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August and September

Mrs. Wright’s Monthly Newsletter

Math Focus Science Focus

Welcome to fourth grade math! In my class, Triple beam balances, pipettes, graduated
students reinforce each math concept with cylinders, you name it! Students are
notes, hands-on activities, practice, and daily exploring the science lab and practicing
small group time with myself. This is a highly using science tools to find “precise”
active classroom that promotes measurements. Next, we will be moving into
self-confidence in approaching all the steps of the scientific method, and
mathematics concepts. Over the first month starting to explore physical properties. I’m
and a half, students will be reviewing excited for the labs and hands-on activities in
concepts of addition, subtraction, place our near future! This month, students will
value, and multiplication facts. Students will begin to preview science vocabulary study
be introduced to decimals for the first time in guides in class. Science vocabulary study
the academic setting. I highly encourage guides are given out every other week.
students to find opportunities for decimal Students have two weeks to complete each
addition and subtraction at home, maybe assignment. For each vocabulary word,
allow them to add a tip to a restaurant bill. students are asked to provide a definition,
Also, it is EXTREMELY important that complete sentence, and a picture or example.
students are practicing multiplication facts Students will be given the opportunity to
at home and are well versed by October. All complete the definition portion in class each
fourth grade, math concepts will rely heavily day, but are expected to complete a nightly
on students’ mastery of these facts. sentence and picture at home.

Mark your Calendars!

● 8/20: First Day of School ● 8/23: “Me Bag” Due

● 9/2: No School ● 8/29: First Math Study Guide Due

● 9/20: Family Picnic (5 pm) ● 9/6: Science Vocab Study Guide Due
and Quiz
● 9/20: Science Vocab Study Guide Due
and Quiz
*Reminder: Weekly math study guides are due every Thursday. On Fridays there will
be a weekly math quiz.

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By: Judy Blume