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The Coughlin Report

Volume 1, Issue 3 November 9, 2010

First Things First
New Jersey Department of
Assemblyman Coughlin’s number one priority
Transportation telephone
has been and will continue to be creating a
number for people to report governmental and business environment that is
potholes, litter, and tall grass. conducive to job growth. While the government
cannot force the private sector to create or retain
Get Your Flu Shot! jobs, it can help to foster an environment that is
Middlesex County is offering advantageous to creating and retaining jobs.
the flu shot for all county During his first ten months, Assemblyman
residents 18 years of age and Coughlin has been meeting with the business
older. There will be a charge and labor community to discuss what is needed
of $10 per vaccination. to get people back to work.
Please call the Middlesex Assemblyman Coughlin will do
Assemblyman Coughlin has narrowed his focus
County Public Health Hotline everything possible to usher this
to encouraging growth in the manufacturing
at 732-745-4344 for more bill to enactment.
sector, promoting the remediation of New
information on the flu vacci-
Jersey’s brownfields, and preparing our higher Brownfield Remediation &
nation clinic schedule. education students for the workforce. This
column is dedicated to illustrating those efforts.
Special Election As many of you know, New Jersey
Woodbridge Board of Manufacturers: is spotted with suspected or
Education Bond Referendum New Jersey is no longer simply competing with confirmed brownfields. A brown-
Election on Tuesday, New York and Pennsylvania for manufacturing field, for those unfamiliar, is land
December 14. The polls are jobs, but foreign industrial powers like China previously used for industrial
open from 2:00—9:00 PM and Mexico. New Jersey needs another edge to purposes or certain commercial
attract and retain our manufacturing base. uses and today is abandoned or
Assemblyman Coughlin has sponsored underused due to suspected or
Assembly Bill 2474, which provides a confirmed contamination, but has
Inside this issue: corporation business tax credit for certain invest- the potential of being redeveloped
ment in manufacturing equipment and manufac- for use again. Due to sound
Letter from Assemblyman 2 turing facility renovation, modernization and environmental regulations, reme-
Coughlin expansion. The Assemblyman stresses the need diation to some degree is needed
for New Jersey’s manufacturers to not only keep prior to any future development.
Legislative Portfolio 2 their businesses in New Jersey, but to expand Municipalities in the 19th District
and modernize their operations. This bill will not and throughout New Jersey have
only expand and modernize our manufacturing hundreds of brownfields sitting idle
Bowling for Hunger 3
Recap facilities, but it will also create jobs in two ways for action. Assemblyman Coughlin
— first for workers who do the construction or has introduced two bills to encour-
Around the 19th 3 renovation and second, the workers who will fill age the redevelopment and reuse of
Legislative District the newly created positions. these lands.
Outstanding High School 4 Assembly Bill 2474 was released from the Assembly Bill 3167 authorizes
Artist Recognition Project Assembly Commerce and Economic Development zero-interest loans to local govern-
Committee on September 13 and referred to ments for certain brownfield reme-
Youth Athletic Concussion 4 Assembly Appropriations Committee to review diations. Simply put, this bill
Bill Report the bill’s fiscal impact on State revenue. Continued on Page 2

Read All About It!

Friends, no more than $15,000. Both bills local government when budgeting
have passed the General Assembly. the Reserve for Uncollected Taxes
While job creation and for the annual budget. The new
retention has been a Assembly Bills 207 and 2031, passed calculation will responsibly reduce
priority of mine, by both Houses, will help the reserve which in turn will
property tax reform municipalities save on training costs reduce the tax levy previously
has remained at the forefront of my by allowing them to hire laid-off needed.
mission in Trenton. police and firefighters without
utilizing Civil Services lists. Despite the Governor’s insistence to
In ten short months, the rushing reform and accusing the
Democratically-controlled Legislature Assembly Bill 2459 will eliminate Legislature of “vacationing,” we
has enacted a series of reforms that future part-timers from entering into have prudently moved legislation
will directly and indirectly slow or the pension system, among other that will provide real tax relief now
curtail the growth of property taxes. pension reforms. A2460 will require and in the long-run. We thank you
new employees to play a minimum of for your patience and understand-
Assembly Bill 2844 will increase 1.5% of their salary for health insur-
public knowledge of local spending by ing during these difficult times.
ance benefits, among other reforms.
requiring local government budgets Both bills were signed into law. I wish everybody a healthy, safe,
to be posted on the internet for and joyous holiday season.
purposes of accountability and Senator Joe Vitale, Assemblyman
transparency. A-3392 will limit John Wisniewski and myself ushered Best personal regards,
unused sick leave payouts for all cur- A-2950 into law in August. The law
rent and future public employees to streamlines requirements for the Craig J. Coughlin

Legislative Portfolio/Committee Report

Continued from Page 1 hoped that this bill will encourage provide students the opportunity to
provides certain municipalities an brownfield property owners to clean up learn firsthand the field in which
opportunity to borrow money from their properties or sell to others who they are studying so they will be
the State at a zero percent interest will. Presently, brownfield property prepared for the workforce upon
rate in order to expedite the clean owners are able to appeal their graduation. Study after study
up of certain brownfields that are property tax assessment on the basis concludes that internships are the
already entitled to State grants. that the property is worth less because number one recruiting tool for
The Office of Legislative Services of the contamination, even if they were employers when hiring a job
estimates that the bill will have no responsible for the condition. As a applicant. The Assemblyman
fiscal impact on State funds because result, the tax burden is shifted onto cannot stress enough the need for a
it does not affect the total amount of other businesses and residents. If trained workforce.
annual funds that are enacted, municipalities would reap
constitutionally dedicated for this their due taxes and stabilize, if not Assemblyman Coughlin knows that
program. Assemblyman Coughlin lower, the tax burden on our taxpayers. there is no magic bullet that will
successfully guided the bill to energize our economy, but there are
passage in the General Assembly on Higher Education: steps to stimulate growth.
October 25. The bill now heads to Collectively, these bills add a piece
More recently, Assemblyman Coughlin
the Senate for consideration. to our massive and never-ending
and Senator Vitale introduced a bill
economic puzzle.
that would incentivize businesses to
Another bill, Assembly Bill 3179,
hire post-secondary students for Your Chance to Help:
revises the standard of value for the
internships. Assembly Bill 3418
purposes of real property Assemblyman Coughlin wants to
would provide Corporate Business and
assessment where the property remind all of his constituents that
Gross Income tax credits to businesses
owner is responsible for environ- all laws come from people of all
who pay their interns. This bill will
mental damage to the property. walks of life and if you have an idea
accomplish two goals. With unemploy-
This bill ensures brownfield for legislation, please do not
ment at 25% for young people between
property owners who are responsi- hesitate to contact one of your state
the ages 18 and 25, this bill would put
ble for the contamination to pay
money into the pockets of our young legislators.
their assessed property tax. It is
students. Secondly, the bill would

1st Annual Bowling for Hunger was a STRIKE!!!

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, raised will help them to fill their
Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin shelves for the upcoming fall and
hosted the 1st Annual Bowling for winter months.
Hunger event at the Woodbridge
Bowling Center in Woodbridge, NJ. Assemblyman Coughlin asks his
readers to remember those families
The Bowl for Hunger event was in need of food banks, especially
designed to bring our five district during the upcoming holiday season.
communities together to help raise
funds, awareness, and food for our
twenty-nine local food banks of the Bowling for Hunger press conference with
19th Legislative District. Dennis Doll, Middlesex Water Company;
Joan Harewood, Raritan Bay Medical
The event was a great success! Center; Assemblyman Coughlin, and
Peter Barcellona, “We Feed” Committee
Over 200 people participated and
bowled. Teams from Carteret, Perth a special thank you to everyone who
Amboy, Sayreville, South Amboy, came out to bowl and support this
and Woodbridge came out in full cause. Above: Over 200 participants pose after the event
force to help strike out
Without all of our com- Below: 19th District Mayors with Assemblyman
hunger! Coughlin & Senator Vitale
bined efforts, we would not
Thank you to our two have been able to raise
sponsors Raritan Bay over $11,000 for our
Medical Center and twenty-seven local food
Middlesex Water Company, banks of the 19th
Woodbridge Bowling Center, Legislative District.
all of our 54 lane sponsors,
thank you to all five mayors These food banks need our
for their towns support, and donations and the monies

Around the 19th District 19th District - Please donate to the

Eric LeGrand Believe Fund. The
fund was created to raise money for
Carteret - Congratulations to Mayor Perth Amboy - Mayor Wilda Diaz, the the injured player as he undergoes
Dan Reiman and Councilmen Perth Amboy Police Department, and medical treatment for the devastat-
Vincent Bellino & Jorge Diaz for the Office on Aging encourage seniors ing injury he suffered in a Rutgers
being re-elected to continue to serve to attend the Senior Citizens’ Perth football game against Army.
their community. Amboy Civilian Police Academy.
Participants will gain an understand- All proceeds will benefit the
Sayreville - Congratulations to ing of the complexity of policing in a LeGrand family. Contributions to
Sayreville’s newest Councilmen modern society through classroom in- the fund are not tax deductable and
Daniel Buchanan and Bill Henry. A struction and practical hands on can be made by sending a check
special thank you and well-wishes to application. Class Dates: Tuesday, No- payable to the “Eric LeGrand
outgoing Councilwoman Paula vember 9th, 16th & 23rd ; Time: 12:30- Believe Fund” to:
Siarkiewicz for her years of service. 1:30 PM. This program is free and open
to Perth Amboy Senior residents of 60 “Eric LeGrand Believe Fund”
South Amboy - Congratulations to PNC Wealth Management
Fred Henry on his election as Mayor years of age and older. For more
information or to register, call the Of- Attn: Kimberly G. Kingsland,
and to Joe Connors, Mickey Gross, Senior Trust Advisor
and Donald Applegate on their fice on Aging: 732-826-1690 ext. 4307.
One Palmer Square, Suite 201
election to the City Council. Fred’s Woodbridge - Best wishes to Ms. Princeton, NJ 08542
victory is a civics lesson to us all that Michele Charmello for filling the void
each vote counts. Our hopes and prayers go out to the
of the 3rd Ward Council seat. And
LeGrand family of Avenel in wish-
special thanks to Greg Bedard for all of
ing that Eric has a speedy recovery.
his years of service to the community.
NEW JERSEY GENERAL Outstanding High School Artist Recognition Program
October Event

The Honorable Craig J. Coughlin

569 Rahway Avenue
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Phone: 732-855-7441
Fax: 732-855-7558
Carly Fazio, Senior from Mehgan Reyes, Senior from
Email: Colonia High School Perth Amboy High School

The fall session of the Outstanding High School Artist

Recognition Program recently was held at the legislative office.
For this session, four students participated. Those students
included: Deana Ferlanti, Carteret H.S.; Carly Fazio, Colonia H.S.;
Mehgan Reyes, Perth Amboy H.S.; and Henry Raranta,
Woodbridge H.S. This program is designed to give students an
Proudly Serving the 19th opportunity to share their artistic talents and successes with the
Legislative District entire 19th Legislative District as I proudly share and display their
artwork throughout the legislative office. If interested in our
program for our winter event, I request that each school please
Carteret contact my office staff at 732-855-7441 to confirm their
Perth Amboy participation. We look forward to proudly displaying the art work
Sayreville of our many talented students and increasing the community’s
South Amboy understanding and interest in the arts. Please feel free to drop by
Woodbridge Township our office anytime to check out the artwork!

Youth Sport Concussion Bill Passes Assembly & Senate

L e g i s l a t i o n c o-sponsored by and coaches realize," said Coughlin. a student athlete has sustained
Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin to "By creating an awareness such an injury.
create an awareness program on campaign with a set policy for
the prevention, risk and treatment treating these injuries, we will Additionally, the bill would
of sports-related brain injuries was undoubtedly help save lives." require that any student athlete
advanced by the State Senate. who sustains or is suspected of
The program would create a brain sustaining such an injury during
The bill was approved 78-0 by the injury fact sheet to be distributed practice or play be immediately
Assembly in June and 38-0 by the annually to student -athletes, removed from the game or
Senate this past month. It must parents, coaches and athletic practice.
return to the Assembly for final trainers, which would provide
concurrence on amendments. information concerning the The student would not be able to
prevention, symptoms and dangers participate in any further sports
The bill (A-2743) would require the of concussions and other traumatic activity until evaluated by a
state Commissioner of Education, brain injuries and would contain physician trained in the
in consultation with the state information on the appropriate evaluation and management of
Commissioner of Health and Senior amount of time to delay a student's concussions and given written
Services, to develop an awareness return to physical activity after permission to return to physical
program concerning the prevention, sustaining such injury. activity.
risk and treatment of sports related
To learn about Assemblyman’s
concussions and other brain The program also would require
extensive legislative portfolio, visit
injuries among student athletes. school districts develop a written and click
policy concerning the prevention
"Concussions in sports are a lot “Find Your Legislator” on the left
and treatment of sports related hand side. Each Legislator’s profile
more common and a lot more life- concussions and other brain injuries
threatening than students, parents will provide a link to their list of
to be used when it is suspected that legislation and their voting record.