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High Performance, Outdoor CPE

Designed for Operators, by Operators


The Mercury QTS-ODU Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is a high
performance 802.16e CPE product designed to enable quick service
deployments to the most remote customers. The QTS-ODU delivers high
capacity and long range coverage to end users by utilizing a smart 2x2
antenna design and OFDM techniques.

The QTS-ODU is a cost effective outdoor data CPE based on the
standard implementation of the IEEE 802.16e Wave II specification.
It is able to meet the most demanding requirements of large service
providers with high throughput and availability. The QTS-ODU supports
2x2 MIMO and Adaptive Modulation Coding (AMC) to maximize system
gain and capacity.

Accompanied with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

(OFDM), the integrated high-gain antenna of the QTS-ODU enhances
performance in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments. Additionally,
the integrated antenna design and heat dissipation advancements help
to reduce the overall power consumption, ultimately improving the
operational life span of the device.

The QTS-ODU has a single data port and built-in firewall providing an
effective all-in-one solution for home network users. The QTS-ODU
built-in router function provides multiple VLAN support, TOS/DSCP
tagging and rate limiting to ensure greater service feasibility and
reliability. The device also encompasses a signal strength indicator on
the back panel, making it intuitive for technicians to install.

The QTS-ODU offers local and remote management through a simplified

Web interface. The device also supports TR-069 and OMA-DM services
for centralized auto-provisioning and upgrade management.

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Frequency Bands Antenna Gain FFT
2.3-2.4GHz, 2.48-2.70GHz, 14 to 16 dBi (cross polarized) 1024/512 FFT points
3.3-3.7GHz (3.65GHz FCC)
Power Output Air Link Optimization
SUPERIOR RANGE Channel Size > 24 dBm per antenna port HARQ
3.5, 5, 7, 10MHz
14 to 16 dBi, high-gain patch Authentication
Duplex Method BB Support
directional antenna, allows for MIMO A&B, ARQ, HARQ (Cat. 7)
TDD (2x2 MIMO)
larger subscriber coverage.

User Interface
EASY DEPLOYMENT Data Interface LED Indicator Power Supply
Signal strength and data activity 1 RJ45 10/100M LAN Port Power, System Run, LAN Port 48 VDC Integrated PoE
Activity, X4G RF Signal (6)
indicators on the back panel allow for Radio Access
streamlined installations. IEEE 802.16e (Wave 2 MIMO)

Device Management
Management Features Auto Provision & Upgrade
2x2 MIMO, adaptive modulation and * CLI and Telnet Debug Interface Management
coding (AMC) technology maximizes * User and admin WEB management * FTP and HTTP Centralized Firmware Upgrade
overall system capacity. interfaces * Standard TR-069 management with WIB Sup-
* OMA-DM Management Support

Advanced Orthogonal Frequency Networking
Division paired with smart antenna IEEE Convergence Sublayer Advanced Data Features
techniques enhances NLOS IEEE 802.3 10Base Ethernet IP-CS, Eth-CS, IPv4, • Built-in PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP GRE
IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet IPv6 Pass-Through Clients
capabilities. IEEE 802.1p QoS Priority Protocol • VPN Pass-through support (PPTP,
IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging Network Configuration L2TP and IPsec)
• DHCP or static IP address assign- • IP Filtering, Port Forwarding and
Modulation ment DMZ
QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM • Bridge and Router Operation Sup- • Virtual Server and SPI Firewall
• Built-in DHCP Server for LAN devices
IEC IP67 rated for the toughest • ETH-CS and IP-CS Auto Adaptation

Mechanical, Electrical, and Environmental

AUTO PROVISIONG AND UPGRADE Dimensions Temperature Weatherproofing

7.8” x 7.8” x 2.4” -40C to +55C IEC IP67
Supports TR069 and OMA-DM man- (20cm x 20cm x 6cm)
agement interface for auto provi- Humidity Vibration and Dust
Weight 95% maximum Non-condensing Meets ETSI EN 300 019-1-4
sioning and upgrade management. requirements for Class 4.1E
4lbs (1.8kg)
Power To 10,000 feet above sea level
48V Integrated PoE Power Adapter

Mercury Networks is a rapidly growing, privately held company with our corporate office in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
The Mercury Quantum 6600 product line consists of award-winning family of compact 4G broadband base station and
operating software unmatched in flexibility, performance, and total cost of ownership. The technology has been deployed
in over 250 commercial networks worldwide.

For more information about Mercury, please visit our corporate website at:

Mercury Networks, LLC, 6714 Pointe Inverness Way, Suite 230, Fort Wayne, IN 46804 Tel. 888-909-6717

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