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Founded: In 2006 by Ecstasy Ashraful Haque.

Founded in Bangladesh in 2006, “ecstasy” has been innovative .interesting and credib
le among its target audience. And its continuous updating of its designs makes “ec
stasy” a true point of reference for anyone interested in fashion.
Ecstasy launched his first collection in 2006, where his specialty was in men’s l
ine. This had a major influence in street fashion, and was a natural consequence
. His philosophy and market approach had always been continuous experimentation
and product development. Ecstasy’s collection includes a trendy and fashionable as
sortment of flattering styles. In every product of ecstasy anyone can find a ric
h selection of prints, wash and cuts that are designed to the very last detail.
Authentic details and functional attributes give my collection a strong sense of
Ecstasy offers limited edition items, which allows creating perfect personal loo
k which is updated throughout the season.
Ecstasy always works on wearable products.
Consumption patterns are changing and people are also traveling abroad and exper
iencing international brands. Today’s fashion conscious generation x knows the dif
ference between a good t-shirts and a great one and ecstasy will fill this gap.
Strategy to connect with target consumers define as “spirited minds” that they are a
geless, positive and dynamic. These consumers are iconic, experimental in nature
. There is a change in attitude marked by greater confidence and free thinking.
Consumers look for the brands which they can identify with. Ecstasy is all about
attitude and this is the key differentiation which gives the brand a distinct i
dentity. “Ecstasy” is about breaking rules and never follow the crowd”. The brand is t
he innovator in fashion product. Ecstasy will continue to innovate and design un
ique strategies.
Speed is the essence of success. Ecstasy is achievement oriented and driven to p
rovide the hottest, newest look for men.
“Ecstasy” is a promise, a reassurance of consistent quality.
Market segmentation:
• Geographic segmentation
• Behavior segmentation
• Demographic segmentation
• Psychographics:
Geographic segmentation:
Dividing a market into different geographical units such as nations, states, reg
ions. Countries, cities, or neighborhoods. As Agora is an emerging superstore we
divide the whole country in six divisional cities;
• Dhaka;
• Chittagong;
• Rajshahi;
• Khulna ;
• Sylhet;
• Barishal.
Demographic segmentation:
• Age: 16- 32
• Gender: Male & Female
• Family life style: Young, single, married,.
• Income: 20,000 and above.
• Occupation: Any occupation specially employee and Young People/
Behavioral Segmentation:
In behavioral segmentation buyers are divided into groups based on their knowled
ge, attitude towards a product. Most consumers of Ecstasy know that the produc
ts sold to them are from genuine and reliable sources. With this concept Ecstas
y target market groups avoiding nearer shops and open markets tend to be the loy
al customers to the Ecstasy. However, to maintain this value to the customers, E
cstasy needs to ensure quality of each items being sold to its customers.
Psychographic segmentation:
• Social class: middle class, upper-middle, and upper class.
• Life style: Who wants to buy fashionable & unique Clothes
• Personality: Young & Smart people.