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a ee Grace Lutheran Chureh 1 W. Montgomery Street ~ Johnstown, NY 12095-2409 Rey. Dr. Kenneth Simurro Jr. ~ July and August 2019 NL Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Greetings in Jesus’ name! As your Transition Pastoral Leader and Dean of the Foothills Conference of the Upstate NY Synod and pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Richmondville (quite a mouthful), this letter is my way of introducing myself to you. With Pastor Almleaf retiring, it is my duty to see that there is a pastoral presence in each congregation during times between calls. It has been impossible to find a clergyperson to be with you and so I will be that person until a suitable interim is found or a pastor is called. Iwas born in Brooklyn, NY (a true Down-Stater). My educational background was at both the Berkeley Institute (now Berkeley-Carroll School) and Polytechnic Preparatory Country Day School. After high school graduation, I attended New York University as a pre- med student but was called to the Lutheran ministry during those college years. Leaving NYC in 1979, | attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (now United Lutheran Seminary), interning in West Philadelphia for one year. After receiving the Master of Divinity degree, I worked at calls in Windsor, Ontario and Newark, NJ. Ina mid-career move, I began my teaching career in 1993 and have served as a chemistry, biology, and earth science instructor and chemistry lead instructor until retiring in 2014. {all while concurrently serving congregations- too busy!) Other calls saw me serving in Ozone Park, Queens and Brooklyn, NY as a pastor from 1995-2016, studying and receiving the Doctor of Ministry degree in 2008 from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Near the end of 2016, my wife Marilyn Simurro, a recently retired speech language pathologist whom I wed in 1995 and I, moved up to northern Delaware County and have enjoyed the rural Upstate NY lifestyle. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Richmondville called me to be their pastor July 1, 2017 and I became your dean January 1", 2018. With almost 36 years in active ministry and with experience in a secular field, I bring much with me that can enrich our relationship. Since I live 72 miles away (as the car drives), I will likely be with you just Thursdays in the office and for visitation. Emergencies can be covered as they arise, and my role will be to attend Congregation Council meetings and call committee meetings once a pastoral candidate is secured. Coverage pastors/deacons will lead worship on Sundays and I will lean heavily on members of Grace to make arrangements to assure that the pulpit is filled each week. My emergency contact cell number is (845) 522-4200. God bless all, wey istee tn Smcetec Pastor Ken Simurro nade Altar Flowers July/August July 07- Kathy VanValkenburgh & Maryland Warmer Freya Angus - Special Arrangement July 14- Maryland Wamer July 21- Maryland Wamer July 26 - Maryland Warner Aug 04- OPEN Aug 11- Bonnie Olendorf Aug 18 - David & Debbie Seward Aug 25~ Joan Longftitz Please note: The cost of altar flowers is $38.00 unless you share a Sunday then they would be $19.00 each vase. If you wish to place a “special arrangement” in the Sanctuary the cost would be whatever you would like to spend. Nancy Blanchard (762-4234) and Linda Bumpus (725-1927) are the Altar Flower coordinators Please note A change in how to sign up for Altar Flowers..... First of all, thank you all so very much for helping to beautify the altar area with your flowers. It has been difficult some times to reach everyone to see what you would like written in the bulletin. Therefore, I have placed a note book on the table to the left of the doors with the month and date you wish to have Sign up on the flower chart as usual so others know what dates are still available and PLEASE do one more step and write in the notebook by the date, your name and what you want me to put in the bulletin. Thanks, Bonnie Bread Bakers July/August July 07 Maryland Warner July 28- Peggy Niforos August 04- Cindy Walsh August. 25- Linda Morley Please find someone to replace you if you cannot bake bread the Sunday you are scheduled and whenever possible, tell the church secretary so the bulletin can reflect the change. Thank you, Peggy Niforos Altar Guild (I) Intinction Sunday (R) - Rail Sunday July 7 ® - Bonnie Olendorf July 4 @ - Nancy Demarest, July cen) - Kathy VanValkenburgh July 3 0 - Peggy Niforos August 04 (R) - Nancy Demarest August 11) - Darleen Gaugler August 18 () - Bonnie Olendorf August 25 (R) - Joan Longtfritz Please find someone to replace you if you cannot make the Sunday you are scheduled and whenever possible, tell Bonnie so that the bulletin can reflect the change. Peg Niforos, Altar Guild co-ordinator i For July/August 07/07 - Nancy Demarest, Mary Lou Zambella, Bonnie 07/14 - Nancy Demarest, Mary Lou Zambella, Bonnie 07/21 - Nancy Blanchard, Greta Davis, Bonnie 07/28 - Nancy Blanchard, Greta Davis, Bonnie 08/04 - Darleen Gaugler, Bonnie 08/11 - Darleen Gaugler, Bonnie 08/18 - Nancy Demarest, Mary Lou Zambella, Bonnie 08/25 - Nancy Demarest, Mary Lou Zambella, Bonnie YOUTH £& Z @ DO YOU HAVE RETURNABLE i BOTTLES AND CANS that are g Site onsne seas in your home? Do “© you hate the thought of taking them DIN tothe store to return? If 30, us bring them to church and put them in the box located on the comer of Perry and Montgomery st Asa further note, the Youth Group is continuing to collect old and used cell phones. There is a box in the narthex where you can leave them. Thanks! Thank you to. Linda Ferenz for putting together the ribbons we now have in our hymnals. In case you didn’t know, the colors represent the seasons ofthe church year. Blue for Advent Red for the day of Pentecost and Reformation Green for Sundays following Pentecost Purple for Lent Gold for Easter The In-reach Committee for hosting the Ice Cream Social and book signing. It happened to be one of the very few sunny days we had this spring! To everyone who helped make the Church Picnic a fun occasion with great food and fellowship To Pastor Almleaf for not only be the best Pastor but for being a caring friend PLEASE NOTE: Summer worship begins July 7" at 9:15 a.m. Summer is a time when vacations are taken or we just want to go on a picnic or to the lake. Unfortunately the church still needs to meet the budget so we can pay our bills so please. Our NOAH team will be serving the meal on Sunday July 21* and could use your help. If you are interested and can join us, please see Joan Longfritz. “T know not what the Future holds, but I know Who holds the future” We will all miss Pastor Almleaf but be assured we are in God’s hands. God bless you Pastor, we love you