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The Company

DALKIA Incorporated is a corporation established to cater the demand in the design,

fabrication, and installation of Curtain Walls, Windows, Doors and Meal Cladding for
all types of buildings.

Driven by passion to work and aspiration, DALKIA Incorporated is aiming high to

become a contractor that offers a complete services and a solution provider in the
building façade industry.

DALKIA Incorporated is empowered by the Faith, Experience, Determination and Skills

of the people and every individual behind the Company together with the unwavering
supports and partnership of reliable suppliers to deliver a complete and successful
performance in every undertaking.

That is why and how DALKIA Incorporated makes a difference.

Scope of Services
1. Design Consultancy
2. Detailed Design & Engineering
3. Procurement, Assembly & Installation

Strategy Statement
A leader in the local Façade industry having a PHP 10B projects in year 2020 by being
a service provider of quality, safe and sustainable Curtain Walls, Windows, Doors and
Metal Cladding through extensive and continuing research and development,
acquisition of top of the line fabrication and installation equipment and dedication of
the well-seasoned and highly skilled individual in the company.
Quality Policy
Dalkia Incorporated shall pursue sustainable growth by continuously developing
products and providing reliable services of quality, safe, top of the line, and superior
range of curtain walls, windows & metal cladding.

Our endeavors shall focus on:

1. Developing and sustaining constructive relationship with our clients thru effective
customer care all throughout the engagement;

2. Continuously enhancing the competency of our employees through trainings to

meet current and future industry demands;

3. Providing quality products by adapting a systematic procurement procedure and

partnering with reliable suppliers of quality materials;

4. Maintaining our status as a leader in our field of expertise by using “Top of the
Line” equipment and software in our design, engineering and fabrication and by
acquiring certification and recognition from international organizations on operational
excellence and green building initiatives;

5. Ensuring the improvement of our quality management system by communication

our quality policy to all levels of our organization by measuring our products and
service against industry standards; and

6. Meeting customer, regulatory, statutory and the ISO 9001;2015 standard

Company profile