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Fill in the blanks with the correct word

My name 1. (is / are) Zhi Qing. I am 13 2. ( months / years) old.

My 3. (ambition / hobby) is playing football. I play football

4. (to/ with) my friend Ming Le. I 5. (dislike / like ) reading

because it is very boring. My 6. (ambition / age) is to become a doctor. My

father’s 7. (name / age) is Lim. He is an engineer. My mother is a teacher. I

have three 8. (siblings / cats) and two 9. (siblings / cats). I

10. (love / dislike) my cats very much. They are cute! I love my (family /


(10 marks)
Section B

Rearrange the words below to form sentences about hobbies

1. name is My Ahmad.

2. playing football. hobby My is

3. Roges and watching television likes playing games.

4. Sara watch to loves Youtube videos.

5. I during free time. my reading like

(10 marks)
A. Fill in the blanks with the correct plural form.

1. Father :__________

2. Cake :__________

3. Hobby :__________

4. Box :__________

5. Goose :__________

(5 Marks)

Fill in the blanks with the correct singular form.

1. Teeth :__________

2. Elephants :__________

3. Stories :__________

4. Tables :__________

5. Men :__________

(5 Marks)

Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ’an’, or ‘the’.

1. I saw____ aeroplane this morning.

2. It is flying in ____ sky.

3. It is ____ bag.

4. Please give me ___ pencil.

5. Ravi is eating____ apple.

6. ____ Sun rises in the morning.

7. He uses ___ axe to cut wood.

8. Siva is drawing ___cat

9. My sister is _____ tallest girl in the school.

10. It is ____ orange.

A. Match the picture with the correct sentence.

Ali and his friends are playing hide and seek.

Mrs. Fatimah reads a storybook to her


Sarah and her brother bake cake in the


Syafiq watches television in the living room.

B. Look, read, sequence and write the answer in a paragraph.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5.
She likes to eat fried chicken.
She lives in a big and beautiful house with her family.
This is Amy. 1
She likes to play at the playground with her friends.
She is a happy and active girl.

Section C
(Suggested time : 25 minutes )
( 20 marks )
Choose the best answer to fill each blank.
Indra is an Indian girl. She ________ (21) in the island of Penang in Malaysia. Indra is a kind

______(22) gentle girl. She likes to ____(23) people and animals. Her favourite animal _____ (24)

the horse.

When she _____ (25) up, she hopes to become a doctor. This is because she ______ (26) not

like to see people in pain. Indra says "I must _____ (27) hard so that I can become a doctor." She likes

to help ______ (28) people. She feels happy to see them ______(29) again. Indra's father _____(30)

wants her to become a doctor.

21. A. live B. lived C. living D. lives

22. A. so B. but C. and D. since

23. A. helps B. help C. helped D. helping

24. A. is B. are C. was D. were

25. A. grow B. grew C. grown D. grows

26. A. do B. did C. will D. does

27. A. study B. studies C. will study D. studying

28. A. sick B. happy C. poor D. rich

29. A. ill B. well C. alive D. unwell

30. A. will B. also C. always D. sometimes

Based on the picture below, choose the best answer to fill in each blank in the passage.

I have a pet cat, named Comel. Comel is ___

cat. It likes to __ (32) mice and lizards.When I come
home from school, Comel will wait ___( 33) me at the door.
It will rub ____ (34) head against my legs. I will
play with it before ____ (35) it some food to eat.

31. A. – B. a C. an D. the
32. A. play B. keep C. catch D. watch
33. A to B. by C. for D. with
34. A. it B its C. it’s D. its’
35. A. give B. gave C. gives D. giving

Choose the best word to complete each blank in the paragraph below.

John and Jason were playing (36) in the field. They were (37)

and chasing each other. John fell into a huge drain and fractured his (38) . Jason pulled him

out and sent him to the (39) .After that, they went (40) together.

36. A. rugby B. hockey C. basketball D football

37. A. eating B. bathing C. sleeping D. running

38. A. leg B. head C. finger D. stomach

39. A. clinic B. temple C. market D. school

40. A. school B. home C. cinema D. shopping

Section C

Question 1

Read the dialogue below and answer the questions. Write (T) for the TRUE statements and
(F) for the FALSE statements

Amirah: What do you enjoy doing during your free time, Kai Jun?
Kai Jun: I like playing football, and watching cartoons. What about you, Durgah? I
Durgah: like watching cartoons too. But I prefer sewing. I learnt to sew from my
Amirah: Wow! That’s nice. I love swimming, because it keeps me healthy. I also love
reading stories.
Kai Jun: I dislike swimming because I’m afraid of water. What kind of books do you
Amirah: I usually read horror stories, but I love comic books too! Do you like horror
stories Durgah?
Durgah: No, I don’t. I hate horror stories. They are scary.
Kai Jun: Can I have a look at your comic book collection? Reading comic books are fun. Of
Amirah: course, Come over to my house whenever you are free. I’ll show you my

1. Kai Jun enjoys watching cartoons and playing football. ( )

2. Amirah enjoys sewing. ( )

3. Kai Jun loves swimming. ( )

4. Durgah wants to look at Amirah’s comic books. ( )

5. Amirah enjoys swimming because it is healthy. ( )

6. Durgah learnt to sew from her mother ( )

7. Amirah likes sewing. ( )

8. Durgah dislikes horror stories because they are scary. ( )

9. Kai Jun thinks that comic books are fun. ( )

10. Amirah calls Durgah to her house to see her comic book collection. ( )

(10 marks)
Question 2

Based on the dialogue, answer the following questions

1) Who likes reading comic books and swimming?

2) What are Kai Jun’s hobbies?

3) What did Durgah learn from her grandmother?

4) Why does Durgah dislike horror stories?

5) Why is Kai Jun going to Amirah’s house?

(10 marks)

SECTION A (10 marks)

Read the information about animals and match them with the correct animals in the box below.

Information Animal

1. This animal is called the ‘King” of the jungle .It is fierce and eats meat.

2. This animal swings from tree to tree. It likes to eat bananas and other fruits. It has a
long tail.
3. This animal lives on land and in water. It has a strong tail and sharp teeth.

4. This animal has big eyes .It hoots and hunts at night.

5. This animal has gills, fins and tail. People like to keep it in an aquarium.

6. This animal is big and strong. It has a long nose called trunk. It loves to eat sugar
cane and plants.

7. This animal looks like a horse. It has stripes on its body .It moves in groups.

8. This animal is a reptiles .It has scales on its legs. It can climb up the wall. It can even
break off its tail when it is in danger.

9. This animal is a bird .It has colourful feathers. It can open them like a fan. It is proud
of itself.

10. This animal is a mammal. It is a very tall animal. It has a very long neck and it likes
to eat new leaves on trees.

 Crocodile  Monkey  Giraffe

 Owl  Elephant  Lizard

 Fish  Peacock

 Tiger  Zebra
SECTION B (10 marks)

Read the announcement carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Attention all pupils ,

student, KarimBinIsmail,was runningacrosstheroad infront of theschoolwhen hewas knocked down by a school bus. He
is now recovering in the hospital.

To avoid accidents like this infuture, youmust walk by the side of the road .Cross it only with the helpof Pak Din, the school
guard. Pak Din will guide you safely to the other side using the zebra crossing.

Let us all pray that our friend recovers soon. Thank you.

(A) Fill n the blanks with information from the announcement.

Announcement by


Vehicle involved

Place of accident

School guard

(B) Complete the passage below correctly.

The (1) made the (2) because (3)

the school. She advised the pupils to (4)

and cross it with (5)

Pupils must also cross the road using (6)

A. Categorize the following items into “people” or “object”.

Two birds Students Rubbish Rishika

Teenagers Glass aunt Policeman
Scientist clothes Malaysians plastic bottles

People Object

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