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By :
Nikki Sharma

Studies suggest that children are more likely to get involved in learning
and education rather than getting distracted by various other factors if
their parents are involved in and support the learning process. Learn
more on how to ensure success for students using Our Campus.

How parents and teachers can involve in

student success?
Students in schools are expected to achieve more in holistic
learning, perform better in studies, and have a higher
growth rate whose parents are involved in the learning and
support them from time to time. Additional research
suggests that parental involvement is more important for a
student’s success than family income or their educational
qualifications. In addition to Our Campus System working
for integration and better management of institutions, we
are glad to get involved to create a better learning
environment for student both at school and home.

We suggest institutions and faculties to let parents get

involved in the overall learning of an individual apart from
classroom learning. To encourage fruitful parents and
teachers involvement, we have to make sure we follow a
few set standards to achieve better success for our young
generation. Here’s a list of activities we need focus on:

 Create a bridge
• Create a positive first contact with the parents
• Keep simple and straightforward communication with
• Ensure that every parents have access to regular
updates about their ward
• Encourage parents to share and raise their concern
regarding school and classroom
• Allow parents to get involved as per the availability
from their work & schedule
• Understand language and cultural difference, in any

National Standards for Parent Involvement
Program suggests following points:
• Encourage active parent participation in student
learning and student success
• Conduct regular communication between school
and home
• Collaborate with parents to ensure learning
environment is built and nurtured both at school
and home
• Always welcome parents to school and be open
to their thoughts and suggestions
• Give parents the charge to get involved in the
decisions taken by institution

 Welcome Parents
• Create an environment that supports family
• Provide yardstick to evaluate mastery for a skill in
every subject and every grade
• Involve parents to share their hopes, visions and
concerns to set goals for a student
• Give away handouts, notes and interactive materials
to involve both parents and students on certain tasks
• Initiate classroom volunteer programs
• Include a parent page on classroom websites
• Create parent resource center
• Assign a helpline for home and students
• Create a wish list to ensure timely fulfillment of
desired objectives

• Conclusion
There are very few systems that are well planned and
designed to suit all your institution’s requirements year round.
Our Campus has been designing and developing systems to
suit the needs of the UK Education sector. Our system
simplifies academic management while conveniently bringing
administrators, teachers and students together on the same
level of communication. Join hands with the next generation
student information management system and get ahead with
the advantage of simplified technologies. To know more write
to us at Our Campus and we would be happy to guide you.
If you wish to implement an effective School Management
System or College Management Software within your institution
write to us at and we will get back to
you with our efficient solutions to help you grow your institution.

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