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Republic of the Philippines

Bohol Island State University – Main Campus

CPG North Avenue, Tagbilaran City

Vision: A premier Science and Technology university for the formation of world class and virtuous human resource for sustainable development in Bohol and the
Mission: BISU is committed to provide quality higher education in the arts and sciences, as well as in the professional and technological fields; undertake research
and development and extension services for the sustainable development of Bohol and the country.

Name: Leah B. Torindon, MATVE 1 Date: June 2, 2019

Subject: Human Relation

My Reflection on the Board Meeting (PAC)

Troubled.Doubtful.Worried. These are the preliminary words that I had observed before the meeting. Once the board
meeting began, I feel thrilled since the issue in the company is not that easy to handle. It really needs collaboration
among the board. The problem of each department are being presented and all are willing to hear the issue. This is most
likely true in a real life scenario. Since we are social or relational being, we need to know and understand how to relate
properly with others without thinking of any negative beforehand. I am, indeed, reminded the importance of LISTENING

It is not easy to answer directly a certain issue. We need to take considerations and to see possible consequences. I also
realized the need of manager as a leader of the group to cater their respective problem