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TheDropshipperz Announce a New Amazon Dropshipping Course

Dallas, TX, July 17, 2019 --( For potential Students and Entrepreneurs: TheDropshipperz have
developed an Amazon dropshipping course and it is extremely easy to use. Many people today are
interested in starting an ecommerce business or an automated Amazon Store, but lack the funding, team
and expertise. TheDropshipperz Amazon course is loaded with easy-to-follow instructional videos that
can be watched at the student's convenience. Advanced content is added at no additional cost. The
Amazon dropshipping course is offered through the Teachable platform. The Teachable App is available
on Apple and Google Play, and the course can be taken at the students' convenience via their smartphone
or tablet. TheDropshipperz post monthly sales data on their website of their students' success. The results
are simply astounding.

Amazon Businesses: Owning an Amazon Store no longer has to be a strenuous operation.

TheDropshipperz' fully automated store covers virtually everything from A-Z. TheDropshipperz can
setup a highly knowledgeable team of virtual assistants to help streamline operations, improve profits,
and free up business owners' time. TheDropshipperz' Amazon automation can help in numerous other
areas such as product fulfillment (Not Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA), product research, order
processing, customer service, and can also assist with customer returns. TheDropshipperz' teams can do
all of the heavy lifting, and Amazon store owners can finally spend their time researching new products
or deciding to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. TheDropshipperz have also posted real monthly sales data
from some of their automated stores, and needless to say, the results are spectacular.

Dedicated to Higher Education and the Empowerment of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

TheDropshipperz Team

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