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Classroom Instruction Delivery Alignment Map

Grade: 11 Semester: 1st

Core Subject Title: Oral Communication No. of Hours/Semester: 80

Course Subject Description: The development of listening and speaking skills and strategies for effective communication in various situation.
Culminating Performance Standard: The learners proficiently delivers various speeches using the principles of effective speech delivery.
Highest Enabling
Content Content Highest Thinking Skills to Assess Strategy to use in
Standar Performance Standard Learning Competencies Developing the
d Highest Thinking
Skill to assess
Assessment Technique
RBT Enablin Teachin
Leve g g
l General Strategy
Minimum Beyond Minimum KUD Beyond KUD Strateg
Minimum Classifi Minimum Classific WW QA PC y
cation ation
OC11.1 The The learner The learner defines K R MULTIPL R THINK-
Nature and learner designs and communication N E E CHOICE E PAIR-
Elements of understan performs O M P SHARE
Communicati d the effective W E R
on nature and controlled I M E
1. Defin elements and N B S
ition of oral uncontrolled G E E
2. The oral R N
proce communicati I T
ss of on activities N A
Com based on G T
muni context. I
catio O
n N
3. Com The learner explains U A One Peer C Brainstor
muni the nature and N N paragraph written O ming
catio process of D A explanation communic M Graphic
n communication E L n on the ation M Organize
Mode R Y nature and dialogue U r
l S Z process of N
4. Five T I communica I
Elem A N tion C
ents N G A
of D T
Com I I
muni N O
catio G N
5. * The learner U A Essay C Graphic
Verba differentiate the N N Compare O Organize
l and various models of D A and M r
Non- communication E L contrast M
verba R Y U
l S Z N
Com T I I
muni A N C
catio N G A
n D T
6. Interc I I
ultura N O
l G N
muni The learner U A Essay C Group
catio distinguishes the N N O activity:
n unique feature(s) of D A M Brainstor
communication E L M ming
process from the R Y U Graphic
other. S Z N Organize
T I I r
A N C Writing
The learner explain U A Conversat C Group
why there is a N P ion/dialog O role
breakdown of D P ue N playing
communication. E L N
The learner uses R Y E
various strategies in S I C
order to avoid T N T
communication A G I
breakdown. N O

The learner D C P
demonstrate O R Applying R Pamphlet
sensitivity to socio- I E multi- O s/
cultural dimension N A modal B Magazine
of communication G T presentati L s/
situation with focus I on E Brochure
on N M (portfolio
a. Culture G based)
b. gender S
Performance Task: