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Position Title: Senior Core and Transport Engineer

Position Objectives:

 To oversee the design and implementation of IP/MPLS, Fibre and Microwave Transmission, and TETRA
 Provide engineering support to the project team for all related engineering designs, documentation, and

Job Description & Responsibilities:

 Provide technical network expertise to the project team in the areas of:
o IP/MPLS Network.
o Fibre Optic Network and DWDM.
o Microwave Transmission.
o Core TETRA Switching Nodes.
o Interconnection with IP Telephony Systems, PSTN and other Mobile Networks.
o TEDS and Packet Data Service via PPP and IP.
o WAP and PSTN Gateways.
o Echo Cancellation.
 Review MPLS and Transmission (MW/Fibre) designs and engineering documents submitted to the client for
both indoor and outdoor networks.
 Review High-Level and Low-Level Design Documents for Network interconnection (TETRA network with
other networks), Core Network Equipment Rooms and related network interconnection.
 Prepare Design Review reports, providing recommendations with regards to transmission and core network
functionality, connectivity and availability.
 Review Disaster recovery and failover specifications and designs.
 Participate in discussion with the vendor and contractors for all Planning, Design and Deployment issues.
 Review the Acceptance tests and related procedures and provide support as required.
 Interface with client’s engineering and the Operation & Maintenance teams.
 Ensure capacity forecasting and planning for Tetra network transmission and Core network and interconnect
is considered in the Vendor’s design.
 Assess the technical feasibility of projects /products/change requests w.r.t. Core and Transmission design
 Participate in Planning for TETRA network expansion/technology upgrades.
 Monitor network KPIs to ensure specified contractual targets are met as the network is gradually deployed in
phases and services are activated.
 Prepare KPI reports for inclusion in the overall project status reports.
 Analyze deployment processes and propose enhancements for further improvement.

Qualifications & Experience:

 Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications or Engineering.

 A minimum of 10 years of professional experience either within an Operator of the Vendor organization.
 In-depth experience with solutions from the leading vendors is essential.
 Excellent communication skills and fluent in English, Arabic is considered an asset.