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REPUBLIC OF THE 133133;??? s_s_
- Ka awad of BrgY Soongi .
I Romel Inte Agot, 48 Years Old' marr'eq' Brg(Elity %avao del Sur, after havmg
- ’ ident of Purok Manga, Soong, D'9°S ' -
Qty and a res _ . I d hereby depose and saY:
been duly sworn to In accordance wrth aw 0
ution of this
1. That I am the same and identical person who caused the exec
legal instrument;
~ _ . - al
2. That I am filing a formal complaint against .‘lone Michael IV- ggén‘llgéallege
age, married, a resident of Purok Santol, Soong, QIQOS City, Jhond'e A q“ I’e a|
married, a resident of Purok Durian, Soong, Digos City, Larry Banzon, Q arriedr
married, a resident of Purok Santol, Soong, Digos City, Joven E_bad, legal age,
mI ,
a resident of Purok Durian, Soong, Digos City and Pederico Omang, l-ega- age,f
married, a resident of Purok Santol, Soong, Digos City for possrble cases of
Violation O
,_ Art. 148 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines “Direct Assault 30d
I, '~ Attempted Murder;
r1; 7 v 3. That at about 9:00 pm of April 5, 2019, while rendering my duty as
Kagawad, I was told by Gilbert Galicia that a commotion transpired along Cogon-
Kapatagan road, Purok Santol of same barangay particularly near the Pentecostal
7“». Church caused by a group composed of five (5) persons who were attacking some
the by—passers on the said place. That together with Gilbert Galicia and my other
neighbor, we immediately left my house on above mentioned place and started to walk
1 towards the area where the commotion was reported;
4. That upon approaching on the afore-cited place at about 10:00 pm of the
, a, same date, we were waylaid beside the road by five (5) male persons who were
5; believed to be under the influence of liquor known to me as Jone Michael v.
f Jhondie Aluires, Larry Banzon, Joven Ebad and Pederico Omang whom I recognized
H; With the help of the light coming from the electric post placed beside the road.
That I
then told the above named persons to go home because they violated the curfew hour
and further told them not to look for any trouble but suddenly Pederico Omang and
30:6" Ebad who was already holding a long bolo respectively, Jone Michael V. Quima
‘Q’OS‘WaS already holding a steel pipe, Larry Banzon who was already holding a
stone on
starteEfthls hands arid Jhondie-A'lquires who was holding a stick of wood got
some of0 approach'us while waivmg on the air the bolos, steel pipe and a stick of
them were holding;
5- That I togethe with Gilbert Galicia and o f ‘ h -
fmm them upo _ I i ' ne 0 my nelg bor hurriedly ran away
While utterin n Sensun ‘ their bad Intentions, but the above named suspects chased
part; 9 6 words t1 quote “pisti mo, yawa kang kagawara ka" causing fear on our
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