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Name: _______________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Activity: ______________________________________________ Score: __________________

Meets Approaches Needs

Criteria expectations expectations improvement
(4) (3) (2)

The group worked The group worked Group Group did not work
very well with well with each other communicated well together. There
each other and and communicated relatively well with a were obvious
the presentation well. Some few lapses in the miscommunications
was shared members presentation; some and lapses in the
equally among participated slightly students presentation.
the group more than others. dominated the
members. presentation and
others did not
participate much.

All main points Most main points Some main points Main points contain
begin with a clear begin with a clear have stated or no topic sentences;
topic sentence; all topic sentence; implied topic main points are not
main and Most main and sentences; some supported by
supporting points supporting main points are specific
are supported by points include supported by examples/evidence;
Content specific and specific specific little or no
highly effective evidence/examples evidence/examples supporting material
examples/eviden ; most main and ; some main and is used; main and
ce; the main and supporting points supporting points supporting points
supporting points relate to each other relate to each other do not relate to each
all relate to each other

Eye contact is Eye contact with Eye contact with No eye contact is
effectively the audience is the audience is made with the
established with somewhat hardly established; audience; gestures
the audience; established; gestures and verbal and verbal cues are
gestures and gestures and verbal cues not used to
verbal cues are cues are are seldom used to reinforce
used to reinforce sometimes used to reinforce particularly
particularly reinforce particularly important ideas;
Delivery important ideas; particularly important ideas; vocalized pauses
no excessive use important ideas; vocalized pauses are used in
of vocalized several vocalized are used abundance and
pauses (e.g., “ah”, pauses are used; frequently; student distract from the
“um”); student is student is is not very overall message
very articulate. somewhat articulate
Adheres to time articulate. Adheres
limit/requirement. to time

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