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Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies

Job description
Applications open: January 2019

Position: Content Marketing Manager

Hours: This is a full time position
Location: Benguerra island, Mozambique
Begin: April 2019

Reporting to: General Director and Chief Scientist, Dr Mario Lebrato daily and working with
marketing and communications team in London.

About BCSS:
Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) is an independent, non-profit organization with
a mission to protect and support the fragile ecosystems of the Bazaruto Archipelago,
Mozambique. As the only solar powered marine research facility, BCSS operates on zero-
waste strategy and welcomes volunteers, students, and scientists from any background,
who wish to immerse themselves in a unique experience and be part of internationally
acclaimed research. The Bazaruto Archipelago, a WWF-acknowledged national park, is
home to some of the richest yet least-explored subtropical ecosystems - from its dugongs
and migrating humpback whales to its coral reefs and mangrove forests. BCSS is committed
to better document and protect this pristine habitat.

The Position:
BCSS is looking for a proactive and experienced Content Marketing Manager to work
alongside the station director and main press office. The job mixes the following core tasks:
BCSS social media management (Facebook, IG and YouTube), BCSS website management
(news posts, writing, sharing and curating), BCSS photos & videos library editing and
management (Photoshop/Abode/Final Cut Pro/Sony Vegas Pro, or similar), BCSS photos &
videos work in situ with the director/researchers/guests and any need on a weekly basis
(BCSS has cameras & drones available too). BCSS Marketing & Press release work, including
articles with the main Kisawa Press office when needed. And general office admin/sales
support when needed.

A plus will be some knowledge/experience on Wordpress coding for website. We are

looking for a tech savvy and adventurous, outdoor person that can rise up to the challenge
of living on Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago (Mozambique), who can join
seagoing and offshore trips, including underwater work. BCSS provides a competitive salary,
flexibility at work, free food & accommodation, as well as a scientific and management team
on site.

Primary responsibilities:
• Managing all social media accounts for BCSS in line with the 2019 social media
strategy. Including Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn.
• Excellent content creation and execution. From recording and taking the images,
through to editing raw videos into correct lengths/specs, and posting with accurate
captioning and relevant added design, in a timely matter.
• Encouraging social media impressions, growth and engagement – and reporting
weekly and monthly on best practices.
• Using each social media account to communicate with target groups or interesting
organisations on relevant events or information.
• Responding to questions both privately and publicly on all accounts, in a way that is
consistent and correctly represents the BCSS brand.
• Being first point of call for all media contacting BCSS – encouraging the right media
and assisting in deciding what’s not possible. Creating briefing notes for Dr Mario
and working with head office in London on all international requests.
• Hosting duties and facilitating itineraries for visiting media.
• Writing press releases and blog posts on relevant news and studies to be published,

• Excellent and succinct writer – able to turn around pieces quickly and regularly
• Confident with video editing techniques
• Nimble across social media platforms, and associated disciplines
• Ability to plan and communicate planning
• A self starter, with good ideas and the ability to see an opportunity and act on it.