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Agreement and Proposal for Service

Ref: MATL/HO/OV01327

Assisting in PolandStudent Visa

Honorable Md. Rohidul Islam
Cell: ++88-01680401982, E-mail:


We appreciate your decision and interest in Higher Education in Poland.

Our company "Mohammadi Air Travels Limited" along with excellent and expert Team Members will be always
assisting you from the beginning to endless. It means, we will be with you from the start point of application,
then you Fly to your destination, then begin your studies in overseas, then continue building your own
pathways and then provide you all supports within overseas settlement or contributing Bangladesh market.
Overall, we believe in long term Friendship with our Clients.

As per STUDY PROGRAM for Poland, we are offering you for higher education that will be obtained from
Poland and we need your following documents for Admission and Visa process.

1. Passport Valid MRP with all previous passport(s) (if)

2. Photo Passport size (2 copies)
3. Education Details
a. SSC Certificate + Mark sheet
b. HSC Certificate + Mark sheet
4. CV Updated
5. Birth Registration Original
6. Police Clearance (after arrival of Admission Letter)
7. Insurance 1 year premium paid before visa application
8. Sponsor Bank Statement + Solvency & other documents
a. arrange before you travel to India @ 13,00,000BDT
b. by applicant’s name / parent’s name / by sponsor name
c. submit source of fund with proper documentation and proof of relationship with the sponsor,
if sponsored by other then applicant)
9. Professional documents For Service Holders / For Business Professionals (if any)
a. For Service Holders (Leave Letter, Employment Certificate, office ID, appointment letter)
b. For Business Professionals (Trade License, TIN with return, company bank statement)
10. Indian visa After submission of all documents


Total Payment: 6,50,000 BDT
* Payment Includes • Admission fee
• 01 Year Tuition Fee
•Insurance, Embassy fee
• Air Ticket
• Service Charge

* Applicant will pay by his/her own: Documentation charge (attestation), Insurance fee, India Visa,
Transportation, Admission fee, Registration fee & Medical, Embassy Fee, Bank account opening, transfer fees
and other related cost related to admission/visa application. All mentioned payments are nonrefundable if
admission is rejected/visa is refused/ you went to India but couldn’t submit Document to embassy.
* You are promising to pay BDT 50,000 (as penalty, service charge and other miscellaneous fees) if,
a. You stop/cancel/ withdraw application once started

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b. unwilling/ unable to continue this application process
c. unwilling/ unable to pay tuition fees
d. break any condition(s) as stated in the agreement and steps to visa document or don’t
comply with the process.
* Overall price may change anytime without any prior notice (influenced by University notice, Embassy notice,
and currency conversion rate).
* All documents required for entire process will bear and provided by you. All documents must be true and
correct. You will be responsible for any misrepresentation of documents submitted and required at embassy or
related departments.
* You will cooperate company’s staffs till ultimate result. For any emergency issues please contact us directly
within official hours. 10:00 am to 6:00pm.
* Your application is affected by Political, Company, University & Embassy issues. You are obliged to comply
these situation(s) and results born by them.
* Applicant’s Guarantor is personally responsible for any unpaid or payable amount on behalf of main
applicant to our company parent/Legal Guardian.
* You or your legal guardian/guarantor/ parent must have to provide us a Bank Cheque in Advance date as
security/collateral for entire payment.
* About Embassy -
a. Embassy reserves all rights to issue and rights to refuse your application.
b. Embassy may ask you to provide additional documents. You will be responsible to provide
requested documents to Embassy urgently.
c. Embassy may ask you to re-apply after a while. Therefore, you must apply again with our
d. Embassy has legal right of not accepting/receiving year application with/without disclosing
only reason. So all prepaid posts related preparing your application.
e. University/College/Agency and respective parties related to your application has right to
accept and refuse your application.

*** Mohammadi Air Travels Limited does not have any influences on Embassy’s decision on getting your visa***

By signing below we all parties agree and signing below with good consent and better understanding.


___________________ ___________________ ___________________

Chishty Shai Nomani Md. Rohidul Islam Guardian/Guarantor
C.E.O. & Director, Marketing I agree with all terms and conditions. Signature
Mohammadi Air Travels Ltd. Name:
I agree with all terms and

*** Thanking You *** Please keep this

copy for further

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