at Crippled(+20)
Put away a spell scroll

Speak (more than five words)

Stand up (from Prone)

Move Action (Water x5 ft.) when at

Maneuvers pg 86-7 Conditional Effects pg 89-90
Called Shot: 1 raise appendage, 2 raises hand or foot, Blinded: -3k3 range attack, -1k1 melee attack, Armor
3 raises head and 4 raises for eyes or other small part TN reflexes +5 + any worn armor bonus. Water ring
of the body. GM's discretion on effect but usually no considered 2 ranks lower for movement. Must make a
mechanical effect. Athletics/Agility roll 20 or knocked Prone.

Disarm: 3 raises, 2k1 damage contested Str roll if Dazed: -3k0 to all actions. Can only be in defense or
attacker wins, loser drops item. Items of weaker full defense stance. Earth roll of 20 during Reaction
material may break GM's discretion. Stage to recover. If roll is failed may attempt again
next round at -15 to the TN
Extra Attack: 5 raises Make an additional attack
Entangled: Can take no actions save a Str roll to
Feint: 2 Raises For every 2 points you exceed armor break free GM sets TN. Opponents may initiate a
TN do additional point of damage to a maximum of grapple on an entangled without an attack roll.
your insight rank x5
Fasting: 1 day without food or water cannot regain
Guard: 0 Raises As a simple action -5 to your armor void points from sleep. 2 days +5 skill , physical traits
TN to give +10 armor TN to another character. and spell casting rolls additional penalties for each
day without food or water. 2K1 damage for each day
Increased Damage: 1+ Raises Roll +1k0 additional past stamina rank until they get sustenance or die.
dice for damage for each raise.
Fatigued: 1 day without rest +5 TN penalty skill,
Knockdown: 2 raises for 2 legged or 4 raises for 4 physical Traits and spell casting rolls. Penalty
legged target. Normal damage, Contested str roll if increases for each day without rest. After a number of
attacker wins loser is knocked prone. days with equal to stamina rank must make willpower
trait roll TN 20 every 2 hours or fall asleep.
Grappling: Always as a complex action
Jiujutsu/agility to initiate grapple ignoring TN for Grappled: Participants in a grapple have an Armor
worn armor. Initiator of grapple is in control at first TN 5 + bonuses for wearing armor
then contested jiujutsu/strength roll to each
participants turn to control grapple. Participant with Mounted/Higher: If mounted or 4 feet higher get +1k0
highest roll controls grapple may perform one of the on attack roll on unmounted lower targets. Mounted
following actions. targets cannot go into full attack stance.

Hit: Complex action do unarmed damage, cannot Prone: -10 Armor TN to melee attacks, Attack and
raise for increased damage as there is no roll but free Defense stances only and no move actions. Cannot
raises can increase damage. attack with large weapons, others get -2k0 penalty to
attack. Simple action to stand up.
Throw: Complex action throw opponent within 5 feet
of yourself and they become Prone. Stunned: Cannot take actions, Armor TN 5 plus worn
armor. Earth roll TN 20 reactions stage if failed
Break: Simple action you and the opponent are no Stunned ends at the end of the next Combat Round.
longer grappled.
Fear: Willpower roll + Honor rank versus TN 5+
Pass: Free action retain grapple and control. 5xFear Rank. Failed roll results in -Xk0 X is the rank
of the fear effect. A failed result of 15 or more results
Certain weapons allow you to grapple with them, use in the character fleeing or cowers helplessly GM
weapon skill instead of jiujutsu and weapon damage discretion
for Hit. If weapon user looses control of grapple
opponent gets 2 free raises to disarm.

Movement: Basic no penalty, Moderate: -1 water for movement min 1, Difficult: -2 water min 1possible
penalties for physical actions. pg 85