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The Influence of sales promotion on consumer buying behavior in

the telecom industry

1. Introduction

In these report we discussed why do people buy & what they buy? To what extent do environmental
forces influence the thought process? Numerous variables have been proposed to describe the
relationship between sales promotions and consumer buying behavior. The consumption process
appears to begin with an external stimulus that strikes the consumer’s information processing. Sales
promotions, such as coupons, rebates, premiums, and samples, typically are viewed as temporary
incentives that stimulate the sales of a product or service. There are different ways to classify sales
promotions; the most basic is to classify them between trade promotions and consumer promotions.
Here I discuss about how various sale promotion influence customer to buy goods and services how
effective they are and their feedback regarding this issue.

Sales promotion is the techniques mainly are used by marketer in order to influence and encourage
consumers and end users to purchase certain product in a certain time period. Sales promotion has a
short term influence on sales; hence it is mainly offered for a short term. In case that certain brand
launched a new product mainly consumers do not have information or experience regarding this new
product, therefore sales promotion is recommended to encourage this consumer to try and purchase
this product. As it is clear that sales promotions' objective is influencing on consumer buying behavior
(Kotler & Armstrong 2002) agreed with the pervious definition. Moreover, they classified sales
promotion as one of the five backbones of marketing communication mix. Marketing communication
mix is mainly tools that are used to persuade consumers to purchase certain product or service, sales
promotions are one of these tools that are short term motivations that effect on consumer buying
behavior (Kotler 2002).