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100 Idiom Bahasa Inggris Amerika

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Friday, May 27
Howard (1951: v), penulis Idioms in American Life—buku yang akan saya ringkas
isinya ini, mengungkapkan bahwa: “An idiom is a group of two or more words that
has a special meaning different from the meanings of its component parts.” Menurut
Howard, idiom itu adalah sekumpulan dua kata atau lebih yang memiliki makna
khusus yang berbeda dari makna yang ada pada komponen-komponen katanya.
Sebenarnya dalam buku tersebut ada contoh dalam percakapan sehari-hari sebagai
ilustrasi yang bisa dipahami dengan jelas. Namun karena ini hanya sekedar
ringkasan dari semua isi idiom Bahasa Inggris Amerika dalam buku tersebut, maka
saya hanya menampilkan maknanya beserta satu contoh sebagai penjelas. Berikut
adalah 100 idiom Bahasa Inggris yang bisa dipelajari

After all Pada akhirnya

All of sudden Tanpa diduga-duga, tiba-tiba
As well Juga
At all Sama-sekali
At this point Pada saat ini, sekarang ini
Be about to Akan, mau
Be better off Dalam keadaan baik
Be broke Bokek, tidak punya duit
Be in charge of Bertanggung jawab atas
Be out of Kehabisan
Be out of shape Dalam keadaan buruk
Be to blame Bertanggung jawab atas (keburukan)
Be touch and go Tidak menentu
Be up and about Aktif kembali setelah sakit
Be up to someone Terserah pada (seseorang)
Be used to Terbiasa, biasa
Break into Masuk dengan mendobrak
Brush up on Mempelajari (sesuatu) kembali, mereview
By heart Dalam hati, dengan menghafalkan
By the way Ngomong-ngomong
Call off Membatalkan
Catch up Jadi tidak ketinggalan
Come up with Menemukan cara, idea tau rencana
Count on someone Tergantung pada (seseorang)
Cut down on Mengurangi
Do one’s best Melakukan yang terbaik
Do something over Melakukannya kembali
Do without Hidup tanpa
Dress up Memakai, mengenakan
Drop off Menitipkan, mengirimkan
Even so Akan tetapi, meskipun begitu
Every other Setiap jengkal
Fall behind Ketinggalan, telat akan
Fall in love Jatuh cinta
Find fault with Mengkritik
Find out Mempelajari, mendalami
Foot the bill Membayar
From now on Untuk saat ini dan seterusnya
Get along with Mempunyai hubungan baik dengan
Get away with Bersalah dan tidak ditahan akan
Get in touch with Berkomunikasi, menelepon
Get lost Tersesat
Get over Sembuh dari
Get rid of Menyelesaikan
Get together Bersama-sama, bertemu
Give someone a hand Membantu seseorang
Give up Berhenti melakukan (sesuatu)
Go Dutch Situasi dimana setiap orang membayar makanannya sendiri
Go out Pergi ke pesta, bioskop, restoran atau aktifitas lainnya.
Go to pieces Kehilangan kendali
Had better Seharusnya
Have got Mempunyai, memiliki
Have on Mengenakan, memakai
Hold up Merampok menggunakan senjata
How about Bagaimana dengan
In advance Sebelumnya
In the long run Pada akhirnya
In time Tepat waktu
Keep an eye on Mengawasi
Keep someone company Menemani
Keep + (v-ing) Tetap, terus
Let go of Melepaskan,
Let someone down Mengecewakan seseorang
Let someone know Menginformasikan
Look forward to Berencana
Lose one’s temper Sangat marah
Make ends meet Mempunyai banyak duit untuk hidup
Make friends Menjadi teman
Make fun of Bercanda, menertawakan
Make sense Masuk akal
Make up Menjadi teman kembali setelah bertengkar, balikan
Make up one’s mind Memutuskan
Mix up Membuat bingung
No wonder Tidak mengherankan bahwa
Not to mention Juga
On purpose Dengan sengaja
On second thought Setelah dipikir-pikir kembali
Out of one’s way Jauh dari
Pick up Membawa, mengevakuasi
Put off Menunda, mengganti di lain waktu
Quite a bit of Banyak
Quite a few Banyak
Right away Seketika
Run into Kebetulan ketemu
See eye to eye Setuju
Show up Sampai, muncul
Sleep on Menunda, menunggu hari berikutnya
Stand out Terkenal dengan
Take advantage of Memanfaatkan
Take after Mirip
Take it easy Santai
Take one’s time Melakukan dengan pelan
Take place Terjadi
Take turns Ganti giliran
Tell apart Mengetahui perbedaan
Think over Mempertimbangkan dengan matang
Try on Mencoba, menguji
Used to (verb) Terbiasa (pada masa lalu)
What’s the matter Ada masalah apa? Ada apa?
Would rather Lebih suka

Contoh-contoh Idiom Bahasa Inggris Amerika diatas, lihat di bawah ini:

1. Let’s go to a movie. After all, it’s Saturday night

2. All of sudden, a little girl ran in front of the truck
3. David speak English, Arabic, and French as well
4. The doctor told him not to eat any sugar at all
5. At this point, I’ve saved five hundred dollar for may vacation
6. The baby was about to fall down the stairs when I caught her
7. I will be better off when I move into my new apartment
8. I paid all my bills and now I’m broke
9. Mrs. Baker is in charge of the family’s finances
10. I can’t make sandwiches because we’re out of bread
11. He is out of shape because he doesn’t exercise
12. George is to blame for his poor grades. He never studies
13. It was touch and go, but the plane landed safely
14. Carol has been very sick. It will be a long time before she’s up and about
15. We can meet tomorrow or Wednesday. It is up to you
16. Juan is from Colombia, so he’s used to hot weather
17. Burglars broke into the warehouse and stole $20,000 worth of appliances
18. I need to brush up on the rules before we play bridge
19. An actor must learn his lines by heart
20. The meeting will be next Tuesday. By the way, Mr. Hughes will be there
21. We called off our party because of the storm
22. I missed two weeks of class. I’ll have to work hard to catch up
23. The president asked his advisors to come up with a plan for improving relations with the
24. Sandra counts on her neighbor to drive to work
25. Joan cut down on eating in restaurants to save money
26. I do my best to finish my work
27. The doctor couldn’t believe the results of the blood test, so he did it over to be sure
28. We did without electricity and running water on our camping trip
29. We usually dress up for weddings and funerals
30. I’ll drop off your shoes at the repair shop tomorrow
31. Jane is overweight. Even so, she’s very attractive
32. I call my sister every other week
33. The child fell behind in learning to read, so the teacher gave him extra help
34. Joe fell in love with Karen soon after he met her
35. Whenever he goes to a restaurant, Mr. Higgins finds fault with the food and service
36. He was very happy when he found out he got an A on the exam
37. Our supervisor footed the bill for the office picnic
38. I promise to write you a letter every week from now on
39. Mrs. Cooper asked her children to stop fighting and try to get along with each other
40. They never found the bank robber. He got away with his crime
41. You get in touch with me by telephone. My number is 549-2985
42. It’s easy to get lost in a strange city
43. Patty was bitten once and has never gotten over her fear of dogs
44. I finally get rid of my son’s baby clothes last week. He’s fourteen now
45. I got together with my friends on my birthday
46. Let me give you a hand with those packages
47. Frank had to give up swimming because of an ear infection
48. I often eat lunch in a restaurant with my friends and we always go Dutch
49. Mel likes to go out and have a good time
50. Mr. Wilson went to pieces when the fire destroyed his house
51. You had better drive more carefully
52. We have got a lot of bills to pay
53. Al felt strange because he had on a suit and the others had on jeans
54. Several men held up the passengers on the train
55. How about fish for dinner?
56. I made my appointment with the doctor two weeks in advance
57. In the long run, it’s a good idea to save a little money every week
58. I like to get up in time to take a shower before I leave for school
59. Kathy asked her roommate to keep an eye on the cake in the oven while she took a bath
60. Please come in the kitchen and keep me company while I cook dinner
61. I keep forgetting to buy shampoo. I must do it today
62. Mark let go of the books and they fell to the floor
63. My cousin let me down when he didn’t come to my wedding
64. If you let me know what time your train will arrive, I’ll meet you at the station
65. She’s looking forward to having her baby next month
66. The director lost his temper and shouted at the actors
67. Louise has to work at two jobs to make ends meet
68. Margaret makes friends everywhere she goes
69. The boys make fun of the dog’s long ears
70. It makes sense to buy a small car. You will save money on gas
71. Children usually make up with their friends quickly after fights
72. Sally made up her mind to study engineering
73. The mailman sometimes mixed up my neighbor’s mail and mine
74. You were at the beach all day. No wonder you are sunburned
75. I like to read biographies and mysteries, not to mention science fiction
76. The Crawfords were very angry when they learned that the neighbors’ son had hit their cat
on purpose
77. On second thought, the Franklins decided not to join the club
78. I drove twenty miles out of my way to take Helen home
79. The rescue helicopter picked up seven of the passenger after the plane crash
80. I’ll have to put off buying a new coat until I have more money
81. We’ve prepared quite a bit of flood for our guests
82. There were quite a few people at the reception
83. I couldn’t see the doctor right away. I had to wait
84. I ran into an old friend on the train this morning
85. Mr. and Mrs. O’Connor see eye to eye on everything except politics
86. The reporters were disappointed when the movie star didn’t show up for the interview
87. The major asked the city council to sleep on the plane and to vote on it the next day
88. Leonardo da Vinci stood out as an artistic and scientific genius
89. We should take advantage of the sale and buy furniture now
90. Linda takes after her mother. They are both tall and thin
91. We like to take it easy on Sundays
92. I like to take my time when I prepare dinner for guests
93. American presidential elections always take place in November
94. Young children have to learn to take turns with each other when playing games
95. Dan and his brother sound so much alike that I can’t tell their voice apart
96. It’s a good idea to spend some time thinking it over before you get married
97. You should try on shoes before you buy them
98. He used to work in a department store, but now he’s a bank teller
99. What’s the matter with the baby? She’s crying all day
100. I would rather go to the ballet than to the opera


Howard, Julie. 1987. Idioms in American Life. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall,