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International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-3, May - Jun, 2019 ISSN: 2456-7620

On Ecological Philosophy in Walden

Jie Lu, Zhiqiang Zhang

School of Foreign Languages, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, 255000, China

Abstract— Walden is the representative work of Henry paradise, "Thoreau kept observing, listening, feeling and
David Thoreau, the most influential transcendentalist writer thinking" (Song, 2011); Recorded his observations, analyzed
in the United States in the 19th century. The paper discusses and studied the information and experiences brought to
the relationship between man and nature from the human beings by nature. Up to now, Thoreau's masterpiece
perspectives of ecological philosophy, walden is still ab le to cause a global audience to examine the
anti-anthropocentrism and the inner spiritual ecological real world and make people deeply aware that: Man is but
connotation of man. It points out that nature can endow one part of nature's biosphere; Hu man should have a
people with the elements of inner beauty, and her beautiful landscape, ecological balance of the living
unspeakable purity and kindness always endow people with environment;Hu man beings have the responsibility and
health and joy; human beings, like other animals and plants, obligation to protect the earth mother that we rely on for
are part of the biosphere of nature; human happiness, survival;Only by consciously integrating into nature,
freedom and civilization do not necessarily depend on the following the inherent spirit of nature, and respecting and
abundance of material life, but, to some extent, on the conforming to the laws of nature, can we human beings truly
harmonious coexistence with nature. return to the natural home of beautiful mountains and rivers ,
Keywords— Thoreau; Walden; Ecological philosophy. and the spiritual ho me of civilizat ion and progress that we
have been longing for for a long time, and ultimately realize
I. INTRODUCTION the green development and sustainable development of the
Walden is the representative work o f Henry David Thoreau, whole human society.
the most influential transcendentalist writer, ecologist Walden is a prose work that has been deeply concerned by
philosopher and politician in the United States in the 19th literary researchers all over the world. At present, scholars
century. It is called as "one of the top 25 classics shaping around the world mainly study it from the following aspects:
readers' lives " by US Library of Congress. Lawrence Buell, Using comparative literature to analy ze the ideas contained
a famous American ecological critic, respected the book as a in it; Fro m the linguistic level to study the language features;
"green bible", and Thoreau was also honored as an Fro m the perspective of ecological literature criticis m to
"environmental saint" ( Buell, 1995), a "son of nature" interpret it , etc. In recent years, the representative figure
(Huang,2018)and a "saint who protects the nature and abroad who is engaged in the research on the ecological
human nature" (Lu ,2011). For this reason, "Walden Lake literature criticism of walden is American Lawrence Buell,
has become a model of harmonious coexistence between who believes that Thoreau's ecological thought, lifestyle and
man and nature" (Cheng, 2007). In the foreword to the personal cultivation have promoted the format ion and
150th anniversary edit ion of walden, John Updike, a master development of A merican ecological culture. Scholars
of contemporary A merican literature, wrote, "of all the relevant to ecological literary criticism of walden in Ch ina
American literary classics that have emerged in the include: Xiangui Su, pointed out that “Thoreau's love of
mid-n ineteenth century...this book contributes the most to nature and the insight of natural harmonious relations , th e
American self-consciousness today " (Updike, 2004). In emphasis on natural spirit and aesthetic significance, as well
his book walden, Thoreau recorded his seclusion at Walden as the critique of materialism and capitalist economy
Lake near the town of Concord, Massachusetts from 1845 to provides a unique inspiration and support for the ecological
1847. At the beautiful and quiet Walden Lake , just like a ethics" (Su, 2002); Feng Chang believed that "the life Page | 889

International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-3, May - Jun, 2019 ISSN: 2456-7620
attitude of advocating material simp licity, spiritual wealth society is that some people have gotten too much, and some
and harmony with nature embodied in walden is of profound other people want to get too much. "When your thoughts
enlightenment significance for people who live in the gallop on the grand cosmic proposition, connecting you with
realistic and flashy society" (Chang, 2018); Shao xing Li nature again, there is infinite mystery in it" (Su, 2004).
pointed out that "the study of Thoreau's ecological thought "Nature came straight to my eyes like a huge hanging
has a positive enlightening effect on our re-understanding of painting. At the window of my wooden house little saplings
the relationship between human beings and nature in the grew merrily, and the wild sumac and blackberry vines
development of contemporary society" (Li, 2016). Nuo climbed gaily, and the yellow pines rose high and tall” (Su,
Wang , a Chinese scholar of ecocrit icis m and ecological 2004). Around Walden Lake, the graceful alder and the
civilizat ion, holds that "ecocriticism is a literary criticism breeze-shaking white poplar make people so excit ing; the
that exp lores the relationship between literature and nature fo x, the skunk and the hare come and go freely in the growth
under the guidance of ecocriticis m, especially the thought of dense forest, brings the infin ite vitality to the nature. The
ecological integralism. It should reveal the ideological and surface of Walden Lake is as smooth as a mirror, like a
cultural roots of the ecological crisis that reflect in the crystal embedded in the earth, crystal clear, clean and
literary works, and at the same t ime explo re the ecological flawless. No one can take away the g reat wealth that nature
aesthetics of literature and its artistic expression " (Wang, has given to human beings, for she belongs not only to us,
2013). A lbert Gore, the ecologist and former vice President but also to our children and our grandchildren.The
of the United States points out that “the greatest threat to our unspeakable purity and grace of nature forever "give us
planet is not the threats themselves, but the lack of awareness human beings warmth, health and joy" (Yang, 2004). When
of those threats, the fact that most people do not realize that spring comes, the ice on the lake quiet ly melts. On the shore
the ecological crisis will defin itely lead human beings to the of Walden Lake various kinds of grasses like a green ribbon,
grave” (Gore, 1992). Therefore, it is the ult imate mission of quietly emerge fro m the soil, springing forth the new life;
ecological literature crit icis m to recognize the increasingly Various birds sing and fly here and there in the woods, their
serious ecological crisis, deal with and repair the relat ionship feathers bright;Plants begin to sprout, grow, bloo m and bear
between man and nature, and realize the harmonious fruits, and the breeze stirring them, adjusting the tiny swings
coexistence and co-prosperity between man and nature. This at the poles and maintaining the constant balance of nature. It
article intends to analyze and explore the connotation of the is nature that keeps us human beings healthy, energetic and
ecological ideology of the work walden fro m the perspective peaceful. The vegetables and green plants provided by our
of ecocriticis m, so as to play a guiding role in hu man's mother earth are the best natural nourishment for us human
response to the global ecological crisis, the green and beings.Fresh air is a mag ic bullet to keep us human beings
sustainable development of hu man society, and the social healthy.The clear spring water is indispensable to our human
practice of ecological civilization and spiritual civilization beings life.It is nature that keeps human beings young and
construction of the whole human beings. full of vigor and vitality, and brings ushuman beings hope
and vigor.
II. ON THE ECOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY "To live and let others live is a more powerful eco logical law
OFWALDEN than to live and die." (Naess, 1973). Man is but one of the
In his book walden, Thoreau pointed out that nature can many members of nature's biosphere, and only "an
endow people with factors of inner beauty. When people infinitesimal part" (Chen, 2004). The natural biosphere is a
enjoy the four seasons of nature friendship, life will not huge unified whole, and the human biosphere is just a
become a heavy burden; Simp le, brave, nature - loving subsystem in this huge biosphere. The harmony and stability
people will not produce vulgar sadness; It's so sweet and so of the human ecosphere is the necessary condition to ensure
reward ing to be in nature's company. If people live a simple the harmony and stability of the great biosphere of nature, at
life, it will reduce many crimes for the society. The reason the same time, the development of human ecosphere is
why crimes ,such as theft, robbery,and etc. occur in our restricted by the great biosphere of nature. That is just Page | 890

International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-3, May - Jun, 2019 ISSN: 2456-7620
because the speed of human development of alternative economic g rowth and social develop ment” (Wang, 2013).
resources can not catch up with the rapid depletion of Thoreau wrote in the chapter “silence” of his Walden: In this
non-renewable resources, the speed of pollution is far faster quiet and beautiful evening, my whole body seems to
than the speed of pollution control. Jonathan Bate , a British become a whole, every pore into the spirit of joy. In the
ecological crit ic points out:“A healthy ecosystem is one that nature I fly, melt into its body, the weather is cool, the clouds
is always in balance. In such a system, predatory species can with the wind, although the very ordinary scenery is not a bit
be allowed to exist, but only to the extent that the system can strange, the whole environ ment is like the special beauty for
be balanced”(Bate,2000). RachelCarson, an A merican me. The frock fro m the distance reminds me that the night is
biologist, environmental movement advocate and ecological coming, and the nightingale's cheerful tune accompanied by
literature writer says ,“The plants on earth are part of the the breeze makes people feel very co mfortable. The graceful
great web of life, and there is a close and inext ricable alder, slightly shaking poplar, quite impressive, I almost held
relationship between one plant and another, and between my breath. The surface of Walden Lake was as smooth as a
plants and animals.If we hu man beings are to leave the mirro r, and one would not have thought of a storm if it had
breath of life in nature for future generations, we must learn not been for the ripples of the evening wind. It grew dark and
to respect the exquisite, delicate and fragile web of natural the wind continued to blow. Restless animals are always on
life, and even every connection that it contains” (Carson, the move, which is the best time for them to find prey. The
1962). All hu man activ ities must follo w the inherent laws of fo x, the skunk, and the hare, who d id not know what it was,
nature, and their actions must be constrained by the overall came and went freely and merrily in the fields and the woods.
interests of the ecosystem, and their demands on nature must They bring life to nature and are the link between day and
be limited to what the ecosystem as a whole can bear. night. Nature gives health and joy to human beings, and at
Therefore, hu man beings should live in harmony with nature, the same time she gives them compassion. If anyone grieves
rather than being arrogant and above it.Man's conquest of for the right reasons, the whole nature will be moved. The
nature is bound to alienate and antagonize nature and sun will fade, the wind will sigh sympathetically, the clouds
man."If hu man beings continue to conquer nature will shed tears, and the trees will shed their leaves and put on
irresponsibly, irrationally and without wisdom, then what mourn ing clothes. Shouldn't we hu man beings be connected
can be brought to the earth and human beings themselves can to the spirit of the earth? Are we hu man beings not part of
only be co mplete destruction" (Carol B. Gartner & Rachel nature's biosphere?
Carson , 1983) . Man kind must be soberly aware that: In his work Dialect ics of Nature, Engels pointed out that:
"Without the sustainability of ecosystems, there can be no "We must remember at every step: We rule over nature in no
sustainability of hu man societies;Without the harmony and way as conquerors rule over nations, in no way as human
stability of the ecosystem, there can be no harmony and beings stand outside nature --- on the contrary, we human
stability of human society. When the natural ecosystem beings do belong to nature and exist in it, together with our
completely collapses, it will be the day when the human race flesh, our blood, and our brain; All that we have over nature
finally goes to extinction"(Wang, 2013). is that we are stronger than any other creatures, able to
understand and correctly apply the laws of nature " (Yu,
III. THE ANTI-ANTHROPOCENTRIS M OF 1984). A ll the scientific and technological development,
WALDEN economic growth and social progress of human beings
"The core of ecological holis m is: to regard the overall should follo w the laws of nature. "Man is but a small part of
interests of the ecosystem as the highest value rather than the nature" (Zhang, 2017 ), and the task of man is to enlarge his
interests of human beings ; To consider the complete, compassion and embrace nature. The total amount of nature
harmonious, stable, balanced and persistent maintenance and has provided us human beings with enough abundant
protection of the ecological system as a fundamental resources to sustain our existence, but the endless greed and
measure of all things, and as the ultimate standard of human increasingly ext ravagant lifestyle of hu man beings make
culture , way of life, science and technology progress, their demands far beyond the carrying capacity and supply Page | 891

International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-3, May - Jun, 2019 ISSN: 2456-7620
capacity of nature. This v icious expansion of hu man beings Thoreau's birthplace, the town of Concord, Massachusetts, is
has seriously disturbed the overall balance and stability of the birthplace of A merican culture and a beacon of spiritual
the ecosystem and seriously endangered the existence of all civilizat ion throughout the United States. People living in
life in the whole system. The most fatal mistake that hu man the world, on earth should live with what kind of attitude?
beings have made lies in their self-centered and short-term Thoreau pointed out in the "simple life" chapter of his
interests, and their failure to realize the overall interests and walden: "The vast majority of lu xuries, and what many
values of the ecological system that lives well together with people say makes life mo re co mfortable, are not only
human beings and coexists harmoniously with human unnecessary, but also a hindrance to hu man progress and
beings.Nature is a unified organism, in wh ich any kind of development" (Su, 2004). "Hu man beings should return to
organism has an inseparable relationship with certain other nature and live a simple life" (Zhao, 2010), and the
organisms and the whole ecosystem. Therefo r, to destroy happiness, the freedom and the civilizat ion of hu man beings
any of the links of the relationship, will inevitably lead to a do not necessarily depend on the great richness of material
series of relation damage, or even the whole system disorder. life, but ,to some extent, on their harmonious coexistence
However, with t ime goes on, on the one hand, science and and co-existence with all the natural things. The so-called
technology develop continuously, on the other hand, the development progress and hedonistic waste can only deprive
continuous deterioration of the g lobal ecological human beings of clean, safe and healthy living space, and
environment rises to the surface: global warming, melting finally lead hu man beings to the road of ecological
glaciers; storms raging and deserts growing; forests imbalance and self-destruction. Therefore, the development
dwindling and fresh water shorting. Industrialization has led of human society should be a comprehensive development,
to the rise of a large number of factories between the green including people's spiritual enrich ment, aesthetic experience,
mountains and the blue waters, with thick smo ke, sewage personality perfection and poetic dwelling, etc. A mong them,
and haze , depriving our future generations of the right to the continuous existence of nature and uninterrupted
live between the green mountains and the clear waters. ecological balance are two indispensable important
We human beings could have lived more simp ly, more easily conditions.
and more fully, because "a simp le and unsophisticated life is The harmony between man and nature should be based on
beneficial to everyone, both physically and mentally" (Xu, the principles of equality, friendship and mutual subjectivity.
1985 ). However, "the reality is that human beings often The relationship between human beings and all things in
struggle in the net of materials ,and "have become the tools nature is an interactive subject relationship . The relat ionship
of their tools" (Such,2004). Man's attempt to "conquer between human and nature is between individual and whole,
nature" is bound to worsen his relations with other creatures. local and co mprehensive, subsystem and mother system.
"Human beings are only a part o f nature, and they can never Only when human beings realize that natural objects occupy
be separated fro m nature. Only by ensuring the continuous unique and irreplaceable positions in the ecosystem and
existence of the whole nature can they ensure their safe, conduct equal commun ication with them as indiv iduals, can
healthy and long-term survival" (Wang,2013). Only by the interactive subjectivity between hu man and nature be
caring about nature, returning to nature and caring for all realized. It is directly related to human freedom, hu man
liv ing and non-living things in nature can human beings survival and human self-realizat ion to coexist with all the
better understand and protect the mother nature on which we natural things and to establish and maintain the relat ionship
live. On ly by respecting nature, by respecting the laws of of equality and fraternity between subjects. To this end,
nature, and by taking our due responsibilities to all species in "human beings should take the integrity, harmony, stability,
nature, can we human beings ultimately save ourselves. balance and sustainable existence of the ecosystem that is
conducive to maintain ing and protecting it as the
IV. THE INNER SPIRITUAL AND fundamental measure of everything and the ultimate
ECOLOGICAL IMPLICATION OF HUMAN standard for judging the human lifestyle, scientific and
BEINGS IN WALDEN technological progress, economic growth and social Page | 892

International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-3, May - Jun, 2019 ISSN: 2456-7620
development" (Wang, 2013). realize the dream of returning to the natural homeland with
The soil, the mountains, the rivers, the forests, the plants and green mountains and clear waters, and the spiritual
the animals on which we hu man beings live are an homeland of civ ilization and progress, and realize the
indivisible whole, as Donald Worster, a prominent A merican ultimate goal of green development and sustainable
environmental h istorian, has pointed out: "To be in harmony development of the whole human society.
with the earth is like to be in harmony with a friend, you can't
just cherish his right hand and cut off his left hand" (Worster, REFERENCES
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International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-3, May - Jun, 2019 ISSN: 2456-7620
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