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First of all I want to start with Old Major character which is respected by his wise and also because

of his age. What we can substract from his speech are 2 important things :freedom and equality. (2 basic
concepts that are so craved by the nations) . From the managerial point of view is very good to give respect
, to give clear indications , clear explaination ( as Old Major does). The replacement is made by Snowball
was the most close to the Old Major dream. Snowball wanted and devoted himself to bettering the
animals in intellectual, moral, and physical ways. He reduced the seven comandments in an easy phrase
for clean understanding :Four legs good two legs bad. His plan for windmill is noble and he wanted to
improve the animal lives and want more leisure for them . On the other hand appear Napoleon who is
jelous on Snowball and complot with the dogs to exclude him and take over his plan. We can keep in mind
that in the work space not everyone agree with your vision, they only agree if they have interest or if they
have something to gain from you. In this case excluding Snowball from the brackground gave Napoleon
the opportunity to become the leader and also to be respected by bringing the plan of Snowball as being
his own ideas. But his respect was based on fear we can observe this type of management here in Romania
where employees are listening because they fear of losing their job, fear of change or we can mention
here also the ignorance of some people . The Animal Farm have the internal structure of a nation, with a
government (the pigs), a police force or army (the dogs), a working class (the other animals),holidays and
rituals.We can observe in the movie that the pigs are avoiding all the physical work and are letting the
others make the hard part. Same in Romania in some companies the rulers are just giving orders and
taking benefits on employee work giving them very few compared with what they produced. We can say
that Napoleon represents the robber ,the one who wants just his own good without caring of the others.
Giving them to work all day long and after rewarding them with insufficient food while he and other pigs
are wasting the food. Lying all the time saying that his actions will benefit the farm and stoling the apple
and the cow milk under the excuse that these 2 having nutrients and the nutrients will help them in the
managerial work we can clear see that is a hungry power individual who only think about himself.
Moreover he is starting to sell the goods and what the farm is producing not for improve the animals farm
but for him. We can see here a small fight back from the chickens but easily suppressed by the dogs. All
the movie have in back the idea of communism same in Romania when they were taking the food , what
people produced in order to give it to the state. The insufficient food lead by poor management and waste
of resources is caused by the incapacity or the will of not sharing to others the goods. The inequality and
the fact that the balance is not existing will lead to another revolution at the end. Napoleon just give
commands without caring about the consequences for example the Boxer injury who caused a
disequilibrium at the level of farm . We have here the same in management in a poor one they do not
calculate that someone can injured and do not have a backup plan or a person to come so they are asking
the others who maybe is inexperienced to make some jobs that they do not know nothing about. The
phrase all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others can be found in a lot of business
who claim the equality but in the fact is not like that. The ruler is not respecting the rules so is changing
each time in its favour. (Do not kill another animal without a cause).Napoleon is the ruler that eliminates
all of his opponents by force. The biggest crime is transforming himself in what he said that is not good in
the first place in Jones. At the end he started to sleep in Jones bed to get drunk as him, wear hat and walk
in 2 legs.

We can observe that the power in wrong hands can lead to a major destruction. Also we can say that if
the animals were aware and strat asking some questions about the real interests of Napoleon could avoid
all the suffer . Boxer can be an example of a worker an employee a citizen who respects the law whithout
questioning himself if its good or not. This blindfull mindset is not good in a nation .Boxer was not an
intelligent animal (we can say this by the fact he read just till letter d) but a valuable and strong one.
Exactly what Napoleon need not intelligent and hard worker for his plan. We can not blame the character
because he was a good one but not enough intelligent to know that the ruler is not alays right as he
thought.”Napoleon is always right”. His innocence lead him to death because Napoleon knew that he is
not valuable anymore so he trade him for some wine. “They drink in the memory of boxer but the bottle
cost the boxer life). We can observe that anyone can be replaced and usually if we are talking about
management they are not keeping the ones who do not bring value to company or who can slow the
company . Also what is interesting is the fact that when someone really believe something they work triple
as Boxer ( 3 horses in 1, very productive). He is eliminated when he is not productive anymore.

The 2 important things freedom and equality wanted at the start became at the end lies, equality but
some more equal than the other.


As the author wanted to express we can say that if nowadays people are not aware about what is really
happening politicaly or in their circle people such Napoleon will continue to lead.

Poor management lead to poor grow of the company.

Waste of resources and the imbalance will cause a disequilibrium .