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Alsina's Mission Statement
"To offer solutions for concrete structures that help our customers improve efficiency and safety in
their projects, through a committed service and proximity in the global market by innovating and
investing in our workers as a key component of the business."

Alsina works under the ISO 9001:2015 Certification Included within the scope of our activities
are formwork equipment sales, rental, manufacturing and maintenance, as well as the design,
manufacturing, assembly and marketing of our systems.

Engineering AlsiTec
Alsina is committed to investing in R+D+I We offer our clients on-site advice regarding
in order to add value to the market. Our issues related to the safe use of our products
engineering department has created more in each project.
than 100 patents and utility models to date,
thus, the industrialisation of the execution The Alsina Technical Office combines the
process of concrete structures "in situ" has expertise of its team with advanced CAD
improved, adding value also in terms of safety systems and proprietary software to perform
and ergonomics. this work.
Reference in housing Civil engineering Hydraulic Projects
One of the biggest keys to the company The Alsina Group has a active presence in Alsina is the leading company in supplying
expansion in the recent years is the export Civil Works and transportation projects. The formwork systems for the implementation of
of new building systems that have proven construction of roads, bridges, water projects. More than 500-implemented
effective for over 40 years in Spain. underpasses, overpasses, tunnels in a projects in the recent years support our
Mecanoconcept: a mechanized slab mine, etc. Also in Industrial Engineering ability to do this type of project: desalination,
formwork system that effectively enables (energy processing plants, processing water treatment plants, reservoirs, etc. We
saving time in construction process. plants, etc.). On Maritime Engineering also offer engineering and calculation
Nowadays Alsina is working to introduce the (construction of ports, dikes, dams, etc.). processes in order to optimize our range of
Mecanoconcept system worldwide. formwork systems.

Alsina Comprehensive Service

Alsina strives to be one of the
most recognized companies in
the industry due to its
comprehensive service capacity.
The foregoing is a result of the
quality of the company’s human
team, the range of solutions and Customer
services that Alsina offers its Warehouse assorting
and repairing meeting
clients and its business
management focused on total
Project award

Customized parts


Project study

reports Proposal

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

Shreepati Jewels Charni Road in Mumbai, India

The most compatible slab system
Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

The metal joist is the element that has to be laid most The system consists of two basic elements: Multiple U's
times, therefore it has to be lightweight and resistant. Joist Bearer and intermediate Joist with wood.

The system's structural elements, the Joist bearer and The Multiple U-shape joist bearer can house a Joist inlaid
the Joists inlaid with wood have been designed to be with wood. Both elements are fixed and fastened during
overlapped in both directions. assembly to ensure the formwork process.

The Joist includes an inlaid wooden slat which allows the Mecanoconcept combines Alsina's wide experience
board to be attached and detached easily. in formwork systems in forged concrete components,
including added value in safety, productivity and cost-

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

Internal security forces camp in Duhail, Qatar

Profitable slab formwork
Recoverable formwork system for implementing any kind of slabs.
Alumecano uses only three basic elements: support girder, girder and

Easy assembly through three The wood lined Cantilevered System compatible with any
elements. Manufactured in high Drophead adds support of 4 cm to kind of surface, even with Alisan
strength steel and designed to the Alisan Panel. The wood inlay can Dome, recoverable and made of
support demanding worksite then be easily nailed and unnailed to polypropylene, designed to maximum
conditions. the panel, preventing it from moving. saving of concrete.

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

How do we do it?

1. The formwork is assembled,

depending on the type of slab we
use either Alumecano with board
or phenolic shuttering surfaces.
2. This stage is for placing the
steelwork, the caissons and
concreting the slab.
3. After 3 days, we remove some
formwork material leaving only
20% shoring the slab.Now we
are goint to use the rest of the
formwork, 80%, to assembly it
on the upper slab.
4. The formwork system is
profitable for us fast and safe
assembly, plus partial recovery
make the mecanoconcept a cost
saver on site.
5. Only changing primary beam
Alumecano Plywood can be
used with 1970x500x27 mm
board or with 1220x2440x18 and
1220x2440x21mm plywood.

Complete formwork set Early stripping Only 20% material remains

The Alumecano Plywood complete The Alumecano Plywood stripping Immediately afterwards Dropheads
formwork equipment means: Support process starts with the recovering from the remaining supporting
Girder (white) every 2.0 m, Main simultaneously Support Girders girders allows recovering of Plywood
girder with Dropheads every 2.5 m (white) and main girders (red). panels. Only main girders placed
and 4 removable girders in between every 2.5 m (Plywood dimensions)
distant every 0.5 m. will remain supporting the concrete
slab up to 21 or 28 days.

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

El Llano 2 building, Chile

Traditional formwork system for exposed slabs composed of structu-
ral wood beams, supported by support elements such as the Alisan
Post-shore or the Alsina shoring system. Both shoring systems are
height adjustable. The Vistaform Slab System allows the distribution
of the beams and the shoring in accordance with the weight of the
slab to form. It also facilitates the meeting with walls and hanging
joists with the ability to overlap the wood beams with each other.

The HT Beam, made of solid wood, in addition to its The Vistaform Slab system can use different forming
high resistance and durability, also has the following surfaces, depending on the concrete finish requirements.
characteristics: Stable levels and forms, high quality For an architectural finish, use phenolic resin-coated
gluing and reduced weight (5 Kg/m). plywood boards, that provides excellent quality, with the
minimum amount of joints and large surfaces without
marking the concrete.

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

HT-20 Wood beam

The HT Beam, made of solid wood,

in addition to its high resistance and
durability, also has the following
• Stable levels and forms.
• High quality gluing.
• Protection on the ends against
damages and chips.
• Reduced weight 11 pounds
(5 Kg/m)


The TC beam support secures the

beams in their aligning and can
hold up either one or two beams,
depending on their direction.

Vistaform slabs system can be

shoring using the entire family of
Alsina Post-shores.

Shoring system

Vistaform slabs system can be

shoring using the entire family of
Alsina Shoring systems.

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

Begonias Tower, Peru

Vistaform Hanging Beams

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

Residential project in Barcelona, Spain

Hanging Beam
with Mecanoflex and Joist Brace
Formwork system designed to implement hanging beams on site.
The Alsina Mecanoflex Hanging Beam solution is formed by just two
elements, which have been designed to ensure a safe and quick
assembly. The use of this solution greatly increases productivity of
works, making it possible to save in terms of labor and material costs.

Any conventional post-shore adapts

to the system. The beam solutions is
simple and safe. The phenolic resin
part is nailed to the support girder
inlaid with wood.

Simple system that can be assembled

and dismantled quickly, made up
of two basic elements (Joist and
support girder). Most of the elements
are recovered 3 days after concreting
and they can be resued. Only one
post-shore remains for each area
where recovery is envisaged.

The Hanging Beam system can solve

the beam depths, making it easier
to make side shutters and finishing
elements. To do the sides the same
joists are used with the joist brace.

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

El Encanto residential, Mexico

Friendly Beam - VCM

Revolutionary concept Considerable savings Vertical adjustment

Alsina has extensive experience in Traditional formwork beams use lots Alsina engineers have studied the
panel formwork, especially in vertical of wood and operator man-hours. traditional procedure extensively.
wall systems and columns.
This work cannot be used on other This has led them to design a vertical
When designing beam formwork, beams and is quite costly. For this adjustment system which makes it
the panel vertical adjustment was reason Friendly Beam is reusable up possible to easily recover material at
applied in a horizontal direction. to 90%. the work site.

This resulted in a modular system for The operator can perform beam Friendly Beam enables the
hanging beam formwork comprised formwork much faster by not having construction of all kinds of hanging
of side form panels and bottom to measure, cut wood and nail it. beams guaranteeing it to be the most
panels. cost-effective system in the world.

Friendly Beam formwork features

• The reusable Bottom Panel supports the post-shore along with the
Triangle Leveler.
• The Bottom Panel is manufactured in 3 widths (20-30-40 cm), allows 5
cm fillers and comes in 2 lengths (109-157 cm).
• The Side Form Panel is manufactured in 2 heights (20-48 cm) and 2 lengths
(109-157 cm) .It can be joined to solve a thicker beam edge (up to 90 cm).
• All the panels are made of reinforced steel frame and include a Clip
binding system with phenolic lining.
• The Binding Clip makes it possible to solve all joints with a simple
hammer blow.
• Lightweight system: Weight 22 kg/m2.
• Strong System: 25 kN/mm2.
• 12mm thickness birch plywood 220 gr/m2.

Alsina Systems Mecanoconcept

Modular system
1 2
This system is a great improvement
over traditional formwork by the use
of a modular system with vertical

• Composed of the bottom panel

and the side form panel, both
supplement each other and can be
joined to solve any shape of beam.
3 4 • The adjustable side panel solves
most work beams.
• By joining side forms it is possible
to solve large beams.
• Strong system made of a
reinforced metal frame with
excellent concrete finish due to
the phenolic plywood.

Safe system
1 2
Alsina has converted the hanging
beam formwork system into a safe
and orderly process.

• The assembly of the bottom of

the beam is carried out easily
from the ground.
• The Binding Clip attaches the
panels with a simple hammer
3 4 blow.
• The Bracket makes it possible
for the operator to perform rebar
work and positioning of side
forms at heights.
• The recovery of those items is
performed in the same safe and
orderly way at the work site.

Reusable system
1 2
Designed for savings in labor-
material costs and for greater

• The new panels increase

productivity and safety.
• High rate of recovery, 90% of the
material can be recovered on
the 3rd day of pouring for use on
3 4 another beam.
• During recovery it’s not necessary
to move a single post-shore
supporting the hanging beam.
• It only needs one post-shore
every 1.57 m for supporting the

Alsina Systems Post-shores
Certified by:

Torre Marina building in Barcelona, Spain

G30 / G40 / G50 Post-Shore

The Alsina Europrop G post-shores are post-shores with an extension
device according to the standard EN 1065 with integrated safety
system. They serve as vertical post-shores for temporary structures.
Also, they come with a quick release system, which reduces their
removal time.

Post-shores with quick, comfortable Incorporates a tube and body Anti- The Gama G post-shores combine
and safe release. Its durability is Separation System. two properties in the same product
greater due to less wear and tear. that were previously considered
The incorporated release system Safe distance to prevent getting incompatible: the lightweight quality
reduces the post-shore removal hands caught. Post-shore comes of the traditional Spanish post-shore
time by about 80%, compared with with a tube and body Anti-Separation and the high resistance necessary
a conventional post-shore. Plus, System, preventing falling tubes, for the strict European Standard EN-
because it is galvanized, its working eliminating the risk during crane 1065.
life is longer. movement.

Alsina Systems Post-shores


• Post-shore in compliance with EN 1065 standard.

• New quick-release system reduces removal time.
• High bearing capacity.
• Failsafe. For safety reasons, the Alsina post-shores
come equipped with a safety anti-separation device
that prevents the tube from coming loose and falling.
• 10 cm of clearance with the post-shore closed as a
safety measure against hands getting crushed.
• Pins reduce the risk of accidents and facilitate
• Long-life galvanized structure.

G30 Post-shore

Characteristics of the G30 post-shore (with and without release system)

Thickness (mm/in) (tube/body) 2,5 / 2,7

Diameters (mm/in) (tube/body) 42,5 / 54

Strip thickness (mm/in) 6

Weight (Kg/pounds) 12,7 / 13,6

Maximum/minimum height (m/in) 3 / 1,8


G40 Post-shore G50 Post-shore

Characteristics of the G40 post-shore (with and without release system) Characteristics of the G50 post-shore (without release system)

Thickness (mm/in) (tube/body) 2,6 / 2,6 Thickness (mm/in) (tube/body) 2,6 / 2,6

Diameters (mm/in) (tube/body) 50 / 63 Diameters (mm/in) (tube/body) 60,3 / 73

Strip thickness (mm/in) 6 Strip thickness (mm/in) 8

Weight (Kg/pounds) 17,8 / 18,7 Weight (Kg/pounds) 25,2

Maximum/minimum height (m/in) 4,0 / 2,3 Maximum/minimum height (m/in) 5,0 / 2,8

Galvanized Galvanized

Alsina Systems Column Formwork

Guilta Project in Worli, India

World’s best column formwork
A formwork system for columns that considerably improves the working
method for the execution of standard building columns.

Assembling Alispilar Alisplar joining system

Closing Alisplar Profitable on site

Alsina Systems Column Formwork

cm / inch

Made in Aluminium Made in steel


• Alupilar is the reinforced aluminium version, and

Alispilar, the high resistance steel version.
• The couplings are incorporated into the panel itself
so there is no need for additional parts, preventing
the loss of small tools, facilitating handling and later
• An easy, fast joining system; a single hammer stroke
sets the wedge and bolt, leaving the set of panels
perfectly joined together.
• Both systems are truly lightweight and strong.This
allows manual assembly without the need for a crane.
Lower weight, 50% while maintaning permissible
pressure of 80 kN/m2.
• 12 mm thickness birch plywood 220 gr/m2.

Alsina Chamfer Strip

Element used to finish off the column

edges. Made of a plastic body and
rubber lips that seal the concrete
grout and improve column edge

Designed to adhere to the columns

by means of a special spring that
does away with the need to nail it to
the frame and the plywood surface.

Alsina Systems Column Formwork

Sarria Monforte bypass, Spain

Vertical Multiform
A reusable formwork system for straight-faced walls with all sorts of
polygonal shapes and architectural concrete finish.

Alsina Systems Column Formwork

Conceived to adapt easily to

complex and irregular shapes, while
maintaining its capacity as reusable

Easily assembled on the job using

traditional tools. Multiform connector
reduces transportation and save
time and storage costs.

Multiform Vertical makes panel joints

nearly invisible since both are butted,
it offers an architectural concrete

Alsina Systems Alisply Wall Solutions

Shreepati Jewels Charni Road in Mumbai, India

Alisply Walls Handset

Recoverable formwork system for concrete walls, designed to be
handled without using a crane (weight 30 kg/m2). The diversity of
modules and accessories, the surface of the phenolic plywood, its light
weight and the fast clipping mechanism make the system manageable,
effective and quick to assemble.

Alsina Systems Alisply Wall Solutions


• It is a really lightweight system, ideal for projects that

do not contemplate using a crane. Nevertheless,
thanks to system accessories, large screens can be
mounted, using a crane for handling and positioning.
• The Alisply Manual system and its accessories are
designed for a fast and easy assembly.
• Due to the great variety of modules and accessories,
any kind of wall can be erected.
• The Alisply Manual Clip joins, aligns and strengthens
the panels in one single operation, without the need
for tools.
• The Work Bracket is an essential element for the
operator’s safety while concreting the wall.
• The Alisply Manual System has a retractable corner
with a design that facilitates removing corner
• 12 mm thickness birch plywood 220 gr/m2.

Alsina Systems Alisply Wall Solutions

DeVos Children Hospital, United States

One sided Wall

Support structure for implementing one-sided walls. The system
consists of a reinforced brace frames (that are coupled with two
Alisply Panel horizontal primary beams) or Multiform. The design of
its components, ensures the safe transfer of the concrete forces. This
occurs joining the steel brace frames with the formwork panels and the
inclined anchorages inside the ground.

One sided Wall with Multiform

Alsina Systems Alisply Wall Solutions

One sided Wall with brace frames

One Sided Wall 3-5 m

• Good weight / features ratio.

• Joining brace between easy
• Maximum height 3.30 m and
4.30 / 5.30 m with filler.
• Movable together with the wall
• Rear base jack with height
• Compatible with Alisply Walkway

One Sided Wall 6-9 m

• Admissible pressure up to 60 kN/

m2 (7 m height).
• Easy assembly between brace
• Optimal design for its stacking
on site.
• Movable together with the
formwork system.
• It has several lifting points for the
crane, depending on the different
• Front support for better position
of the panel on the floor.
• Adjustable rear base jack.
• Compatible with the Alisply
Walkway Bracket.

One Sided Wall 9 m

• Admissible pressure variable

depending on the foundation
trench and the height of up to 60
• Easy assembly between brace
• Adjustable rear base jack.
• Adjustable front support: it allows
the fitting of the formwork to the
ground, preventing the concrete
grout from leaking.
• Several lifting points for the
crane, depending on the loads.
• Optimal design for its stacking
on site.

Alsina Systems Climbing systems

Torrejon Waste water treatment plant, Spain

Climbing Platform C-160

The climbing platform C-160 system allows piles and walls of climbing
cycles with pouring heights of up to 4 m to be formed with total safety
for the laborers. The assembly of the climbing platform and its safety
platform can be carried out on the ground, before positioning it on
the wall / pile, or by placing the platforms in the anchorage rings and
assembling the platform later.

Platform of 160 cm wide and safe. Platform C-160 can implement formwork lines of a length up to 3 meters and
Clean space for moving and working formwork height up to 4 meters. Compatible with all Alsina’s walls formwork
freely without obstructions such as: systems.
beams, platforms, etc.

Alsina Systems Climbing systems

Waste water treatment plant in Toledo, Spain

Climbing Platform C-240

The C-240 Climbing Platform system allows piles and walls of climbing
cycles with pouring heights of up to 6 m to be formed with total safety
for the laborers. It can be positioned using M-24 ties bars or using
Metal cones with ties set in the concrete.

In the C-240 Climbing System, The platform is specially designed The C-240 Climbing System allows
formwork operations are carried out to provide safety and facilitate the the joint movement, without having
using a shifter car that separates operator works, keeping the floor to remove the formwork systema, of
the formwork 75 cm from the wall, space completely free of obstructions, the platform and the formwork.
allowing the joint movement of the such as: beams, platforms, etc.
platform and the formwork without
having to remove the formwork.

Alsina Systems Climbing systems

Lakepark Crescent residential in Chicago, United States

Interior climbing system

A system designed for safe performance of: interior climbing systems
in hollow pier formwork, elevator shaft formwork and all types of hollow
structures with multiple sections. The design principle of the Interior
Climbing System is simplicity: it is very easy to assemble, without the
need for tools and it can be moved quickly and easily.

The Toggle Support is used when an opening can be left

in the structural concrete element. The element called
a Reusable Box must be left embedded in the concrete
during the previous fill. After pouring, the formwork is
removed first and then the Reusable Box is removed.
Finally, the Interior Platform System is raised and the
Toggle Support is housed in the hole left by the Reusable
Box. When the Interior Climbing System is supported on
the hole in the concrete, it can not move from its position
because the Toggle Support is designed so it can only be
unlocked manually.

The Cast-in Anchor is used when a hole can not be

left in the structural concrete element because of high
steel framework density or technical requirements. Pass
through bars through the walls can not be used in the
Interior Platform System. Therefore, the Fixed Support
must be used, anchored to the wall by means of a
lost anchor. The Cast-in Anchor will be attached to the
formwork for the next pour with a metric bolt and reused
for the following pour by accessing the trailing platform of
the Interior Platform System. The Cast-in Anchor system
bears the weight of the Interior Platform System and can
only be moved upwards by lifting with a crane.

Alsina Systems Accessories

Alisan Boards
In order to make the formwork surfaces, we took the
maximum benefit from the technological characteristics
of the wood, since it is a renewable, biodegradable,
recyclable material that does not pollute the environment.

• Three equal layers of 9 mm.

• Selected stable coniferous wood.
• Longitudinal arrangement of the 2 outer layers.
• Transverse arrangement of the central layer.
• Glue coating on the outer layers for creating slabs
with smooth finish.
• Weight: 12 Kg.
• Board size: 2000x500x27mm.

Alsina •

Made with 100% birch sheet, hardwood, very stable and resistant.
The ratio between the weight and the resistance of the board is very balanced
compared to other surfaces such as the sheet metal and also allows nailing and
Phenolic •
updating of the lining as many times as necessary.
The inside is constructed with laminated plates of birch so that they alternate the

Plywood •
direction of fiber.
The birch sheets are joined (glued) with phenolic glue that is water resistant, which
prevents humidity entering the board.
• Some of the plywood boards have a special constructive system, with the three first
sheets of each face placed lengthwise, providing greater resistance to bending.
• The finish of the phenolic surface is made with phenolic film of Kraft paper of 220
grs/m2 on both sides, giving it a shiny finish, which provides a good quality finish
to the concrete.
• The perimetral sealing of the board prevents humidity entering through the edges.
• Available in 12, 15, 18 and 21 mm thickness.
• Board standard size: 1220x2440 mm (4’x8’).

Alsina Systems Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions
Alisply Circular
Circular wall formwork system, to be crane handled,
consisting of a galvanized steel frame and a phenolic
resin-coated plywood surface. The modules come
preassembled from the workshop, only the radius has to
be defined on site. In order to do this, the design of the
panel includes all the necessary components (no special
tool is required to curve the phenolic plywood).

Mine Tunnels
Equipment for lining tunnels. Self-supporting formwork
that is moved using hydraulically driven carriages.

• Easy to handle transfer carriage.

• Hydraulic system to carry out all the movements.
• Sideways movable carriage.

Multiform SCAP
Alsina has developed a bridge pier formwork system
called SCAP (High Performance Bridge Pier System).
The system solves bridge pier construction, providing
productivity and complete safety. The use of SCAP
avoids the need for scaffolding support and is therefore
especially useful in bridge piers seated on uneven terrain.
In addition, this feature greatly facilitates formwork
release using sliding wedges and reduces multiple
repetition of movements.

Alsina Systems Infrastructure Solutions

Alisply Steel Piers Friction Collar

A system for the forming of cylindrical piles consisting Support system capable of transmitting loads to the pier
of half-round metal panels. The system allows for shaft without requiring invasive anchors. The vertical
the creation of round pillars or moduled pillars with stress is transmitted to the pier shaft by friction between
semicircular ends. Likewise, when the Alisply profile is the inner surface of the plate and the concrete surface of
on the ends, the joints are made with the GR-2 Clamp. the shaft. The system has 8 adjustable points of support
(four supports per collar).

One sided Climbing system AR-80 Shoring system

A system for safe one side construction of vertical and the AR-80 shoring system is a support structure with a
inclined walls at heights. It provides solutions for dam high bearing capacity. it is based on a an easy to assemble
and pier construction and complex projects that require scaffolding system with multidirectional connections. it
one side formwork. The system’s versatility provides provides support for both independent towers and fixed
standard as well as special solutions. scaffolding.

Alsina Systems Outstanding projects

Alsina projects
Kalkaji Metro Station (India)

Kalkaji Metro Station (India)

Alsina Systems Outstanding projects

Bisleri Project in Andheri East, Mumbai (India)

Gulita Project in Worli (India)

Straight and radius
Comprehensive sales, wall solutions, both
logistics and technical crane-set and
service hand-set

Mecano Alsina:
Cost-effective and safe
shoring solutions and Climbing systems,
beams safe and reliable

Resistant and safe

post-shores, shoring Civil works systems
and scaffold systems and solutions

Columns, pilasters
and shear wall Safety accessories
solutions and systems
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