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Art, a simple three letter word yet has a vast perspective from one point to another. Used not
only for passion and expression but also to communicate from one individual to another. But
to give a concise meaning towards art, what is art? Art is the expression of an individual’s
(human) creative skill and imagination, specifically in a visual form such as drawing, painting,
sculptures and other tons of form of it.

So, what is the difference between art history and art appreciation. For me, art history is
something that you learn from school where your professor tackles about the history of the
art, it is the time where you can learn who are the artist from the ancient time, what are the
style they used in their arts. With this art history you’ll see in your perspective how art changes
in many ways, if you look in terms of war, religion, politics, and even technologies.

While art appreciation is our subject that I can say help us to appreciate and understand the
work of art little by little or maybe nothing at all. But since we are architecture student it is very
important to learn by heart because we are also an artist that need to express our feelings in
our every piece of art because that what artist do. They apply all they feelings in their work
weather they are sad, happy, angry, in pain and many more. That’s why art appreciation is
one thing that can bring an artwork to life as it changes for every person around it.


ARC 152