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27 MEI 2019

Dr.Kandi Sofia S. Dahlan



L’Occitane Olay Oriflame Martha Tilaar Mustika Ratu


1. Pada gambar diatas, dapat dilihat beberapa produk kecantikan yang dikeluarkan oleh sejumlah produser
ternama, baik dari dalam maupun luarnegeri. Kesemua produk tersebut merupakan produk krim yang
menjanjikan anti penuaan (anti-aging cream). Sebagai informasi, saat ini, untuk produk sejenis, tersedia
ratusan merek di pasar.

Mohon anda jelaskan, dari sudut pandang Value-Creation sebagaimana yang dipaparkan oleh Kotler dan Armstrong
pada “Principles of Marketing”, 15th Edition/Global Edition, hal-hal sbb:

a. Bagaimana strategi marketing yang digunakan oleh produk-produk seperti contoh diatas?
b. Bagaimana produk-produk tersebut diatas menerapkan prinsip value creation bagi para konsumennya?


Diatas dapat kita lihat gerai-gerai dari sebagian produser-produser kosmetik yang menjadi contoh pada soal nomor
1. Mohon anda jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut:

a. Bagaimana pendapat Kotler dan Armstrong mengenai marketing concept?

b. Apa perbedaan dari selling concept dan marketing concept?
c. Untuk produk-produk kosmetik seperti contoh diatas, menurut anda, apakah mereka mengaplikasikan
selling concept atau marketing concept? Apa argumen anda?

Kedua foto diatas menggambarkan suasana pembukaan pertama dari outlet IKEA Indonesia di Alam Sutera,
Serpong, Tangerang pada bulan Oktober 2014.

IKEA adalah retailer perabot terbesar di dunia, dengan brand recognition yang amat tinggi. Salah satu cirri khas dari
perusahaan adalah management system dan store operations yang terstandarisasi. Sejak meluncurkan outlet IKEA
yang pertama di Indonesia pada bulan Oktober 2014 lalu, IKEA Indonesia telah menarik ribuan pengunjung.
Perusahaan furniture rumah berbendera Swedia ini memiliki filsafat bisnis yaitu menawarkan produk-produk
berkualitas dengan harga rendah. Filsafat bisnis ini dipandang bukan sekedar janji, namun benar-benar dijalankan
oleh perusahaan untuk senantiasa mendahulukan operational excellence serta menjadi yang terdepan dalam hal
inovasi rancangan perabot yang modern. Brand image yang tertanam pada konsumen adalah harga rendah, pilihan
produk yang amat luas serta kualitas yang baik.

Asumsikan bahwa pada saat ini IKEA Indonesia ingin membuka outlet IKEA kedua di Indonesia, khususnya di
Propinsi Jawa Barat, dan IKEA meminta bantuan anda sebagai seorang konsultan manajemen. Informasi terbaru
yang komprehensif tentang macroenvironment, microenvironment, peluang serta ancaman baru sangatlah penting
terhadap rencana klien Anda untuk membuka outlet baru di Jawa Barat. Untuk memberikan informasi guna
pengambilan kebijakan pemasaran yang akan dilakukan klien Anda, mohon Anda jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan
berikut ini. Materi-materi informasi yang relevan dengan IKEA Indonesia dapat dilihat dibawah ini.

Kegiatan dan aktivitas apa saja yang kiranya harus dilakukan anda sebagai seorang konsultan guna mengumpulkan
informasi dan memahami lingkungan pemasaran tersebut ? Mohon Anda jelaskan dengan menggunakan kerangka
pemikiran yang dipaparkan oleh Kotler dan Armstrong.


Hasil Wawancara dengan GM IKEA Indonesia

IKEA , Low Cost, Low Price!

Source: Marketeers, uploaded from

IKEA Indonesia General Manager Mark Magee shares the creative nature of IKEA’s business and his approach to
winning Indonesian customers.

Particularly in terms of behavior, what kind of uniqueness do you find in Indonesian customers?

We find that most of Indonesian customers are quite family oriented. The last statistics we looked at highlights every
household in our catchment area has 6.9 family members, including one grandparent or two. Interestingly, it also has
2.9 children on average, which is somewhat higher than global standard. This is surprising because over 40% of
Indonesia’s population is under 29 years old. When they go shopping, especially during the weekend, the whole
family comes, plus the nannies. Therefore, the group size is much larger and there is an impact for retailers because
we have more people in the store. Thus, we have to think about the sufficiency of simple things like toilets, parking
lots and showroom spaces for those people to circulate.

As per the data, I can say that IKEA’s children range generates sales in much greater volume than of competitors in
the market, meaning a greater purchase of toys and other kids’ products. I don’t say that Westerners are any less
loving of their children, but there are simply more children here.

How do you attract this target audience to visit your store?

We are all about creating a better everyday life for many people. That’s our business model. We do that by offering a
wide range of well-designed home furnishing products at low price. It’s not just a word for us, it’s a meaning. We
deploy that business model the same way here as we do in every other country. There is only one IKEA.
Predominantly, majority of our customers are between 25-45 years old families with young children.

You may hear a lot about IKEA concept, but we prefer to talk with the products rather than with words. If you show
somebody how to layout a room for a family that has, let’s say, a twin, how would the bedroom look like, what
would be in the dining room – I can write a book or thesis on it – but actually the best thing to do is to show them
through your products. That’s why we have 55 room sets in our IKEA store.

In terms of approaching Indonesian population, IKEA Indonesia is no different. There is only one IKEA and it
changes from time to time and carries a very young Scandinavian style and accent. In a lot of markets, and maybe so
in Indonesia where traditional furniture has been here for long, it seems to be the younger people who are looking to
express themselves through younger product styles. I think that’s one of the attractions for Indonesians coming to
IKEA’s showroom. Their parents have beautifully ornate solid wood dining table and chairs, but for them it is what
they grew up with and a little bit old-fashioned. IKEA offers them a chance to get modern fresh designs at very
reasonable prices.

When it comes to buying home furnishing products, who is the decision maker within a family?
Indonesia is the same as the rest of the world; the lady of the house makes the decision. Based on a research, the
male or traditional breadwinner, will determine the budget; although, the lady will determine what goes into the
house. She’ll decide how to express the house – with her style – for the family. In that respect, Indonesians are all
the same with people around the world.

In various occasions, you said that IKEA Indonesia is catering to the emerging middle class segment. Why
this segment?

Indonesia has been a booming economy for the last ten years. There are people coming into the middle-class bracket
and can afford to shop at IKEA. Everyone is looking for good ideas for their home and nobody wants to pay more
than they have to. So on any given day, there will be everyone, from teenagers looking for something to brighten up
their room, people setting up their first house, to very well-established homeowners, looking for something a little
bit different and at a great price. All they need is just go to IKEA.

How do you create an effective and relevant approach to cater to this middle class segment? How is this
segment different from high-income or low segment?

Basically, we believe that there is something for everyone at IKEA. However, we focus more on middle class
segment who is looking for home furnishing products that are simple in design, multi-functional, good-quality and at
affordable prices. Indonesia has a lot of diversity in terms of their reachability. In a more developed western market,
IKEA’s appeal is much broader because most of the customers can afford to shop. That’s the benefit of economic
development. I mean, the UK started industrial revolution 250 years ago and therefore the population has been able
to get the benefit from that industrial development.

Clearly, when we look at Indonesia today, there are a number of people who we may call middle class and then there
are also people who are emerging fast into this segment. It is a moving phase. Our simple view of people who can
afford to shop at IKEA is not based on any high technical science. When we came here, we said ‘who has a car and
who has a credit card?’ It is very simple. If bank trusted you with a credit card, you probably have some
creditworthiness. If you could afford one or more cars, you probably have more than enough income to shop at

When we crossed the two figures two years ago, it came with roughly one-third of Jabodetabek’s population. At this
point, the rule of thumb is that one-third, maybe a little bit more, of Jabodetabek’s people can afford our products.
That might be different from, let’s say, the UK where almost everyone can shop at IKEA. However, it won’t be one-
third forever. According to McKinsey, in 2030, Indonesia could be the seventh largest economy in the world. When
the economy grows, the vast majority of Indonesians will have the opportunity to increase their take-home pay and
come into that middle-income bracket.

What do you think people visit IKEA store as a result of brand value or just out of curiosity?

I think they keep coming to our store because some of them already knew IKEA brand and they look for IKEA
products, which are widely known for their good design, function and affordable price. For those who do not know
the brand, we welcome them to visit our store and walk through it because the IKEA store provides tips and ideas on
how to solve common needs and support daily activities at home.

According to your understanding, what is the biggest expectation of Indonesian customers from a retail
store? Do you think IKEA can satisfy what they desire the most?

Indonesian customers, like any other customers worldwide, are looking for products that would make their everyday
life better. They are also looking for products that have good design, quality, function, and affordable price which
correspond to our Democratic Design philosophy. When it comes to product development, we always base our work
on five pillars of Democratic Design: good design, good function, good quality, low price, and strong consideration
towards sustainability.
How do you position IKEA brand in Indonesia? How do you differentiate it from the competitors?

IKEA home furnishing brings inspirational ideas and solutions to create a better everyday life at home. The IKEA
store offers more than just home furnishing products at affordable prices, we offer ideas and inspiration to make
your house your home.

We believe that competition leads to innovation and choice for customers. IKEA itself was born out of competitive
pressures brought out by other traders in the market and we’re constantly working out how we can keep improving.
The IKEA offer gives the customer a new interest and wish to improve their everyday living. When IKEA brand
enters a new market, the general home furnishing awareness and interest increase considerably. As a result, the
whole home furnishing industry is benefited.

To offer quality products at affordable price is not easy. How do you balance these two things?

Every IKEA product must comply with the five pillars of Democratic Design: form, function, quality, sustainability,
and price. A great product lives up 100% to these five points.

When we look at a product, we always start with price in mind. There is no point in designing a product that costs
ten times what an average person can spend on, if you want volume. IKEA is all about volume. Additionally, IKEA
comes to Indonesia to introduce the do-it-yourself (DIY) concept. This is a shift in paradigm because Indonesian
customers are used to being served. We offer a different proposition where the DIY concept brings independence
while at the same time allows customers to get more affordable products. Trust me, you only have low price if you
can have low cost. That is fundamental to the IKEA concept. If you can spare a lot of money, then you can have a
great design. Nevertheless, having a good design at low cost is very difficult and we prove that we can do that.

To enable the DIY concept that provides lower price to customers, IKEA furniture products are flat-packed. By
picking the product yourself, bringing it home yourself and assembling it yourself, you save money.

What is the meaning of retail to IKEA?

It is understanding people, either customers or coworkers. Fundamentally, my approach is people-based. It’s about
understanding what our customers, coworkers need, and how we can better serve them. I think it would be very
difficult to operate in a retail business properly if you’re not a people-minded person. Concentrate on people.