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Employee Details

Employee Name: Store: _________________

Date Started: _________________

Date Completed: _________________

Trainer/s: _________________

Rules of Conduct Complete: _________________

Employee Details entered: Date: _____________

By: ______________

Quiz Results

Sit Quiz #1 Policies Result: __________

Sit Quiz #2 Food Safety Result: __________

Sit Quiz #3 Sub Formulas Result: __________

Sit Quiz #4 Mini Sub Formulas Result: __________

Sit Quiz #5 Customer Service Result: __________

Sit Quiz #6 Customer Comments Result: __________

Sit Quiz #7 Product Prep & Bread Result: __________

Sit Quiz #8 Cleaning & Misc Result: __________

1. Orientation

Uniform Issue

Supply the employee with a shirt, apron and visor or cap.

Key points:
- Uniform policy with respect to pants / skirts / shorts
- How to order more uniforms
- Footwear requirements
- Expectations of how to wear your uniform, and what happens if you don't
meet these requirements
- Make sure the employee is aware that they will not be able to start a shift
unless they are in full uniform
- The cost of any replacement, or extra uniforms items due to misuse will be
passed on to the employee.

Employee signature: __________ Date: ________ Trainer Signature: __________

Enter Employee into the POS

Take the employee to the POS system and enter their details into a new employee
Key points:
- To be paid correctly your hours worked must be entered on roster where
- Incorrectly entered hours worked will not be fixed until the next pay week

Employee signature: __________ Date: ________ Trainer Signature: __________

Subway Policies & Paperwork

Show the new employee the “Employee Handbook”, “New Employee Kit”, and
explain the company policies outlined in these packs.

Key points:
- Why staff policies and rules are important
- Check that all the policy sheets are completed
- Staff meals and drinks policies
- Job Description
- Employee Detail Form
- Welcome Letter
- Letter of Offer
- Sexual Harassment Policy
- Drug Statement Policy
- Uniform Policy
- Security and Confidentiality Policy

Employee signature: __________ Date: ________ Trainer Signature: __________

Introduction to Subway
Tell the employee about Subway’s core principles and history.
Key points:
- Started in 1965 in the US, Started in Australia In 1988
-Now more Subway stores than McDonalds in the US, Canada and Australia
Over 240 stores in Queensland, Over 1000 In Australia

- Fast fresh food Massive choice of products Made to the customers speclflcatlons

Made right in front of you

. REAL customer service Employee signature; Date: Tralner Signature: __