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Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.

Bill of Supply For: JUL-2019

GSTIN of MSEDCL 27AAECM2933K1ZB HSN code 27160000
BILL NO.(GGN): 000000483227553

Consumer No: 170014873212 Bill Date: 17-JUL-19

SMT MADHURI A CHAUBAL Bill Amount Rs: 710.00
Due Date: 31-JUL-19
If Paid After Due Date: 720.00

Mobile/Email: 94******59/***
Billing Unit: 4613 :KOTHRUD SUB-DN.
Tariff/Category: 052 /LT II Comm 1Ph <20 KW Scan this QR
PC/MR/Route Sequence/DTC: L4 / 26-2120-1020 /4613819 Code with BHIM
Pole No: 007/15 Security Deposit(Rs): 555.31 App for UPI
Sanct. Load: 2 KW Supply Date: 31-Mar-88 Payment
Current Reading Date: 13-JUL-19 Previous Reading Date: 12-JUN-19
Current Reading MF Unit Adj. Unit Total QR कोड ारे भरणा के यास, भरणा दनांकानुसार
लागू असलेली त पर दे यक भरणा सूट कवा वलंब
534 510 01 24 0 24 आकार पुढ ल दे यकात समा व कर यात येईल.
Meter No: 05375405253
Meter status: NORMAL
Bill Period:1.03 Month(s) /

Billing History:
* For any queries on this bill
120 please contact
101 MSEDCL Call Center:18002333435/180
100 01023435/1912.


38 39 39
40 34
31 29
24 24

Special Message :
* Consumers can pay electricity bill online through MSEDCL official website and through MAHAVITARAN Mobile App
without any extra charges. Consumers will not be charged any extra charges for electricity bill payments made through Net banking, UPI, Debit
card, Digital wallet and Cash cards.
* MSEDCL has started facility to give information of meter reading through SMS on registered mobile number of the consumers after meter
reading taken. Consumer can view the photo of meter reading on ‘Consumer Portal’ of MSEDCL.

Billing Unit: 4613 Consumer No: 170014873212 PC: L4 Tariff: 052 If Paid by this Date: 26-JUL-19 710.00
If Paid After this Date: 31-JUL-19 720.00
Due Date: 31-JUL-19 710.00

Bank Copy: DTC No: 4613819 Due Date: 31-JUL-19 710.00

If Paid by this Date: 26-JUL-19 710.00
Billing Unit: 4613 Consumer No: 170014873212 PC: L4 Tariff: 052
If Paid After this Date: 31-JUL-19 720.00

Terms & Conditions: Consumer No: 170014873212

Electricity Duty Calculation is as per government notification no ELDP/P.No- Receipts considered up-to: 13-JUL-19
21/Energy -1 dt 13/04/2015.Tax on Sale calculation is as per Government
notification dt 21/04/2015.For more information please check orders of   Rs. Ps.
Electricity Regulatory commission. Fixed rate is used for calculation till meter is Fixed Charges 391.00
Energy Charges 146.40
1) Any discrepancy in the bill should be conveyed in writing to the local
office.Even if there is discrepancy in bill, to avoid delay payment charges, pay Wheeling Charges 30.72
tentative amount for time being or pay full amount along with application to F.A.C. 14.16
rectify the mistake in the bill. In case of dispute or abnormally high bill amount, Electricity Duty 122.28
bill equal to average consumption of previous period will be issued till the
Tax on Sale 4.57
complaint is resolved, The difference of which will be charged in next bill.
2) For bill paid after due date of previous bill and showing as arrears in current Previous Bill Credit 0.00
bill, please show the previous bill receipt to the cashier while paying for the Current Interest 0.59
current bill. Other Charges 0.00
3) For all type of correspondence please mention consumer number (along with
Total Current Bill(Rs) 709.72
PC and BU).
4) In case of loss of bill , for each duplicate bill Rs 1 will be charged, but request Net Arrears 11.18
to change bill due date will not be entertained. Adjustments -6.95
5) This bill is sent in accordance with Electricty supply act , tariff order ,
regulations and Orders as per Govt of Maharashtra . Interest Arrears 0.00
Instructions for Cheque payment: Total Arrears 4.23
6) Cheque should be a/c payee only. Cheque should be payable in name of Net Bill Amount 713.95
'MSEDCL', and issued by local bank. Please attach bill with the Cheque and do Rounded Bill(Rs) 710.00
not staple them. Post-dated cheque will be not accepted.If amount is paid by
Last Receipt Date 18-JUN-19
Cheque/DD, the date on which amount deposited in 'MSEDCL' bank account will
consider as a bill payment date. Last Receipt Amount 2,450.00
7) While putting cheque in collection drop box, please mention consumer
number (along with PC and BU) on the backside of the cheque.Pl mention DPC:8.86
cheque details on the backside of receipt stub. After this date: 31-JUL-19
8) As per negotiable instrument act 1981 article 138,cheque bounce is a Pay Rs. 720
punishable offence and liable for legal action.
9) As per MERC order for Case No 321 of 2018 revised Cheque Bounce charges
of Rs. 750 plus GST or Bank charges whichever is higher will be applicable from
01 September 2018. Prompt Payment Discount: Rs. 5.82 , if bill is paid
This electricity bill should not be considered as a proof for property ownership. If on or before 26-JUL-19
permanently disconnected consumer receive electricity bill, they should contact
concerned subdivision. Do not modify or correct the bill illegally, such bill will not Payment History:
be accepted. Any adjustment in bill will be on above terms and conditions only. Receipt Date Paid Amount
18-Jun-2019 2,450.00
Revised Tariff applicable wef 01-APR-19 29-Mar-2019 1,380.00
LT II Comm 1Ph
Unit 0-200 >200
08-Mar-2019 830.00
<20 KW 10-Feb-2019 300.00
Fix 14-Nov-2018 3,240.00
Charges(Rs): Amt(Rs) 6.10 0 0 0 9.25 24-Aug-2018 1,050.00

Previous Bill Prompt Payment Credit (Rs.): -6.95/
As per Income Tax provision vide section 269 ST cash receipt of Rs.2.00 lakhs and above will not be accepted by MSEDCL against any
type of Payment.
For Any Payment to MSEDCL , ENSURE & INSIST for computerised receipt with unique system generated receipt number. Do not accept
handwritten receipts. Pay online to avoid any inconvenience.
For Billing Complaint contact IGRC: Block no.304,Ganeshkhind urban circle office,Admin Building,Rastapeth, Pune Phone-26051310
If Complaint not resolved please contact CGRF: 925, Kasba Peth, Admin. Building, 2nd floor, Pune-411011 Phone-24570520

* For queries related to your online payment transactions, please contact
Any unauthorised changes made in this bill will lead to non-acceptance of the bill.

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