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A priority of the Alaska LEND Without Walls is for fellows to

Strengthening Diversity in recognize and respect the unique cultural perspectives of families,
and to develop an understanding of the array of values among the

the Alaska LEND Program:

diverse populations throughout Alaskan communities. The Program is
distance delivered and involves fellows from communities across

Engaging Faculty
Virginia Miller, DrPH, MS, MPH and Karen Ward, EdD

from Rural Alaska

The AUCD Diversity and Inclusion One of the Toolkit themes focuses on
Toolkit provides objectives, strategies Personnel and Trainees and includes several
and resources to: objectives:
1. Enhance diversity, inclusion and 1. Hire and retain a diverse and inclusive
cultural and linguistic competence;

workforce of staff and faculty;

2. Cultivate partnerships; 2. Develop and nurture partnerships with
3. Respond to increasingly diverse organizations representing or affiliated with

communities across the country;

diverse communities;
and 3. Establish mentorship programs to support

4. Develop strategies for continuing professional development of staff, faculty and

efforts to better serve diverse LEND fellows; and

populations. 4. Recruit and retain a diverse fellow pool.

The Center for Human Diversity in Alaska LEND

Development (CHD) was one of four
Future Directions

While cultural diversity and cultural and linguistic competence

UCEDDs selected to receive intensive, on-site are woven throughout the curriculum, to address the challenge Celebrating the
technical assistance from the Georgetown of broadening the Program diversity, a faculty member from a
University National Center for Cultural successes of the faculty

rural community was recruited to engage in all aspects of the

Competence project Embedding Cultural Program. member’s efforts at all
Diveristy and Cultural and Linguistic
This faculty member champions the following activities: levels of the Program
Competence: A Guide for UCEDD Cirricula and

Training Activities. 1. Infusing the rural and cultural context into discussions with and sharing our progress

The project increases the capacity of network fellows and faculty; with community
programs to embed cultural diversity and 2. Leading the inclusion of cultural issues in faculty discussions partners will strengthen

cultural and linguistic competence (CLC) in their

and curriculum planning; diversity in the future

curricula and training activities with a focus on

3. Ensuring the integration of cultural and linguistic competence

unserved and underserved communities in the into weekly seminars; workforce serving
United Sates, its territories, and tribal 4. Developing and supporting strategies to improve recruit and Alaskan families.
communities. retention of cultural diverse faculty and fellows.

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