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Name: Ericka Marie.

Bacalso Grade&Section: XII Socrates

Teacher: Mr. Jason Navidad Word COunt:

Globalization is the word used to describe the growing interdependence of the world’s
economies, cultures, and populations, brought about by cross-border trade in goods and services,
technology, and flows of investment, people, and information. Countries have built economic
partnerships to facilitate these movements over many centuries. One of the consequences of
globalization is Technology because it makes life less stressful do advancements truly make life
less upsetting? Indeed, in truth I imagine that life would be much progressively unpleasant
without them. Consider it, there are such a significant number of things that we utilize each day
that without we would have no clue how to oversee. The more innovation propels the more it
helps make our lives less demanding, further our understandings of who we as people, and keeps
family and companions nearer. These are just a couple of the various ways innovation and less
pressure go connected at the hip, without which we would in any case be beating on our chests
and living in caverns. Our innovation and the endeavor to promote that innovation are what
enables our lives to end up better and progressively refined. The good effects of globalization it
helps in uniting distinctive governments with the goal that they can cooperate towards
accomplishing shared objectives; which is an extraordinary method for spreading worldwide
mindfulness in regards to basic concerns and issues. Also Globalization likewise supports the
continuous challenge between nations everywhere throughout the world just as inside a specific
nation; henceforth ensuring that costs of products are brought down to a significant degree. This
is an incredible possibility for all end-clients to acquire merchandise at low rates. The bad effects
of globalization The most well-known disadvantage of globalization is that it is broadening the
hole between the rich and poor; where rich individuals are getting to be more extravagant and
poor are getting to be poorer. Because of re-appropriating, globalization may deny a whole
nation of its employments and assets. This is on the grounds that globalization removes
employments starting with one nation and gives it then onto the next nation; henceforth leaving
bunches of individuals without the open doors that they merit. It is critical to strike balance
between the good and bad of globalization with the goal that equalization can be reestablished in
nature and its living species.

Globalization affect the relationship with familiy, friends and other people are both
positive and negative ways. The positive it is because it can easily communicate with other
people, also it gives more information and it can make more many friends through social media.
Then the negative ways because sometimes we became lazy talking to other people personality
so we used social media to interact with them and also it can change our perspective because
nows a day sharing information with other people is really good but having social media sharing
your problems through internet is much easier.