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Mouse Tender 3.

0, a New Revolutionary Mouse Jiggler/Mouse Mover

By one estimate, telecommuting has risen 79 percent between 2005 and 2012 and now makes up 2.6
percent of the American work force, or 3.2 million workers, according to statistics from the
American Community Survey. Millions of Americans work at least one day a week from home,
however with that convenience comes archaic VPN timeout restrictions. Timing out of the VPN
connection to your office then requires at least a two factor authentication to get connected again.

Dallas, TX, July 16, 2019 --( Dynamic Products and Services LLC Announces Launch of
Breakthrough Device “The Mouse Tender 3.0” Set to Revolutionize Home Workforce.

Most companies who employ home-based workers use automated systems that log them out of their
computers if they are inactive for a short period of time. Of course, this can be very disruptive if a worker
needs to take care of any number of even small tasks. “The Mouse Tender 3.0” is a new product that can

Being auto logged out of their computers for inactivity at inconvenient times is a dilemma home-based
workers face. Dynamic Products and Services LLC is answering the call for a solution in an efficient,
reliable and cost effective way with the launch of their new multitasking time saving tool “The Mouse
Tender 3.0.” Remote workers simply leave their optical mouse on the Mouse Tenders motion simulator. It
then jiggles the mouse ensuring no log outs occur, company policies are followed and the home-based
worker regains some of their freedom.

“It can be a challenge to be a home-based worker and we are happy to provide a tool to help make the
experience a great deal more manageable,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “There's no
hardware required, no software to download and 'The Mouse Tender 3.0' isn't detectable by any hardware
or software scans. For a home-based worker this can be a dream come true, that delivers real value on a
daily basis.”

According to Dynamic Products and Services, their device provides low tech solutions for high tech
problems. Other efforts in this area have failed greatly due to virus-packed free software; hardware and
software that triggered employer's scanners, violating their business policies; and other hassles and
headaches. “The Mouse Tender 3.0” elegantly avoids any of these more than serious issues and works for
both Pc and MAC computers which use an optical mouse.

Early feedback for the product has been completely positive across the board.
Dynamic Products and Services LLC remains a privately held corporation.

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