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Sr. Year Student Thesis Topics PG teacher

No. Name

01 2006 Dr. Dipika The clinical effects of sequential combined spinal Dr. kalpana
to Patel epidural anaesthesia Versus Spinal Anaesthesia Desai
2009 undergoing major orthopaedic surgery.

02 2006 Dr. Prashant Effects of Midazolam premedication on propofol Dr. Malti

to Patel requirement for sedation during regional Pandya
2009 anaesthesia.
03 2006 Dr. Brijesh A Comparative Study of combined epidural & Dr. Bhavna
to Soni General Anaesthesia Versus General Anaesthesia Soni
2009 for laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
04 2006 Dr. Bijal Virani A Comparative Study of Sevoflurane Versus Dr. Divyang
to Propofol for laryngeal mask airway insertion in Shah
2009 adults.
05 2007 Dr. Ankit A Comparative study of Butorphenol and Fentanyl Dr. kalpana
to Munshi as an Adjuvant to total intravenous anaesthesia for Desai
2010 short duration laparoscopic surgery.
06 2007 Dr. Vikesh A Comparative study of onset of action, duration of Dr. Bhavna
to Revdiwala action and Intubating conditions between Soni
2010 Rocuronium bromide and Suxamethonium chloride
in paediatric patients.

07 2007 Dr. Divya Study of Safety and efficacy of clonidine/ Dr. Divyang
to Mulchandani bupivacaine combination in caudal block for Shah
2010 paediatric lower limb and abdominal surgery.
08 2007 Dr. Bhumika Effects of intrathecal clonidine and Fentanyl as Dr. Malti
to Sherdiwala adjuvant to hyperbaric bupivacaine (0.5 %) in Pandya
2010 lower abdominal surgery.
09 2008 Dr. Jaydeep Comparison of Fentanyl or Midazolam added to 0.5 Dr. Bhavna
to Patel % bupivacaine heavy for elective caesarean Soni
2011 delivery under spinal anaesthesia.
10 2008 Dr. Tapan Comparative Study between oral Midazolam and Dr. Divyang
to Patel intranasal Midazolam as preanaesthetic Shah
2011 medication in children of age between 6 to 15
years undergoing surgery under general
11 2008 Dr. Ronak Effect of Tramadol or clonidine as an adjuvant to Dr. Malti
to Nagoria local anaesthetics in supraclavicular brachial plexus Pandya
2011 block for upper extremity surgery

12 2008 Dr. Mahesh A Comparative study of lignocaine, Fentanyl and Dr. kalpana
to Ahir esmolol on attenuation of hemodynamic response Desai
2011 to laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation.

13 2009 Dr. Susmita A Comparative study of thoracic epidural Dr. Bhavna

to Mahala anaesthesia versus general anaesthesia for Soni
2012 perioperative management of Breast surgery
14 2009 Dr. Kruti Patel Post operative analgesia for circumcision in Dr. Pragna
to paediatric patients: Comparison among penile Vachhrajani
2012 block , Diclofenac Sodium suppository and
15 2009 Dr. Komal A prospective double blind randomised trial of Dr. Malti
to Tailor caudal block using Ropivacaine 0.2% with or Pandya
2012 without Tramadol in children for Lower abdominal
and lower limb surgery.
16 2009 Dr. Abid Lumbar plexus block for post operative analgesia Dr. Divyang
to Chauhan following lower limb orthopaedic surgery :A Shah
2012 Comparison of ‘ 3 in 1’ and psoas compartment
17 2010 Dr. Arpan Comparative study of Ropivacaine versus Dr. Divyang
to Patel Ropivacaine with clonidine for caudal analgesia in Shah
2013 paediatric age group posted for lower abdominal
and lower limb surgery.
18 2010 Dr. Nikunj Effect of addition of Dexmeditomidine to 0.5% Dr. Bhavna
to Revdiwala Ropivacaine or 0.5% Bupivacaine in axillary route Soni
2013 brachial plexus block in hand & forearm surgery.
19 2010 Dr. Bhumika Comparison of effects of MgSO4 versus clonidine Dr. Pragna
to Munsi as an adjuvant to epidural Bupivacaine in lower Vachhrajani
2013 limb and lower abdominal surgeries.
20 2010 Dr. Aashish Comparative evaluation of topical versus Dr. Malti
to Jain intravenous Lignocaine for LMA insertion under Pandya
2013 Propofol.
21 2011 Dr. Hardik Tranverse abdominal plane block for post Dr. Divyang
to Patel operative analgesia in lower abdominal surgery: A Shah
2014 comparison of Bupivacaine and Ropivacaine

22 2011 Dr. Savita Comparitive study of fascia iliaca compartment Dr. Malti
to Jhanwar block and three in one block for post operative Pandya
2014 analgesia in patients undergoing lower orthopaedic
23 2011 Dr. Sameer A comparative randomised study of Para vertebral Dr. Pragna
to Halpati block versus unilateral spinal anaesthesia for non Vachhrajani
2014 complicated inguinal hernia repair

24 2011 Dr. Keyur Comparitive study of intra venous injection of Dr. Bhavna
to Kapadia clonidine and/or magnesium sulphate on Soni
2014 hemodynamic response to tracheal intubation and
pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic surgery
25 2011 Dr. Mahesh A comparative study of clonidine and Tramadol as Dr. kalpana
to Sutariya additive to 0.5 % Bupivacaine plain in epidural Desai
2014 anaesthesia

26 2012 Dr. Viral Shah Randomised controlled study of intravenous Dr. Bhavna
to regional anaesthesia for forearm and hand surgery: Soni
2015 Comparison of Lignocaine, lignocaine with
ketamine and lignocaine with Dexmeditomidine
27 2012 Dr. Vikas Kalra A comparison of different post operative analgesia Dr. Pragna
to techniques and their effects on post operative Vachhrajani
2015 pulmonary functions in patients undergoing
laparoscopic cholecystectomy

28 2012 Dr. Mohsin A comparative study of intrathecal Bupivacaine Dr. Divyang

to Hui heavy (0.5 %) with clonidine and Midazolam for Shah
2015 clinical effects and duration of post operative
analgesia in patient undergoing elective caesarean
29 2012 Dr. Pinal Patel A comparative study of Dexmeditomidine and Dr. Malti
to Fentanyl for epidural analgesia for lower limb Pandya
2015 orthopaedic surgery
30 2013 Dr. Pratiti A comparison of effect of oral pre-medication with Dr. Malti
to Gohil Clonidine and Metoprolol on intraoperative Pandya
2016 hemodynamics and surgical conditions during
functional endoscopic sinus surgery
31 2013 Dr. Pooja Assessment of the benefits of Bispectral index Dr. kalpana
to Patwa monitoring for using of volatile anaesthetic agents Desai
2016 for anaesthesia
32 2013 Dr. Krupali A study of propofol auto-co-induction versus Dr. Bhavna
to Patel Midazolam-propofol co-induction using priming Soni
2016 principle by Bispectral index analysis for
ambulatory surgery
33 2014 Dr. Priyanka Effect of Dexmeditomidine infusion on Halothane Dr. Malti
to Patel requirement to provide oligemic surgical field Pandya
2017 during middle ear surgeries under general
34 2014 Dr. Meet Patel Effect of oral Clonidine and oral Gabapentine as Dr. Divyang
to premedication on hemodynamic stress responses Shah
2017 during laryngoscopy and tracheal insertion and
duration of postoperative analgesia

35 2014 Dr. Richa Shah Effect of a single pre operative dose of Dr. kalpana
to Dexmeditomidine versus Fentanyl on anaesthetic Desai
2017 requirement and perioperative hemodynamic
stress response
36 2014 Dr. Palak Real time ultrasound guided catheterisation of the Dr. Bhavna
to Sheth internal jugular vein. A prospective comparison Soni
2017 with the landmark technique
37 2014 Dr. Heena A comparitive evaluation of hyperbaric Dr. Pragna
to Patel Ropivacaine versus hyperbaric bupivacaine Vachhrajani
2017 in lower abdominal and lower limb surgeries under
spinal anaesthesia
38 2015 Dr. Pratik Intraperitoneal instillation of Bupivacaine alone Dr. S.K. Patel
to Patel versus Bupivacaine plus Dexmeditomidine versus
2018 Bupivacaine plus Tramadol for post operative
analgesia following laparoscopic cholecystectomy
39 2015 Dr. Mitesh Comparison of Dexmeditomidine and magnesium Dr. Pragna
to Patel sulphate as an adjuvant to Bupivacaine for Vachhrajani
2018 transversus abdominis plane block in caesarean
delivery for post operative analgesia
40 2015 Dr. Richa A comparison of the effects of Propofol and Dr. Malti
to Tailor Sevoflurane on post operative cognitive function Pandya
2018 and memory in patient undergoing general
41 2015 Dr. Nikita Postoperative analgesia after major abdominal Dr. Bhavna
to Badmaliya surgery: influence of Fentanyl-Bupivacaine patient Soni
2018 controlled epidural analgesia versus Fentanyl
patient controlled intravenous analgesia

42 2015 Dr. Jigisha Comparison of infraclavicular brachial plexus block Dr. Bina Patel
to Surti with supraclavicular brachial plexus block in upper
2018 limb surgeries under guidance of peripheral nerve
43 2015 Dr Hitesh Patel To compare the insertion conditions and Dr. kalpana
to hemodynamic changes during I-gel insertion using Desai
2018 Propofol , ketamine-Propofol combination
(Ketofol) and Thiopentone as intravenous
induction agents
44 2015 Dr. Rinkal A comparison of epidural versus intravenous Dr. kalpana
to Bhadiyadra administration of Dexmeditomidine as an adjuvant Desai
2018 to epidural anaesthesia in lower abdominal and
lower limb surgery
45 2015 Dr. Dipali Patel Epidural labour analgesia: A comparison of mixture Dr .Bhavna
to of Ropivacaine 0.125 % with Fentanyl versus Sojitra
2018 Ropivacaine 0.2 % with Fentanyl

46 2015 Dr. Raksha Comparison of Proseal laryngeal mask air way and Dr. Divyang
to Vyas I-gel for ease of insertion and hemodynamic Shah
2018 stability in patients undergoing general
47 2016 Dr. Monika Comparative evaluation of lidocaine(2%)plus Dr. S. K. Patel
to Shah Ropivacaine (0.75%) versus Lidocaine (2%) plus
2019 Bupivacaine(0.50%) during peribulbar anaesthesia
for Cataract surgery
48 2016 Dr. Abhidutt Comparison of effect of Proseal LMA laryngeal Dr. Divyang
to Shukla mask cuff inflation with Air, oxygen,air:oxygen Shah
2019 mixture &nitrous oxide : oxygen mixture in adults
:A randomised double blind study
49 2016 Dr. krunal Study to compare the effect of bolus versus Dr. Archana
to Pandav intravenous infusion of Dexmeditomidine on Vaghela
2019 intraoperative hemodynamics in ENT surgeries
under general anesthesia
50 2016 Dr. Ravisha Comparative evaluation of Propofol –ketamine, Dr. kalpana
to Sheth propofol-Fentanyl and propofol-Dexmeditomidine Desai
2019 in terms of hemodynamic variables and recovery
characteristics in general anaesthesia

51 2016 Dr. Khushboo Study of prediction of difficult laryngoscopy by Dr .Bhavna

to Patel ultrasound quantification of anterior neck soft Sojitra
2019 tissue
52 2016 Dr. Khyati A study of usage of Laryngeal mask airway in Dr. Bina Patel
to Panchal children & its comparison with endotracheal
2019 intubation at tertiary care hospital
53 2016 Dr. Ayush Comparative evaluation of Dexmeditomidine and Dr. Malti
to Shah ketamine for Epidural analgesia in Lower limb Pandya
2019 orthopaedic surgeries
54 2016 Dr. Aaqeeb Comparison of the effect of intravenously Dr. Pragna
to Lakdawala administered Dexmeditomidine versus clonidine Vachhrajani
2019 on hemodynamic response and postoperative
analgesia in Laparoscopic surgery
55 2016 Dr. Jaimin Comparative study of Ropivacaine alone, Dr. Bhavna
to Patel Ropivacaine with Dexmeditomidine and Soni
2019 Ropivacaine with Fentanyl for Caudal epidural
analgesia perioperatively in paediatric infra
umbilical surgery
Publications from Anaesthesiology Dept. SMIMER
Last 3 Years

1. A Comparative Study between Intramuscular Midazolam and Oral Clonidine as a premedication

for general anaesthesia. [National Journal of Medical Research volume 5, issue 4, oct-dec 2015
page no312-315].
Author's name: Dr. Jignasha Patel (Assist Prof. GMC Surat)
Dr. Kalpana Desai (Dean and professor)

2. Assessment of the Benefits of Bispectral Index Monitoring For Using Volatile Anaesthetic Agents
For Anaesthesia. [International Journal of Medical and Health Research, Volume 2 Issue 8, August
2016, Page 52-58].
Author's Name: Dr. Pooja Patwa (Ex Resident)
Dr. Kalpana Desai (Dean and professor)
Dr. Pragna Vachhrajani (Prof. & Head)

3. Transversus abdominis plane block for post operative Analgesia in lower

abdominal surgery : A Comparison of Bupivacaine and Ropivacaine [International
Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), volume 5 Issue12, December 2016]
Author’s Name: Dr. Dipika Patel (Tutor)
Dr. Bina Patel (Assist. Prof.)
Dr. Hardik Patel (Resident)
Dr. Divyang Shah (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Pragna Vachhrajani (Prof. & Head)

4. Post Operative Analgesia for circumcision in paediatric patients : Comparison

among penile block, Diclofenac Sodium suppository and lignocaine jelly applied
locally [Indian journal of applied research (IJAR) volume 7 issue 1, January 2017]
Author’s Name: Dr. Dipika Patel (Tutor)
Dr. Pragna Vachhrajani (Prof. & Head)
Dr. Kruti Patel (Resident)
Dr. Bina Patel (Assist. Prof.)
Dr. Divyang Shah (Asso. Prof.)
5. Post Intubation vocal cord granuloma : case report [International Journal of
current medical and applied science (IJCMAAS) volume 13, issue 1, December
Author’s Name: Dr. Bina Patel (Asst. Prof.)
Dr. Pragna Vachhrajani (Prof. & Head)
Dr. Divyang Shah (Asso. Prof.)

6. A Comparison of Oral premedication with clonidine and Metoprolol on

Intraoperative hemodynamics and surgical conditions during FESS
[International Journal of Medicines Researchers Volume-1, issue -3, July-2016]
Author’s Name: Dr. Pratiti (Ex Resident)
Dr. Malti J. Pandya (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Pooja Patwa (Ex Resident)

7. Lumbar plexus block for post- Operative Analgesia following lower limb
Orthopaedic Surgery: A Comparison of ‘3 in 1’ and psoas compartment block [South
East Asian Journal of Case Report and review. Issue- May-June-4(3): 1712-1727,
Author’s Name: Dr. Mohammed Abid Ziyauddin Chauhan (Ex. Resident)
Dr. Nasrin A. Qureshi (Ex. Resident)
Dr. Divyang V. Shah (Associate Professor)
Dr. Pragna Vachhrajani (Professor and H.O.D)

8. A Comparative Study of Intrathecal Bupivacaine Heavy (0.5%) with

Clonidine and Midazolam for clinical Effects and Duration of Post-Operative
Analgesia in Patients Undergoing Elective Caesarean Section. [International
Journal of Current Medical and Applied Sciences, 2017, April, 14(2), 60-64]
Author’s Name: Dr. Bina Patel (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Divyang V. Shah (Associate Professor)
Dr. M. Hui (Ex. Resident)
Dr. Dipika Patel (Assistant Professor)
Dr. P. Vachhrajani (Prof. & Head)
9. The clinical effects of combined spinal – epidural anaesthesia versus spinal
anaesthesia in patients undergoing major orthopaedic surgery. (International
Journal of Applied Research volume-7, issue 6 June – 2017, 57-59)
Author’s Name: Dr. Dipika Patel (Assistant professor)
Dr. Kalpanaben Desai (Dean and professor)

10. Comparative study of Dexmeditomidine and Fentanyl for Epidural analgesia for
lower limb orthopaedic surgeries (International Journal of sciences and research
volume-6, Issue-5, May -2017)
Author’s Name: Dr. Reshma Korat (Sr. Resident)
Dr. Malti Pandya (Associate professor)
Dr. Pinal Patel (Ex resident)
Dr. Pragna Vachhrajani (Prof. & Head)

11. Comparative study of Fascia iliaca compartment block and Three in one block
for post operative analgesia in patient undergoing lower limb orthopaedic surgeries
(Indian Journal of pain volume-28 ,Issue-3 , Sept Dec -2014 )
Authors Name: Dr. Malti Pandya (Associate professor)
Dr. Savita Jhanwar (Ex resident)