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THIS AGREEMENT is entered into this______ day of _______________, 2019, by and between
Professionals to USA, Inc., a corporation formed under the laws of Florida, USA, and having its main
office in Newberry, Florida, USA, and Nurse ________________________________hereinafter referred
to as “Applicant.”

WHEREAS Applicant is a nurse who desires employment in the United States; and WHEREAS
Professionals to USA is in the business of recruiting healthcare

professionals including nurses for various employers in the United States, IT IS AGREED that:

1. Employment Search & Placement. Professionals to USA will attempt to secure

employment acceptable to Applicant in the United States. If such employment is unavailable,
Professionals to USA will attempt to locate alternative employment for Applicant. In such case, Applicant
will have sole discretion to accept or decline the position. It is anticipated that employment will be with
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

2. Immigration Services. Professionals to USA will provide guidance and

consultation services to Applicant to successfully immigrate to the United States to obtain the
employment which he or she accepted.

3. Applicant’s Qualifications and Certifications. Applicant must obtain

and maintain necessary qualifications and certifications necessary to immigrate to the United States and
perform nursing services for the selected employer (collectively the “Qualifications”). Additionally,
immediately upon arrival in the United States, Applicant must apply for a United States Social Security
card, nursing license in the state of employment, and must successfully pass other requirements for
employment as may be reasonably required by applicable government agencies and the selected employer
(these are included in the term “Qualifications”). Applicant will pay all costs to obtain and maintain the

4. Acceptance of Employment. Applicant agrees to work for the employer for a

minimum of three years from the date of beginning work. Applicant understands that all employment
offered under this agreement shall be of similar quality and compensation levels as paid to other nurses of
similar qualifications in the United States.

5. Representation of Qualifications. Applicant represents that he or she is

qualified or shall become qualified as a Registered Nurse in the jurisdiction of the employer, and is
familiar with such qualifications.

6. Placement Fees. Applicant agrees to pay Professionals to USA a fee of $5,000 (U.S.)
for its services. Applicant is not obligated to pay this fee until Professionals to USA has successfully
secured employment approved and accepted by Applicant and Applicant has arrived in the United States.
This fee shall be due and payable 90 days after Applicant starts employment in the United States.


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7. Term. This Agreement will continue in force and effect until Applicant has completed the
employment term stated above.

8. Exclusivity. Applicant agrees that Professionals to USA will be his or her sole source of
employment in the United States for the duration of this agreement. Applicant agrees to not attempt to
circumvent his or her obligations under this Agreement.

9. General Terms.

(a) Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, and Venue. The parties agree that enforcement of this
agreement shall be determined by Florida law, and submit to the jurisdiction of State and Federal courts in
Alachua County, Florida, for any proceedings for enforcement or determination of rights and obligations
under this agreement. The parties further agree that exclusive jurisdiction for such action is in Alachua
County, Florida.

(b) Attorneys Fees. The parties agree that if any dispute based on or related to this agreement is
litigated, that the prevailing party to such litigation is entitled to have its reasonable attorney’s fees and
costs paid, including those incurred on appeal.

(c) Liquidated Damages. In the event that the Applicant breaches this contract, the Applicant
agrees to pay $40,000 to cover all the damages incurred by Professionals to USA. Costs of Collection
detailed above are in addition to this amount.

(d) Cooperation, Good Faith. Applicant agrees to cooperate in the effort to secure employment
and shall use his or her best efforts meet the requirements for immigration to the United States. Both
parties undertake a duty of good faith and fair dealing with each other.

Professionals to USA, Inc. Applicant

________________________ _______________________

By: Thompkins W. White

Title: Attorney


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Rev. 8/17/2018
Rev. 8/17/2018