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The Adventurers Anthology


The Adventurers Anthology

By Glenn Allan

You’ve defeated Mortibris and vanquished Ba’el. You’ve survived the Abyss and the Black Fortress,
faced the greenskin horde in the Forest of Galahir and slain the mighty Karrathor. Did you think
your adventures were over?

Welcome to The Adventurers Anthology. This expansion takes your favourite adventures and gives
them a fresh new make over, adding new heroes, villains, special rules and objectives as you
adventure through familiar paths in an all new light. Whether it’s hunting down a wicked vampire
or venturing deep into an ancient lich’s keep, there are hours of fun adventuring ahead of you.

It also serves as an example of how you could adapt existing adventures for your own games and

So don your trusty armour and draw your keenest blade, adventurer, for fame and glory await you
once more!

Adapted Adventures
When using adapted adventures unless stated otherwise, all special rules, both for the
individual adventure and the campaign as a whole are used as are any items and spells
characters might have, contents of chests, strengths of doors and chests, Overlord
actions, command cards and character positions. Each adapted adventure will tell you
what to replace or add.


The Court of the Lich King

Over the many years it has stood, there have been The ritual was a failure. Necromantic energy
countless rulers of the infamous Drakmor Keep. destroyed Odixius, leaving no sign of his ancient
But everyone who has taken residence within its body. This energy still flows through Drakmor
walls has fallen to a terrible fate. For it is said to Keep, and the dead do not rest within its confines.
even stand in the keep’s shadow is to bring ten
years bad look upon yourself. In the depths of the keep lay the Words of the Lich
King, his book of spells and rituals. The tome,
One ruler of the keep was a powerful necromancer bound in the skin of Basilean priests and elven
named Odixius. He was determined to overcome soothsayers, waits to be discovered by a new mas-
death itself and over time, become one of the most ter.
powerful lich kings in Mantica. But Odixius’ lust
for power could never be satisfied, and he believed
he knew an ancient and unspoken ritual that
would allow him to ascend to god-hood.

But this ritual had been compromised by one of his

apprentices. A sorcerer, who had become irritated
that the lich king had obviously been holding back
his knowledge of the necromantic arts.

New Items Niola’s Acquired Treasure

This campaign features two new items,
When drawing a magic item at the start of
they are as follows: the campaign for Niola’s unique special
Striking Talons. A pair of swords forged rule, shuffle all the potion cards found in
for those initiated into the Assassin’s the Dwarf King’s Quest set and select one
Guild. Gain +1 Combat Dice

Vermin’s Bane: A Crossbow thats string is

made from coarse Ratkin fur. Gain +1
Shooting Dice

Hero Starting Positions

In the following adventures, replace the

following heroes with these new ones on
the maps.

Danor - Kezhul

Madriga - Samgone

Orlaf – Shadow Walker

Rordin - Niola


Adventure 1: The Ancient Halls Reopened

Niola turned her lock picking tools gently in a hole “Oh, I’m sure it is. And there’ll be plenty of riches
so small in the wall that only the most observant for you all too, just as I said.” Kezhul stepped
of thieves would have been able to spot it. With a forward. The orb on his staff glowing, to show the
click, the wall started to shift and opened a pas- way. He stroked his beard as he looked around the
sage into the depths of the keep. A cloud of thick hall. “Ah yes, I remember now. The door to the
dust kicked up, as for the first time in hundreds of next level requires two levers to be unlocked and
years, the forgotten halls had now been reopened. activated before we can continue. Keep your guard
up. The dead still roam these halls.”
Waving his hand in front of his face to waft the
dust away, Samgone coughed. “Finally. Looks like Shadow Walker drew his swords as Niola checked
it could use some housekeeping. I hope whatever her throwing daggers.
you’re looking for is down here, wizard.” He
cautiously moved in, holding his crossbow at the

Adventure Changes
Use the adventure, Well Met, with the Replace Victory with:
following changes: Heroes: Unlock door X.

Overlord: Cripple a hero or stop them

Replace existing heroes with: from winning before the time runs out.

Kezhul, Human Sorcerer: 2 Power 1 Replace Special Rules with:

Energy Crystals Available Spells:
Death Surge, Scourge, Shield, Special Rules – Chest. Chest contains a
Crystallise Healing Potion. Replace Magic Chest 1 to
Niola, Half Elf Thief: Healing Potion. Mundane Chest Lock 1
Shadow Walker, Human Assassin:
Striking Talons, Battle Potion Special Rule – Door X. Door X has Lock 2.
Samgone, Halfling Ranger: Vermin’s It can only be unlocked with Niola’s
Bane Disarm Lock ability.

“Quickly, down the stairs!” Kezhul shouted to the down, only to be parried by one of Shadow Walkers
party he had hired to accompany him into the blades. His other severed the skeletons head from
Drakmor Keep. his shoulder, leaving it a pile of bones on the floor.
Niola darted under the swing of a skeletons sword “I could have taken him!” huffed the halfling.
as she followed Kezhul through the newly opened
Shadow Walker swept his cloak back and sheathed
door and down to the next level. his swords. “I’m sure there’ll be plenty more where
One of Samgone’s bolts shattered half of the skele- it came from. Now let’s get moving.”
tons skull, but it kept staggering towards him.
Samgone struggled with his crossbow, trying to load
it quickly. As he did, the skeleton brought its sword


Adventure 2: The Words of the Lich King

Niola looked up at the ancient tapestries that hung “So you said you just wanted a book, and the rest
on the wall. Acts of gruesome rituals and creatures was ours right?” Samgone said as he shoved a
unheard of were displayed on them. “What are heavy old golden candle stick holder into his bag.
these depicting? I’ve never seen such scenes.”
“That’s right. All but a certain book. I’ll know
“Something forgotten for a reason, I’d guess.” which one it is.” Kezhul fingered the tip of his long
Shadow Walker replied with a repulsed look as he grey beard. “Up a head is where courts were held.
stared up at the scenes of horror on the hangings. The rooms would be filled with huge feasts of the
most exquisite foods and entertainers would fill
these halls before the Lich King.”

Shadow Walker raised an eyebrow. “You speak of

it as though you were there.”

Kezhul did not reply.

Adventure Changes
Replace existing heroes with:
Use the adventure, Into The
Kezhul, Human Sorcerer: 2 Power 1
Depths, with the following Energy Crystals. Available Spells:
changes: Death Surge, Scourge, Shield,
Niola, Half Elf Thief: Haste Potion,
Healing Potion
Shadow Walker, Human Assassin:
Striking Talons, Battle Potion
Samgone, Halfling Ranger: Vermin’s

Replace Victory with:

Heroes: Retrieve the Words of the Lich
King book from the chest and have
Kezhul reach Door X with the book
before the time runs out.

Overlord: Cripple Kezhul or stop the

heroes from winning before the time
runs out.


Adventure Changes
Replace Special Rules with:
Replace Overlord with:
Special Rules – Chest. Chest contains The
Overlord Command Cards: 12
Words of the Lich King. Replace Magic
This adventure will use the standard and
necromancer Overlord cards, shuffled and Chest 1 to Mundane Chest with Lock 1
dealt as normal. and Combat Dice 3 and Defence 3.

Commands per Turn: 2 Special Rule – Door X. Kezhul needs to be

adjacent to Door X while holding the
Raise Dead Limits: Skeleton Warriors Words of the Lich King and use an action
(max 4), Skeleton Archers (max 2) to escape.

Funny Bones, Undead Bard. Available Special Rule – The Words of the Lich
Songs: Unlikely Lovers, The Dwarf King. Any model can pick up the book
Maiden’s Head when they open the chest. They can then
pass it to another model as they would an
item as normal. Place the book furniture
model on the base of the model who
currently possesses it.

Special Rule – Funny Bones Pile. Funny

Bones does not start off on the board
when the tile is placed. When the tile with
the chest in is placed, Funny Bones can be
brought into the game via any Pile of
Bones token are on that tile. It takes a
command to summon him, but he can be
activated in that turn. When Funny Bones
is summoned, it generates Free Strikes as

Kezhul gripped onto the leathery, dust caked book The Halfling quickly grabbed a goblet from a
with dear life as he limped out of the court. nearby table and darted to the exit.
Leaving his party behind.
On the floor above, Kezhul was catching his
“Come on, let’s get out of here. There’s plenty to breath. He looked down at the book, a wry smile
loot on the upper floors!” Niola shouted as she crawling across his face. “So my former master. I
flung her daggers left and right at the never end- finally have that which you would never show me.
ing wave of undead. Let me see if I can succeed were you failed!”

Shadow Walkers cape flowed majestically as he

hacked through bone and rotting flesh to get back
to the door, as if taking part in some sort of brutal
dance. “Samgone! Now!”


Niola Malone – Half Elf Thief

Abilities: Lockpicking, Master Thief, Stealth
Note 1: At the start of each campaign, Niola may take a magic item at random from the deck to
represent something she has “acquired” from her last adventure.

Note 2: When levelling up, Niola may choose from either the Human, Elf or Thief upgrade
tables. (When using with Adventurers Companion only.)

Combat/ Shooting Short Range

HAIL OF DAGGERS. Niola may Shoot three times in the same Turn. Resolve each
one before deciding on the next target.

Shadow Walker - Human Assassin

Abilities: Frenzy (2), Nimble, Stealth
Note: Shadow Walker uses the levelling up options for a Dervish. (When using with the
Adventurers Companion only.)


PRECISE STRIKE. Shadow Walker may Move and then Fight, counting the
target’s Armour as 1.


Samgone Ellwood Jacksington - Halfling Ranger

Abilities: Tough

Combat/ Shooting Long Range

THUD! Make a melee attack against every enemy in base contact. If Samgone scores at
least one hit against a model it cannot fight, shoot, or cast spells next turn.

Keshul - Human Sorcerer

Abilities: Spellcaster (Sorcery, Petty)


ESSENCE LEECH. Kezhul can make a 5 Dice Long Ranged magical attack that
requires line of sight. If at least 1 wound is caused in the attack, Kezhul regains 1 lost
wound. This cannot be used while in an enemy’s front arc.


Funny Bones - Undead Bard

Abilities: Boned, Singer of Songs, Regenerate

Boned. The undead jester has an (un)natural defence mechanism. As an action,

Funny Bones can be replaced by a Pile of Bones token. Place a Necromancy spell
token on top of this to indicate which one is the Funny Bones token. All normal
rules for Pile of Bone tokens apply. As a command or from Raise Dead, the
Overlord can summon Funny Bones once more. He can only be summoned from the
Pile of Bones token he turned into previously.


Elegy of the Lich King. As Funny Bones
starts his harrowing performance, his bones
reform and take on a new shape. Swap Funny
Bones current place for any Skeleton Warrior,
Skeleton Archer or Dwarf Revenant that is
currently active on the board. Doing so does
not generate Free Strikes.


Into the Maw of Madness

Chanderelle led the adventurers through the She turned to the adventurers. “A particularly
elven scouting camp. The majority of her com- cruel goblin beastmaster that goes by the name
rades lay in a pile, turn to pieces as the few abled Dregcret has bred this horror. Our remaining
bodied elves built pyres for the fallen. Other were scouts have reported he has left the beast guarded
found in make shift beds, screaming in agony, in his camp while he has gone to meet with the
sporting wounds so grotesque that even an ogre local greenskin warbosses. He plans to impress
berserker would struggle to cause. them so much that they will pay him to breed
more. We would slay the creature ourselves but
Guraf’s eyes widen as he inspected the injuries. we’ve been weakened too much from its attacks.
The dwarf looked repulsed at gaping holes torn We will pay you well, if you think you can kill
through flesh and armour alike. “What in the this monster before Dregcret returns.”
world could have caused such a thing? A
dragon?” Thesilar drew an arrow and inspected the sharp-
ness of its point. “Such a creature cannot be
Thesilar shook his head. “There’s no dragons for allowed to live. We will slay it or die trying.”

The elf scout looked down at the wounds on her

fellow scouts. “It was a mawbeast unlike any
other. Huge and slavering. A body of claws and
teeth that cut through steel like a knife through
butter, and a hide that our keenest swords
glanced off... The Atrocity That Walks.”

Adventure Changes
Use the adventure, Bouncers, Replace Victory with:
with the following changes:
Heroes: Kill The Atrocity That Walks

Overlord: Cripple a hero.

Replace existing heroes with:

In addition to your hero cards, take the


Thesilar, Elf Ranger: Spidersilk

Armour, Sure Shot (1)
Kapoka, Gladewalker Druid: 1 Healing
Potion. Available Spells: Coat of
Arms, Root, Omniscience,
Protection, Camouflage.
Hrrath, Salamander Fighter: Tough,
Relentless, Singing Axe (+1
Combat Dice)
Guraf, Dwarf Fighter: 1 Battle Potion,
Tough, Slam


Adventure Changes
Add Special Rules:
Special Rules – No Doors. Remove all
doors from the map.

Special Rules – Mutilated Remains. The

Overlord may place 4 Pile of Bones tokens
anywhere on the board, they represent the
mutilated remains of the Atrocity That
Walks victims. Any hero that moves over Special Rule – Paddock. The board
or adjacent to a token must roll a D6. On a represents the huge mawbeast’s paddock,
roll of 1 there turn ends, on any other roll which the creature has made its grisly
they can continue as normal as they stand home. Whilst in the paddock, the Atrocity
frozen in horror. Each hero only needs to That Walks can ignore and move through
make one roll per token, after that, they enemy arcs freely without giving Free
can freely move over or adjacent to them. Strikes.

The Atrocity That Walks

Abilities: Frenzy (2), Hit & Run, Monstrous Slam, Large

Monstrous Slam: When the Atrocity That Walks makes an attack that results with its
target losing a wound, the attack gains the effects of the Slam ability.

Hit & Run: The Atrocity That Walks can make an attack before or after its movement



Dregcret arrived back at camp, followed by three warbosses from nearby clans. He had told them just how
powerful his mawbeast was, and they had been impressed by the devastation it’d caused to the elven
scouts, but Dredcret knew that only by seeing the beast would they be truly impressed.
The wide smug smile that had been plastered over the goblins face slowly dropped as he saw the massive
heap that was once his prized mawbeast. He prodded it, but the creature didn’t budge.

He turned slowly to his guests, gulping nervously as he looked up to see three furious orcs staring down
at him.
Grabbing Dredcret by the collar one of the orcs pulled him off his feet. “This is the mighty beast you’ve
dragged us all here to see huh? Do you wanna see what happens when our times wasted?”
Dregcret quickly closed his eyes, and hoped whatever his fate would be, would be quick.

The Peddler’ s Wares

The Adventurers Rest went silent as the bidder. So what’s it worth to you?”
mysterious man entered. Clad in a long tattered
cloak, his hood and face mask obscuring all but “There’s a crypt not five miles from here, I’ve
his cold eyes. He slowly crept towards the bar, his heard is filled with gold,
huge heavy backpack giving him a stooped frame. fancy seeing how much
we can gather? The one
Madriga nudged Danor and whispered “That’s with the most will
Rutherford the Peddler. He roams the lands surely be the highest
selling the rarest and most sort after items. I bidder.” Danor said to
never thought I’d see him in the flesh.” Rordin. The dwarf
looked to the front door
Rordin overheard the elf and turned to her. “It to see Madriga sneaking
can’t be. I heard he ventured into the heart of the out after having over
Abyss and never returned.” heard them.

The peddler stood at the bar and turned to the “We best get a move on
adventurers in the drinking hall. His voice gruff while there’s still riches
from years walking the most treacherous lands. to be had.” The dwarf
“Adventurers, I have just returned from the heart said grabbing his
of the Cracked Land, and I have brought a rare helmet.
item indeed. Behold, the Djinn Queen’s tiara, said
to fulfil the wishes of its wearer. I will be staying
here for one night, and one night only. When I
leave, this rare artefact will go to the highest

Adventure Changes Special Rules – One For All, And All For
Me. The heroes must work together to
keep each other alive, but they are also
competing for the most amount of loot.
Use the adventure, Turned Any hero that is adjacent to Loot (a Chest
or Barrel), can use an action to pick the
Around, with the following loot up. When they have, roll a D6, on a 1-
2 they also receive a Healing Potion, 3-4,
changes: a Battle Potion and on 5-6 a Haste Potion.
Once all the loot has been collected, the
game is over. The hero with the most
Replace Victory with: amount of loot is considered to be the
Heroes: Collect all of the Loot Tokens, winner.
and be the hero with the most amount
collected. Map Change
Remove the two Zombie Trolls and place
Overlord: Cripple a hero or stop the the Ghast and 2 Ghouls in the tile. The
heroes from winning before the time runs Overlord Chooses where they are placed.
out. Replace all Zombies (not including
Armoured Zombies) with Ghouls

Add Special Rules:

Special Rules – Ignore Rule – Ignore the
Chests special rule.


Abilities: Frenzy (1). Infectious, Nimble, Stealth

Infectious. Through rotten infections, the attack that has been made is long lasting. If a
model with Infection causes a Wound, their enemy cannot benefit from any means of heal-
ing (spells, feats, items etc), unless they roll a 5-6 before trying to heal. This is only done
the first time they attempt to heal after being infected. If they fail to roll a 5-6 the potion
or spell is still used even though it is ineffective. A model can only suffer from one infec-
tion at a time. Place a Necromancy token next to the infected model. action.


Spreading Infection. All friendly models within Short Range gain the Infectious ability
on their next attack.


The adventurers stood in the empty crypt, one in each corner of the room, gold, jewels and other
valuables filling their hands, pockets and anywhere else they could keep the. Each tried to assess the
gathered wealth of the others.

“I guess we better get back to the Adventurers Rest then.” Danor said, keeping his back firmly to the wall.
“After you.” Rordin nodded his head back to Danor.
The wizard turned to Madriga “Ladies first.” But she shook her head.
“Oh no, by all means, you go first.”
“Rordin?” Danor looked across the crypt to the dwarf who was clutching onto a pile of gold. “Not on your
life!” The dwarf spat.
Each adventurer kept their back to the wall, occasional looking at the way out trying to figure how best to
escape while keeping their eye on their companions.


The Crown of Razvan

Gaining the nickname “The Butcher” after the atrocities that he caused in his homeland of
Stryania, Enric the vampire had marched from minor kingdom to minor kingdom, destroying all in
his path. It had been a long siege, but King Razvan hadn’t allowed the vampire to breach his castle
so easily. He had been the last king in the vampire’s campaign, and he made sure the vampire had
lost much. But against the undead, their ranks never seemed to end.

Finally, as King Razvan sat in his empty thrown room, he heard the screams and clashes of battle
outside his door. He looked down, knowing it would soon be over. And as he heard the door burst
open, wood splintering from the force, he knew the time had come.

After the battle, Enric would attempt to gain more power by offering his services as a savage
warrior to those who would pay him in gold, rare artefacts and favour. He used necromantic magic
to bind Razvan’s soul to his former crown, which Enric kept close to him, in a cruel jest to keep
the last king to defy him as a ghostly slave.

Now the last living relative of King Razvan has put a plea out to any hero brave enough. To
retrieve the crown, and free King Razvan from his undead slavery, so he can finally rest in peace.

Character Starting Map & Door Traps

Positions Throughout the graveyard, there have been several
traps placed to ward off grave robbers. Rather than
In the following adventures, play a can in a turn, the Overlord can discard one
replace the following heroes and play a trap instead. The Overlord must shuffle
with these new ones on the all trap cards and pick one at random. They then
maps. take a corresponding Trap token and Blank token
and place them on any unoccupied square on the
Danor - Ravenna
board. They keep which token is which a secret from
Madriga - Gunn the players
Orlaf – Helkan All mundane doors and certain chests have Slicing
Blades traps connected. These will trigger whenever
Rordin – Remains the same.
the door is opened unless Disarm Trap is used on
them. Gunn can disarm these as an action when he is
Hoggar - Enric (The adjacent to the door. Gunn can determine if a chest
Overlord can choose which has a trap connected to it as a free action if he is
of Hoggar’s 4 starting adjacent to it.
squares to place Enric.)
These rules apply to both adventures in this mini


Adventure 1: The Ancient Halls Reopened

Rordin jumped backwards as darts flew upwards Following the two dwarves, Ravenna and Helkan
from the loose stepping stone. “Traps! I told you looked up from a tatty parchment.
this place would be full of them!” He grumbled as “I hate these cryptic riddles and clues. I really
he cautiously prodded the stepping stone again need a new source of information.” The assassin
with his foot. huffed as he looked around the graveyard.

Gunn chuckled as he watched Rordin press the “Well according to this, the crypts entrance should
stone to make sure it wouldn’t trigger again. be hidden under a gravestone. If we start digging
“Don’t worry about those. There’s no trap in the up the wrong one, we’ll end up getting lost in the
lands I can’t disarm.” maze down there. I’m sure we can decipher this
information and work out which entrance Enric
used.” Rolling up the parchment, Ravenna
motioned to the dwarves to lead the way.

Adventure Changes
Use the adventure, Into The
Depths, with the following

Replace existing heroes with:

Ravenna, Human Witch: 2 Power 1

Energy Crystals Available Spells:
Force of Nature, Golden Sickle,
Rockslide, Stoneskin, Break Ward
Rordin Dwarf Fighter: Tough, Battle

Replace Victory with:

Heroes: Discover an entrance to the un-
derground crypt behind Door X

Overlord: Cripple a hero or stop them

from winning before the time runs out.


Adventure Changes
Add Special Rules:
Special Rule – Door X. Once Door X has
Special Rules – Riddle Me This. The been opened, read them the following:
heroes have got a clue to the location of “Grave A shows the full body of a man
the secret entrance. They know it is under with a blind fold over his eyes.” “Grave B
a grave, but don’t know which one. They shows a grandfather clock.” Grave C
have been given a riddle to aid their shows a headless horseman.” The heroes
search to tell them which entrance Enric must choose which grave the secret
uses by Helkan’s slightly mad informant. entrance is in. If they dig up the correct
Read the players this riddle before the grave, B, the next adventure continues as
game. “I have a face but no eyes, hands normal. If they choose either of the other
but no arms. What am I?” graves, they have gotten lost in the crypt.
In the following adventure, the Overlord
may draw 4 Overlord Cards rather than 3
at the start of the game.

The four of them scraped away the dirt in front of the grave stone to reveal a concealed hatch.
Rordin grabbed the handle and heaved it up to open the entrance to the crypt.
Gunn turned his head as the rotten smell of the ancient crypt rushed up his nostrils. “Guess we’re
going down then?” He said looking rather displeased with the prospect.

Helkan lit a torch and dropped it down. The party leaned over the entrance and watched the scurry
of bats as the light disrupted their slumber.


Adventure 1: Retrieving the Crown

Ravenna put her arms out to stop her companions Gunn carefully opened his lantern, he cringed as
moving any further. Helkan looked over her the rusty door creaked a little. He knew he should
shoulder but saw nothing. “What is it? Is have oiled it before he left. Gulping nervously, he
something up a head?” He asked, puzzled. blew out the candle housed inside.

She put her finger to her lips and slowly looked

up. They hadn’t see them in the gloomy lantern
light, but as they all looked up, they saw the roof
was slowly moving.
Whispering, Ravenna said to the rest. “Bats. And
lots of them. Let’s be as quick as possible and hope
we don’t disturb them.”

Adventure Changes
Use the adventure, Stench of
Death, with the following

Replace existing heroes with:

Ravenna the witch, Gunn the engineer,
Helkan Da’rresh the assassin and Bulgrek
the dwarf fighter (use the Rordin
miniature and character card to
represent Bulgrek) are used in this
adventure. In addition to your hero
cards, take the following:

Ravenna, Human Witch: 2 Power 1

Energy Crystals Available
Spells: Force of Nature, Golden
Sickle, Rockslide, Stoneskin,
Break Ward
Gunn, Dwarf Engineer: Haste Potion
Helkan, Twilight Kin Assassin:
Healing Potion
Rordin Dwarf Fighter: Tough, Battle

Replace Overlord with:

Remove Hoggar and replace with: Enric,
Butcher of Stryania: Available Spells:


Adventure Changes
Add Special Rules:
Replace Victory with:
Special Rules – Bat Summon. As an action,
Heroes: Defeat Enric Enric can place a Bat Swarm on any
unoccupied square on the edge of his
Overlord: Cripple a hero or stop them starting tile. Only 2 Bat Swarms can be on
from winning before the time runs out. the board at any one time. A Bat Swarm
placed in a hero’s front arc generates Free
Strikes as normal.


Enric hissed in pain as Rordin’s hammer slammed into his shoulder. The vampire tried to dodge
the dwarf’s next blow but found himself having to dodge yet again from a pistol shot from Gunn.
Writhing in pain, he began to hover towards the crypts ceiling trying to find a way to escape.

Ravenna pointed her staff at his and unleashed a gust of wind that sent the vampire slamming into
the wall behind him.

“Damn you all to the abyss!” Enric screamed as he used all of his power. His body slowly became
transparent as he began to take a smoke like form.

“Quick, he’s escaping!” Yelled Ravenna.

Before the vampire became completely incorporeal, Helkan lunged a dagger at him. It cut through a
leather strap and lodged into his armour. Then the vampire disappeared, leaving only black smoke
where he once was.

“Damn it! He’s gone!” Gunn kicked something at his feet in anger that he had thought was rubble,
but as it hit the wall, a clattering of metal rang around the crypt. “Huh?” The dwarf engineer
looked down to see something sparkling.

Helkan reached down, and picked up the leather strap that he had cut off Enric before he vanished.
Attached to it hung a battered and well used crown. He lifted it up to show the party. “I think old
Razvan can finally rest.”


Ravenna—Human Witch
Abilities: Spellcaster (Druidism, Geomancy, Petty)

Eye of Newt. Roll a D6 and see which potion of have managed to create with the result
of your roll. 1 = Battle Potion, 2 = Healing Potion, 3 = Haste Potion, 4 = Potion of Fury,
5 = Potion of Superior Healing, 6 = Potion of Miracles.

Gunn—Dwarf Engineer
Abilities: Disarm Trap, Tough

Combat/ Shooting Short Range

Master Trapsmith. Remove all Trap tokens from your current or an adjacent tile. Any
lock traps on doors and chests are also removed from the tile.


Helkan Da’ rresh—Twilight Kin Assassin

Abilities: Nimble, Relentless

Combat/ Shooting Short Range

Armour Piercing Strike. Make a 6 dice attack, re-rolling any dice that fail to beat the
targets armour.

Enric the Butcher of Stryania

Abilities: Spellcaster (Petty). Swoop


Unstoppable. The Hero fights as normal. Then, if the defender is removed from the
board, he may immediately fight again. If there are no models to fight, he may move 1
square. If he can now Fight then he must do so. Continue until the Hero can no long-
er fight or fails to remove his target in one attack.


Hell or High Water

Deep in the forest north of Valentica is a quiet cackling of the greenskin’s laughter.
riverbank. Here the water folk frolic and relax in But men are right to fear the raging oceans. For
its peaceful tranquillity. So untouched by those the tides will rise and wash away those who
from the outside world that the water folk would harm the people of the sea…They will have
weren’t used to those who would mean them their vengeance, come hell or high water .
harm, and hadn’t heard the greenskins arrive.
Unlike most greenskin assaults, they had been
stealthier, sneaking to the top of a steep incline
overlooking the riverbank. These were a
practically cruel and sadistic lot, rather than Hero Starting Positions
simply charge in and slaughter their helpless
victims, they came up with a cruel plan, for their In the following adventures,
morbid amusement. replace the following heroes with
these new ones on the maps.
Before the water folk had time to react, huge
boulders hurtled down the incline. Those that Kapoka - Precipise
weren’t crushed under the mighty rocks were
shot down like sport as they fled by the greenskin Guraf - Hydroxia
archers, and those that were injured or maimed
Thesilar – Narissa
were dragged from the riverbank and fed, still
living, to the ambusher’s snarling mawbeasts. The
quiet riverbank was alive with the callous Hrath – Ankor

Adventure Changes
Use the adventure, Rise and Replace Victory with:
Shine!, with the following
Heroes: Kill Every Minion
Overlord: Cripple a hero or stop them
from winning before the time runs out.
Replace existing heroes with:
Hydroxia, Niad Centurion: Battle Potion
Narissa, Naiad Heartpiercer: Healing
Replace Overlord with:
Potion Overlord Command Cards: 12
Ankor, Riverguard Captain: Healing This adventure will use the standard
Potion Overlord cards from the Dwarf Kings
Precipise, Thuul Mythican: 2 Level 1 Ener- Quest and the Orc Warlord Overlord cards
gy Crystals, 1 Level 2 Energy Crystal,. from the Warlord of Galahir expansion,
Available Spells: Drown, Crushing Depths, shuffled and dealt as normal.
Corrode, Hold Fast
Commands per Turn: 2


Adventure Changes
Change Special Rules:
Special Rules – Rules Change. Ignore the
They’re Behind You, Preoccupied and
Sleeping Beauties Special Rules.

Special Rules – Boulders. The players

should take turns placing 4 Weak Point
markers anywhere on the board. This
should be equally spread between heroes
and the Overlord. The markers represent
boulders which can be pushed to crush all
that stand in their way. Any model (hero
or minion with the exception of
Mawbeasts) can push a boulder when they
are adjacent to one, using an action. The
player pushing one must roll a D6, the
result shows how many squares the
boulder will roll. Any model in the
boulders path with suffer a 5 Combat Dice
attack. If a boulders final position is on
top of a model, they suffer a 6 Combat
Dice attack and the attack gains the Slam
ability. Boulders will only roll in a
straight line, directly opposite from the
pushing models position. Boulders occupy
a square and block Line of Sight and
movements through it. If a boulder ever
moves past a tile edge, it is removed from
the game. If a model ever finds themselves
onto of a boulder from a Slam effect or any
other reason, they are assumed to be on top
of it, and the boulder cannot be moved while
it is stood on.


The greenskins bodies lay mangled and broken across the riverbank in the same fashion that they
had left their victims. But even the fiercest tide couldn’t wash the blood clean from this scene of

The riverbank was no longer a place for fun and relaxation. To the water folk, it now felt like the
dry lands of Mantica, war torn by those above the surface who would rip the world to pieces. No
one would see schools of Placoderms playing in the river, or Naiads lounging on huge lily pads
anymore, but the bodies of the slain greenskins would serve as a remainder of the oceans wrath.


Hydroxia—Naiad Centurion
Abilities: Stalwart (1), Water


Snare. Hydroxia can entangle an enemy in her net. Target any model in Short Range.
They cannot act until the end of the Overlords next turn. Cannot be used on Large or
Huge models.

Narissa—Naiad Heartpiercer
Abilities: Sure Shot (1), Water

Combat/ Shooting Long Range

Cool Waters. Nearby enemy models are calmed. For the rest of this Round, no enemy model
may move adjacent to a friendly Hero if they are not already there. Enemies are also prohibit-
ed from Breaking Away or making a Free Strike.


Ankor—Riverguard Captain
Abilities: Frenzy (1), Hop (Count as Swoop)

Tongue Lash. Ankor can attack with his poisonous tongue from a distance. Ankor can
target a model in Short Range and within Line of Sight. He makes a 5 Combat Dice at-
tack. If a wound is caused but the target is still alive, roll a D6. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6
they immediately take another wound.

Precipise—Thuul Mythican
Abilities: Spellcaster (Hydromancy), Water


Essence. Precipise concentrates all his magical powers to create a handful of new en-
ergy crystals. Roll one dice to see what he makes: 1-2: 4 power 1 crystals. 3-4: 2 pow-
er 2 crystals. 5-6: 2 power 3 crystals.


The Hall of Ricmarc

The tavern doors swung open and a hooded dwarf A loud bellowing laugh came from the closest
ranger hurried towards the bar to meet Hordin. table where a scarred dwarf berserker jumped out
of his seat, spilling the beer of his companion.
“Hordin, I would have words!...I’ve found it! I’ve
found the entrance to the drinking hall of old “Ha! You two think you can just stroll into the
Lord Ricmarc! See here!” ruins of Ricmarc? Good luck! Tales tell that
braver dwarves than you have tried to search for
He said, panting out of breath as he brought out a them and none lived to talk about it!”
battered leather map. Hordin looked over it with
his remaining eye and stroked his beard. Hordin flung a wet cloth at the berserker.

“Hmmm, if this is truly the hall of Ricmarc, then “We will go and we will return! You’re more than
the kegs of Trollsmasher, the finest ale ever welcome to join us, if you’re not a goblin spine!”
brewed by Darick Pyntmaester might still be
down there. It was said this was a gift to Lord The berserker slammed an axe deep into his table
Ricmarc on the opening of his drinking hall, but a in anger.
foul curse was placed on all those who celebrated
that night!...Do you think you can lead me there “Goblin spine?!!! Lead the way, master barkeeper,
Taryn?” and I’ll show you who’s goblin spine!”

Hero Starting
Positions Danor - Hordin

Madriga - Taryn
In the following
Orlaf – Drudwyn
adventure, replace the
following heroes with these Rordin – Rodric
new ones on the maps.
Door X – Lord Ricmarc
(Overlord choose which of the
2 squares to place him)

Lord Ricmarc—Revenant Lord

Abilities: Hammer Time, Regenerate


Adventure Changes
Replace Victory with:
Use the adventure, It Begins
Heroes: Retrieve all four kegs of
Again with the following Trollsmasher Ale.
changes: Overlord: Cripple a hero or stop them
winning before the time runs out.

Replace existing heroes with: Change Special Rules:

Hordin the Barkeeper, Taryn the Ranger, Special Rules – Rules Remove. Ignore the
Drudwyn the Berserker and Rodric the Keep Them Coming and Field of Bones
Fighter are used in this adventure. In ad- Special Rules
dition, take the following:
Hordin, 1 Healing Potion
Special Rule –Trollsmasher Kegs. The
kegs of Trollsmasher Ale are represented
on the board with the barrel furniture.
Replace Overlord with: These replace the Stepping Stone tokens
Overlord Command Cards: 10 Only Hordin can retrieve these kegs, as
only he knows which ale is the legendary
This adventure uses the Standard and Trollsmasher ale. When he is in an adja-
Necromancer Overlord cards from the cent square to a keg, he can use an action
boxed game. to retrieve it. Remove the barrel from the

Commands per Turn: 2

Raise Dead Limits: Skeleton Warriors

(max 4), Skeleton Archers (max 2)


Hordin grabbed the remaining keg and slung it Drudwyn eyed one of the kegs and licked his lips.
over his shoulder.
“Thirsty work all that. What say we have a wee
“This should be the last of them, let’s get out of tipple of some of this ale you’ve all been banging
here before we meet the same fate as these on about?”
Hordin looked at the keg on his shoulder and
Rodric and Taryn shoved the large wooden table contemplated everything they went through to get
in the way of the remaining skeletons while them. He brought it to the ground and cracked
Drudwyn yanked his axe from the armour of Lord open the lid.
“Aye! It’d be rude not to!”
The dwarves charged down the corridor to the
exit and with a fearsome shoulder barge, they
slammed the doors open and squinted as the ris-
ing sun gleamed in their eyes.


Hordin & Gnasher —Dwarf Bartender & Dog

Abilities: Slam, Stalwart (1), Tough

Combat/ Shooting Short Range

Fetch. Gnasher loves nothing better than chewing on a nice bone! When the model uses
Fetch all adjacent Pile of Bones are immediately removed from the game.

Drudwyn—Dwarf Berserker
Abilities: Frenzy (2)


Now I’m Angry. All enemy models adjacent to the Hero must move away 1 square if
there is room. If there is a choice then the angry Hero decides which square they
move into.


Taryn—Dwarf Ranger
Abilities: Stealth, Sure Shot (1)

Combat/ Shooting Long Range

Hail of Arrows. The Hero must have a Shooting Dice value to use this feat. The Hero
may Shoot three times in the same Turn. Resolve each one before deciding on the next

Rodric—Dwarf Fighter
Abilities: Slam, Tough


None Shall Pass. Rodric cannot be injured for the remainder of this Round. In addition, all
adjacent enemy Minions are considered to have taken their Turn this Round and may not take
another for any reason.


Rise of the Lich Queen

Groans and screams filled the dark corridors, “Silence girl, the time is nigh, you and the rest of
some human, others from unknown your people will become the source of my power.
monstrosities. Shambling footsteps rattled the Soon your bodies will perish while mine becomes
loose flagstones and creaked the wooden panels. immortal” Exclaimed Tuxaura as she fitted the
girl’s wrists into the manacles.
From the distance the loud clanking of chains
could be heard over terrified whimpering. It’d had cost her dearly to find the book of
Odixious the Lich King. She had paid a fortune to
the finest thieves’ guilds to steal it from a foolish
wizard who had dared claim the tome from the
old Lich’s keep, but finally, The Words of the
Lich King were in her hands, and the ritual could

Adventure Changes
Change Special Rules:
Special Rule –Sacrifices Must Be Made.
Use the adventure, Needle in Tuxaura has taken 4 prisoners to be used
a Haystack, with the following in her ritual, Marked as the 4 chests on
the map. The hearos will need to free
changes: them by destroying their manacles. Use
the chest’s strength as the manacles
strength. Once the manacles for all 4 pris-
Replace Overlord with: oners have been broken, the heroes have
Overlord Command Cards: 15
Special Rule – The Ritual Has Started.
This adventure uses the Standard and While any captive is in their starting
Necromancer Overlord cards from the square, Tuxura regains 1 Wound at the
boxed game. start of every Overlord
Commands per Turn: 3
Map Change
Raise Dead Limits: Skeleton Warriors Tuxaura replaces the central Zombie.
(max 6), Skeleton Archers (max 3), Dwarf
Revenant (max 3)

Tuxaura Vrarotia, Elf Necromancer,

Available Spells: Transfix, Darkness,
Shriek, Unspeakable Fear.

Replace Victory With:

Heroes: Break all 4 captives’ manacles
before the time runs out.

Overlord: Cripple a hero or stop the

heroes from winning before the time runs


Tuxaura Vrarotia
Abilities: Spellcaster (Necromancy, Petty), Nimble



Essence Leech. Tuxaura can make a 5 Dice Long Ranged magical attack. If at least 1
wound is caused in the attack, Tuxaura regains 1 lost wound. This cannot be used
while in an enemy’s front arc.


Damn you and your interference! I spent years preparing that ritual and you’ve ruined
everything!” Tuxaura spat, holding her wounds as the hostages ran for the exit. The occasional
sound of magical energy still crackling around the chamber from her attempted ritual.
“You’re too late. The ritual has begun, all you’ve done is delay the inevitable. I will soon be
Immortal and I’ll never die. Then you’ll pay for this!” The elf moved her hand from her bleeding
wound, summoning purple necromantic flames into her palms.

Suddenly with a thud she dropped backwards in a heap from one of Madriga’s arrows that was
now imbedded in her heart. “She should have known, no one is immortal.” Madriga said, stepping
over Tuxaura’s twitching body.