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Hi, Moms and Dads!

This is Teacher Joanna welcoming you and your child to a productive year here in Marcelli School. I
asked a number of parents during their visits here in school the past weeks if the kids are already excited
for next week. I am glad to hear that the kids are as eager as we are.

In this mail, I want to share with you some suggestions that you might consider to make your child’s
school year a successful one. The short list is very timely as we begin another year of partnership:

1. Attend Parent Teacher Conferences

PTCs are scheduled throughout the SY so you would get updated about how your child performs
academically, how he/she relates with friends and teachers, how he/she reacts to situations.
This is the best and perhaps the only time when you and the teacher/s can discuss ways on how
to help your child on areas he/she struggles with.
Letting your child know that you will attend PTCs would also make him/her be more on guard of
his/her actions because he/she knows that what happens in school will be shared at home.
Please keep in mind though that you may still schedule for an appointment if there are urgent
2. Send your child to school ready to learn.
A. Make sure he/she had enough sleep
Lack of sleep makes children irritable, impairs memory and compromises concentration. Have a
consistent bedtime routine for your child.
B. Do not let your child miss breakfast
C. Ensure that all your child’s things are in his/her bag
We feel your child's stress in school once he/she finds out that something was left at home.
For older kids, teach them to be responsible by asking them to check their school stuff before
going to sleep
3. Develop study habits
Your child does not need homeworks, quizzes nor exams for you to initiate study time. A short
review or advanced reading every day can be a part of the daily routine. Remember, consistency
is the key.
How many minutes should your child spend for studying? As a rule of thumb, each child should
spend 10 to 20 minutes every night on homework in the first grade. As that child moves up in
school, 10 more minutes of homework a night should be expected. Therefore, intermediate
level students should spend between 60 to 90 minutes daily on homework, reviewing, or
advanced reading.
4. Know the discipline policies
Read the school’s policy about misbehaviors from the Student Handbook. Let your child know
what actions are expected at school and that you will support the sanctions or consequences
when expectations are not met.
5. Talk about school
Despite your busy schedule, make it a point everyday to ask about what happened in school.
When you do this, show your child that you are really engaged and interested by asking follow
up questions. Do not stop once your child says “Yes” to your question if he/she enjoyed the day
in school. When our child sees and feels that we are interested in their activities in school,
he/she will take school seriously, too.

So there, dear parents. I look forward to another year of partnership with you. Before I end this,
let me add another key to a successful year: COMMUNICATION. Do not hesitate to call us
when you have concerns. Our teachers would accommodate your queries during their free time.
My lines are open, too. You know how to reach me.

All the Best,