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8 July 2019

Mr George Wood

Dear Mr Wood

Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987


We refer to your request for official information dated 9 June 2019 in relation to Devonport.

1. What are the ownership arrangements at Devonport wharf for the ferry berth and in
particular does Fullers still own the hydraulic passenger ramp, all piles and

Auckland Transport (AT) owns the wharf. Fullers own the equipment used as part of the
ferry landing areas (which includes the ‘landing gear’, the hydraulic passenger ramps, and
associated fenders but does not include the piles and fenders.

2. Do Fullers therefore control access to their Devonport berth and are other ferry
owners ever able to use the facility?

No, Fullers do not control access to the berth, other landing gear can also be fitted to
accommodate other boats either on the other side of the wharf or beyond Fullers’

3. Does this apply to both berths on the Devonport wharf?

No this does not apply to both of the berths on the Devonport wharf.

4. How long do Fullers have these current working arrangements for berthing their
ferry vessels at Devonport Wharf?

Fullers have a licence agreement to 2031.

5. Could Auckland Transport change to another ferry operator at Devonport wharf?

AT do not control this aspect. Another operator could seek to register an exempt service
in competition to Fullers and would then seek to apply for berth slots from AT, subject to
our common access terms.

6. What is the level of work that has to be undertaken to implement integrated fares on
Devonport wharf feeder buses and will this mean that the new arrangements will
cover all services operating from Devonport, Stanley Bay and Bayswater wharves?
Ferry fare integration will ensure that all bus, train and ferry trips (excluding Waiheke
Island) are integrated into the customer journey. No changes are needed for the Devonport
wharf feeder buses, as the current timetable was designed with ferry integration in mind
and is aligned to ferry arrival and departures times. However, our ticketing system needs
to be developed to allow for this and we have engaged with our ticketing provider to scope
the level of development required to enable ferry fare integration.

We are planning to implement ferry fare integration including Stanley Bay and Bayswater
within 12 months. In relation to Devonport we have to come to a commercial arrangement
with Fullers. If we fail to reach an acceptable agreement with Fullers, the Devonport service
will be excluded from the ferry fare integration.

7. There seems to be some confusion between what councillors are telling Devonport
people that the system comes in around February 2020 and the AT bus manager’s
statement that the system goes live in June 2020. This needs clarified.

AT would have liked to have implemented this initiative by February 2020. Initial
discussions with Thales, our ticketing system provider, have indicated that there will be up
to a nine month development timeframe to complete and test the system changes
required. We are working with Thales to finalise the scope of work and hope to be able to
reduce the development timeframe to allow for earlier implementation in February 2020.
AT will communicate a firm implementation date once we have the final scope of work and
development timeframe from Thales.

We trust the above information has addressed your request however should you believe that
we have not dealt with your request appropriately, you are able to make a complaint to the
Office of the Ombudsman in accordance with section 27(3) of the LGOIMA Act, and seek an
investigation and review in regard to this matter.

If you have any further queries, please contact Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553 quoting
Official Information request number CAS-1079143-H0Z7J9.

Yours sincerely

Colin Homan
Group Manager Integrated Network Enablement

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