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ABB Australia Pty Limited 1LAP016371 Revision A

Engineering Department
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General Specification
Transformer Type Oil Filled / Sealed
Standard AS 60076
Installation Indoor / Outdoor
Number of Phases 3
Frequency [Hz] 50
Rated Power [kVA] 315
Rated High Voltage [V] 11000
Rated Low Voltage [V] 433
Tapping on HV (Off circuit tap changer) +4, -2 x 2.5%
Vector group Dyn11
Type of cooling ONAN
Temperature Rise (Oil/Winding) [℃] 50/55
Conductor Material (HV/LV) Aluminium/Aluminium
Maximum Ambient Temperature [℃] 40
Altitude [m ] < 1000
Insulation Class A
Oil Type Mineral Oil - Uninhibited
External Surface Treatment HDG600P7 (Galvanising + Painting)
Colour N42 Storm Grey
Technical Characteristics
No load loss [W] 550
Load loss [W] 2850
Impedance [%] 4
Efficiency at 50% Load, 1.0PF [%] 99.20%
Basic Impulse Level [kV] 95
Sound Power Level [dBA] 59
Overall Dimensions
Height [mm] 1700
Length [mm] 1830
Width [mm] 2150
Oil Volume [L] 1090
Total Mass [kg] 2770
Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Pressure Relief Valve with contacts
Oil Temperature Indicator with contact
Oil Level Sight
Marshalling Box
HV and LV Cable Boxes (removable and reversible)
Skid Base
Drain Valve