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RIES circaa 2016 

1. What
W should you
y do if the subdivision
s is
s fronting fro m busy highw
a. Provide 5m
m setback c.
c Provide bo undary wall wwith ground p
b. Provide a 3m local stre
eet d.
d Separate v vehicular acce

2. Where
W is the BEST
B place to
o locate a com
mmercial buillding?
a. In CBD are ea with ample parks and street
b. In front off residential high
h end subddivision adjaccent to parkin
ng lot
c.. In commercial zone near transporta ation terminaal
d. All of the above

3. n element of a city image,, it is the cha

In annel of move
ement, what do call for th
he image?
a. Edge b. No
odes c. Path d. D

4. Frrom the figurre no. 001, id

dentify the type of road.
a. Roudaboutt b. Turn court c. Collecto
or d. C

5. What
W is the MOOST importan nt part in effe
ective processs of City Plan
nning mainly you are the one
w lead the project?
a. Public consuultation and stakeholder
s c. Exte
ensive researrch and devellopment
b. Participation
n of stakeholder d. Connstant communication and d advertising

6. From the given Figu

ure 002. Idenntify the type of street.
a. Minor road
r b. Arterial Road c. Colle
ector Street d. Freew

7. What iss used as reference line in

n establishing
g a room or ffloor elevation
a. Street level b. Natural ground line c. Paviing finish d. Ground floor line

8. What iss the KEY fac

ctor in determ
mining the utmmost benefitss in good site
e planning?
a. Topogrraphy c.. Building and
d its link
b. Users and
a beneficia
aries d. Local goverrnment laws

9. He con
nceptualized the
t “City Beautiful Movem
ment”. Who’s urban planne
a. Le Corb
busier b. Daniel Burnham c. Ebenezzer Howard d. E.W Burgess

10. A 20thh century pro

oblem emanatting from rappid urbanizatiion of areas ssurround a city which allocated
up to the remaining ad djustment rural open spac
a. Urban sprawl c. Urban dillapidated
b. Urban blight d. Urban redevelopmentt

11. A spatial organizattion concept a general vie

ew of the patttern of land u use in a city d
developed by
Ernest W.. Burgess. Thhe city is conc
ceived as a se
eries of five cconcentric zo
ones with the cores as thee
central bu
usiness distric
ct and forminng out from which
w are thee residential a
and commute er zones.
a. Multi Nuclei
N Theory c. Sector T heory
b. Concenntric Zone Theory d. Transeptt

12.In plan
nning, who is
s responsible for evaluatin
ng how land rresources wil l be maximiz
a. Mayor c. Provincia l planner
b. Environ
nmental planner d. Sanguniaaang Bayan

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13. Given
n the master plan showing
g lot division identify the ffollowing figu
ure 001?
a. Cornerr lot b. Throug
gh lot c. End loot d. Abutting of tthree streets

14. Thesee are metal or concrete rig

gid posts thatt can be arra nged in a line
e to close a rroad or path to
vehicles above
a a certa
ain width, andd to separate traffic from pedestrian.
a. Bollard
d b. Railing c. Fe
ence d. Barrricade

15. Underr NBCP, how do you descrribe the stree

et and landsccape along Ro
oxas Boulevard, Pasay Citty
a. Promen
nade b. Easem
ment c. Road Rigght of Way d. Arcade

16. In Roman town wh hat do you ca ain street, ori ented thru North-South in
all for the ma n the two ma
intersecting street.
a. Decummanus b. Cardo c. Tholos d. Calle or Kalye

17. Whichh is NOT true for the dens

sity of settlem
a. Amoun nt of house c. Floor arrea ratio
b. Per squ
uare meter d. Mortalitty rate

18. Identify Figure 003

3, what type of Urban form and functio on do you se
ee in the imag
a. Star b. Constella
ation c. Satellite
e d.. Sheet

19. Which h is TRUE in temperate

t Reegion?
a. Elongating the formm of a building
g along the east-west
e axiss maximizes south facing wall.
b. Minimizzing the surfa
ace area of a building reduces to low ttemperature
c. Building
g forms shouuld enclosed courtyard
c spa
d. Building from elongated along th he east and west
w exposurre

20. Horizo
ontal overhunngs are mostt effective wh
hen the windoows are locatted in what direction?
a. Southe
ern orientation c. Northwestt orientation
b. Northern orientation
n d. Southwes t orientation

21. Whichh of the follow

wing site phy
ysical elementt, which can be effective iin diffusing or scattering
a. Planting of trees and shrubs c. Plant of gra
ass or groundd cover
b. Put earrth berms d. Slope pavinng walkway

22. It is the process of studying the contextual forces that in nfluence howw we might situate a building,
orients its
s space, artic
culate its encllosure and es
stablish its reelationship to the landscap
a. Site survey c. Site planning g
b. Site annalysis on
d. Site utilizatio

23. This is expected fo

or a building site should in
nfluence our ddesign and construction o of the roof
ce of building materials, a nd the detailing of its extterior wall
structure of a building, which choic
assembliees. What is th
he following climatic
c factor is it?
a. Vegetaation c. Topography
b. Precipittation d. Soil conditio n

ban design ciity planning, what is usually term to be

24. In Urb e used conce
erning North a
and South Lu
Express way
w connected along Epifaanio de los Sa
antos Avenue e (EDSA)?
a. Connecctor c. Arterial road
b. Freewa
ay d. Major road

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25. Accorrding to BP 22
20, which of the following is NOT nece
essary length of residentia
al blocks for
economic and socializeed housing siite?
a. 258 me eters c. 343 met ers
b. 421 me eters d. 279 metters

26. Accorrding to PD 10096 or otherw a National B uilding Code of the Philipp

wise known as pines. What iis
NOT cove ered by fire re
a. Unrestricted Fire Zoone c. High Resttricted Fire Zo
b. Restric
cted Fire Zonee d. Medium RRestricted Firre Zone

27. Whose governmen nt body was responsible

r to
o architect th
hat does not p act amount off
pay their exa
nal Tax Receiipt?
a. Local Government
G Unit
U c. Security and Exchang ge Commissio on
b. Bureauu of Internal Revenue
R d. Departme ent of Trade and Industriees

28. Based
d on the HLURB planning standards,
s what is the mi nimum lot frontage of a c
corner lot
intended for socialized
d single detac
ched residenc
a. 4 mts. b. 3 mts. c. 8 mts. d. 5 mts.

29. What is the law that regulates the sale of co

ondominiumss in the Philip
a. PD 968
8 b. PD 957 c. PD 956
6 d. PD 757

30. What is the minim

mum horizontaal dimension of court and yards accord
ding to the bu
uilding design
standard and guideline
es for econom
mic and socia
alized housing
a. 2.5 me b. 2.0 me
eters c. 1.5 me
eters d. 3.0 m

31. In international prractice for selecting Land Use

U Plan, wh at shall be th
he color BLUE
E represent to
a. Residential c. Institutional
b. Comme ercial d. In

32. the prroportion the

e built area off the building and the area a to limit heig
ghts and bulkks, create
setbacks and open spa ace, the ultim
mately genera ate a relative
ely uniform urrban fabric is
s referred to a
a. Floor area ratio b. Plot ratio c. Deed restricttion d. Urban dessign

33. Lands
scape and extterior design to reduce He
eat Island, th edo” has the same meanin
he word “Albe ng
a. Absorp
ption b. Radia
ation c.
c Reflectance e d. Emissivitty

34. This vigorous

v apprroach to the problem
p of providing houssing for its po
oorest peoplee, the anothe
approach is “slump up pgrading”, wh hich attempts
s to avoid as far as possibble, the disloc
cation of
residents. The theory, the basic ne eed approach underlies a vvery important recent dev velopment in
sites-and--service proje
ect. What is this
t housing project and wwas commisssioned by form merly
Metropolittan Governorr Imenda Marrcos?
a. BagonggLipunan Imp provement Siite and Servic ces c. M
Maharlika Villa
b. Pabahaay sa Maralitaang Pilipino d. BagonngPangarap M Medium-Rise Housing Projject

35. Accorrding to Solid Waste Manaagement Act of o 2000, it sh

hall refer to the process off recovering
materials intended forr the same orr different purpose withouut the alterati on of physica
al and chemiccal
a. Recylin
ng b. Re use c. Re
enewing d.. Restore

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36. This is the process s of selecting, arranging, coordinating
c and evaluati ng the potential of land. T
objective is to avoid co ongested areeas and mis-uused of land iin the near fu
uture and allo
owing the
potential for the new development
d and as well as
a demand fo or the land m
market pricingg. After finish
the process, the SanguniaangBayadngPanlalawigan have be een derived itt into law whiich it’s becom
me an
official zoning given by y the municippality. What do
d you call fo
or this processs of land acc
cumulating th he
demand of o land uses in the Countrry?
a. Provinc cial Planning and Urban Development
b. Comprehensive Lan nd Use Plan
c. Housing and Land Use U Regulatorry Board
d. Urban and Regionall Land Planning

37. This is technique of

o land use pllanning as a tool
t of urban
n planning use
ed by the Loc
cal Governme
ent in
the Philippines.
a. Restric
ction b. Urban segregation c. Land use d. Zoning

38. This is the effect of

o mostly in metropolitan
m area
a that sig nificantly warmer than its
s surrounding
rural area
as due to hum man activities
s, pollution, excessive
e use
e of air-con, ccontinues urb
ban developmment
that can cause
c of a change in the energy
e imbalaance.
a. Heat Is
sland Effect c. Urban Canyon Effecct
b. Urban Heat Island d. Urban Blighted

39. Bloodstream is another tem forr what?

a. Transportation c. City
b. Central Business District d. District

40. Identify the given image 100, what

w do you call of the ro
oad signage itt is?
a. Pedestrian refuge c. Traffic sign
b. Traffic island d. Cat eyye

41. What are the common types off road markin

ng are based on its balancce between and performance
a. Hydroccarbon paint c. P
Perforated poolymer tapes
b. Thermo oplastic d. RRaised reflecttive markers

42. In Roman time, what is the apa

artment that can people u
used as dwel ling units for the lower an
middle cla
ass status?
a. Domus s c. Insu
b. Villa d. Conndominium

43. Identify image no.. 200, what is

s the urban pattern
p it is?
a. Radio centric
c c. Consstellation
b. Star d. Ring g

44. “Sustainable Archiitecture” as a response to environmen t crisis, has b become a ove erlay used te
erm in
recent decades as a reesult of its brroad applicability but typiccally partial a
application. W
What do you ccall
for this movement,
m wh
hich it’s radic
cal and visionary urban an nd architecturral schemes d drew the atte
of an inte
ernational arc
chitecture com mmunity to Jaapan in the 1 1960 and 197 70?
a. Racismm b. Rationnalism c. Mettabolism d. Urb

NG THE BLAC CK It is the firrst developm
ment Garden CCity where it is a combina
ation of
landscaping, informal street layoutts and main axis
a focusing on town centter.
________ ___________ ____.

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46. What type of urban form is usually the result of natural toopography w
which restrictss growth of th
result of aa transportatiion spine? 

a.. Ring                                                                   c. Rectiilinear 
b. Radiocentric                                                    d. Lineaar 

47. What is the advanttage of Mono over Polycentrric city? 
ocentric city o

a. Individuual can migrate in the city to take busin ness opportunnity. 
b. Get further away fro om the activitty center, pop pulation and ddensity poolss 
c. City land price (called the land rent) at distancce from CBD i s too high 
d. Rise of automobile, economic gro owth and resttricting 
ure no. 300, w
48. in figu which among the cut of lott sizes are moore expensivee? NO FIGUREE FOUND ganiito 
yong uri n ng tanong yon ng na encounter ko noong nag exam akko. 
a. lot 1, 3,, 5 & 7 
b. lot 9, 10, 15 & 16 
c. lot 18, 2
20, 22 & 24 
d. lot 2, 8,, 9 & 15 
49. FILLINNG THE BLANK K: This is the ttool that provvides the birdd‐eye‐views o of the group o of communityy in 
order to e ensure develo opment in the e community. These profil es are consistts the followiing things: 
a. Social SService     b. Economic servvice   c. Spatiaal of land usess, transportattion, finance. 
It helps too provide info ormation available in certaain area for m more improvement. What d do you call fo
or this 
profile wh hich available e in your Municipality? ___ ___________________________________ 
Every arch hitect must know this….. 
50. This iss a distinct styyle of garden that uses an informal des ign, traditional materials, dense plantin ng 
and mixtu ure of orname ental and edib ble plants. 
a. Formal garden           b. Informal ggarden               c. Cottage ggarden            d. English gaarden 

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IMAGE 200 
  FIGURE 001 

FIGURE 002 2 

IMAGE 1100 

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