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Strengths, Interests, Values Reflection

Part 1: Do What You Are

Complete the Do What You Are survey in Naviance. Use your report to answer the questions
1. What is your personality type?
A: My personality type is ISFJ, which stands for Introverts, Sensors, Feelers, and Judgers.

2. What does each aspect of your personality mean about you?

A: Each aspect relates to me differently. Most relate to me a lot because it is my
personality. Introvert relates to me because I work at a careful but steady pace. Sensors
prefer to apply past experiences to solving problems and that’s the same with me. I have
messed up a lot but with that comes knowledge for the future. Feelers tend to help others
and be appreciated, and I literally try to do helpful things daily. Lastly, Judgers tend to
complete their responsibilities before relaxing. That is me. For example, I cannot relax
until where I’m relaxing is comfortable for me, meaning cleaning.

3. List two strengths indicated on your report. Give an example from your life that
demonstrates that these qualities are strengths.
A: Two strengths I have are making thoughtful decisions and being a good listener. These
relate to me because as I grow older I’ve learned that thinking before you act is a big step
in maturing. Also, listening is another strength for me because I try to listen to what the
other person is saying to me before I respond so I can fully grasp what they’re explaining
to me.

4. What qualities should a career have in order to satisfy your particular personality?
A: Some qualities that satisfy my personality would be letting me work privately and not
require lots of public interaction. I work best when I can work alone and have plenty of
time and space to do my work uninterrupted.

5. How can you use this information to make an informed career choice?
A: This information would help me while looking for a job because I would be cautious of
the environment and the atmosphere of the workplace.

Part 2: MI Advantage
Complete the MI Advantage survey in Naviance. Use your report to answer the questions
6. What are your top three intelligences?
A: My top 3 intelligences are Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Musical.

7. What do these intelligences mean about you?

A: They describe what kind of person I am and how I most likely am because of the
surveys that I took. Intrapersonal means that I have the ability to understand myself.
Interpersonal means that I can work with others building relationships and seeing the
world from others’ point of view. Musical means that I can do multiple things regarding
music such as singing or playing and instrument along with other musical skills.

8. How can you use this information to make an informed career choice?
A: These intelligences mean that I am able to have good communication with others in my
work environment. Knowing this now will help me choose a career that fits my needs.

Part 3: Career Interests Profiler

Complete the Career Interests Profiler in Naviance. Use your report to answer the questions
9. What are your strongest interests?
A: My top three work interests are Realistic, Enterprising, and Social.

10. What do these interests mean about you?

A: These interests mean I am realistic; I am resourceful and and show initiative; I am also
social. So, I can keep the peace with my fellow employees and ensure that we remain

11. How can you use this information to make an informed career choice?
A: I can use the information that I am realistic, resourceful, show initiative and social to
help find a job by finding one that fits all my strengths and applies all my needs.

Part 4: Work Values

Go to Under “Advanced Search”, select “Work Values”. Review the
description of each work value. Select three work values that are most important to you.
Answer the questions below about your work values.
12. What are your top three work values?
A: My top 3 work values are Independent, Support, and Relationships.

13. What do these work values mean about you?

A: These values mean I am independent, so I can manage work alone. I also strive to
support others with their work. Additionally, I value having a couple strong relationships
because sometimes it is not what you know that matters, it is who you know.

14. How can you use this information to make an informed career choice?
A: These three values help in an everyday workplace because I would need someone who
is independent like myself to work by themselves when times are busy. I need workers to
support each other to finish the job, and in my chosen line of work, coworkers need to
have solid relationships, so there are no problems that disrupt our productivity and

Part 5: Career Results Comparison

Review the career lists provided at the end of each survey. Identify three careers that are
similar across the lists. List the careers and explain why each career may be satisfying to you
citing evidence from your survey results.
A: My top careers are Fashion Designer, Tailors or Dressmakers, and Floral Designer.
These three are similar because they each have something to do with design.