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Sample of Organizing the Literature for Thesis

Author, Year, Problem Specific Theory Used Research Participants Instruments Data Key
Title, Journal Statement Objectives (If any) Design /Sampling /Materials Analysis Findings
-Ricaurte, Eric How much The Harmonizatio The study The study Interview -Measure 1: The A hotel obtaining a
energy objective is n provided consist of data and Data mean (average) significant portion of
-July 2016
consumption, to harmonize analysis of gathering from Gathering HCMI rooms its energy footprint
-Hotel water data quantitative Participating footprint (guest from district heating
and climate
Sustainability consumption, and gathered and data such as 11 Hotel footprint of a night and cooling systems
Benchmarking greenhouse gas test its low, low organiza-tions stay) is 59.69 powered by waste to-
Index 2016: emission for validity quartile, kgCO2e/OCRM energy, in a situation
Energy, Water, hotels within Validity mean, median, where the hotel and
‘-Measure 6a: The
and Carbon specific segments testing high quartile, its neighbours are
lowest energy usage
and geographic high and sd. encouraged to
Comparative per square foot is
location? Also maximize waste
7.49 kWh/Sq ft;
compared output instead of
information minimization and
with in recycling

-Department of -How much is - To inves- Energy Exploratory The study Data UN-HABITAT Understanding the
Energy estimate the tigates the Management design consist of data Gathering (2008) analysis relationships between
Management energy develop- between gathering and Exami- shows that the energy use pattern
consumption and ment of carbon southeast nation emissions from cities and carbon emission
associated carbon energy and Low Carbon emission Asian are more related to development is
-Comparative emissions? carbon Economy development countries such consumption crucial for estimating
Study of Energy emissions, and the as Indonesia, patterns and income future scenarios and
-What is the
and Carbon and climate policies Vietnam, per capita (i.e. can facilitate
comparison of
Emission change implemented Thailand and GDP/capita) rather mitigation and
overall patterns of
development mitigation toward the Philippines than the urbanisation adaptation of climate
selected cities and
pave ways and strategies of problem. levels. When change.
analysis of the
Climate policy the selected comparing cities’
climate policies?
in Southeast case studies energy use and
Asian Cities carbon emissions
Halbe, -Why some -To examine Climate -The study The research Interview This study found a This study informs
Akanksha organizations are factors Change provided questionnaire and Nume- positive inclination the need to create
- 2013 fail to adopt affecting Conspiracy analysis of aimed at rical Data among hotel strong support
- Green Energy innovations while decision- Theory sustainable collecting data Analysis managers towards systems that facilitate
Initiatives in the others succeed. making practices of from a range using economic hotel managers to
Hotel Industry: -What are the regarding Green Hotels various hotel of hotels; incentives as a table „industry
Factors serious action sustainable resorts in those that strategy to convince issues‟ and work at a
influencing towards reducing practices, Environmenta developing showcased senior-level local-level to
adoption GHG emissions especially l countries. best practices management about maximize energy-
decision from the tourism sustainable Commitment in energy investing in energy- efficiency.
sector need to be energy and sacrifice management efficiency/conservati
taken in order to initiatives, in for the and adopted at on measures or
minimize climate the hotel Environment least minimum energy audits.
change impacts industry in green energy
on this sector? Canada initiatives.

Rakicka, How important To provide Risk for The topic will Personal and Data The analysis of the The hotels are more
Michaela sustainability and an Climate help to shape relevant first- Gathering rising energy prices likely to achieve
self-sustainable explanatory Change further the hand and in the developing sustainability, by
practices are for and Adaption authors experience of Examinatio world and will aim embracing not just
Sustainable the hotel industry informative education and the daily n to illustrate the financial aspects of
Practices of nowadays? review of knowledge operations of importance of the business doings,
Hotel Industry how Green Hotels regarding the hotel resorts in implementing clean but social and
in Developing sustainable sustainable small island and renewable environmental
Countries Why hotel resorts practices can practices of economies as energy sources, aspects as well.
in developing be beneficial various hotel well as its which are essential
countries should for hotel resorts in limits, for the future cost
adopt sustainable resorts, developing drawbacks and reductions of the
strategy and especially countries constraints, the hotel industry.
become more for the small
The energy costs are
sustainable if not to medium
one of the highest
entirely? hotel resorts
and most important
located on
costs for hotel
resorts in developing
Jennifer Benson How can the To provide a Emmis ion This report Research A Other than Even though there
industry be strong Right will look at relevant to qualitative sustaining natural can be expensive
sustainable but argument three of the the topic was research resources, creating setup costs and a
November 2013 still maintain the that the hotel largest analyzed and approach a smaller carbon long return in
level of luxury industry is a Practice and strains the categorized footprint, and investment, the
Sustainable was taken
that guests good sustainable hotel depending on for this creating a healthier “economic benefits
strategies for candidate for industry their environment for usually outweigh
expect when consumption
green hotel becoming report.
staying at a places on the importance to guests and staff; the cost of
design more environment: the topic of there are other implementation,”
sustainable the sustainable benefits to going (Graci & Kuehnel,
and consumption strategies for “green.” 2010).
strategies it of energy the hotel
can take to and water industry and
reach that and the whether or
goal. production of not it made
wastes. the argument