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Check list for Pressure Vessel on Submission of Drawing

A Check for Technical Data as per Data sheet OK Remarks

1 Design Pressure
2 Design Temperature
3 Operating Pressure
4 Operating Temperature
5 Hydrotest Pressure
6 Corrosion Allowance
7 Process Fluid
8 Min Design Metal Temperature
9 Joint Efficiency
10 Radiography
12 Volume
13 Insulation
14 Fire Proofing
15 Density
16 Fabricated Weight
17 Weight with process fluid
18 Test Weight

Yes No N/A Remarks

1 Thickness of pressure vessel shell checked/sufficient
2 Thickness of pressure vessel dish checked/sufficient
3 No of Nozzle as per the requirement
4 Nozzle schedule given/Checked
5 Nozzle reinforcement requirement checked.
6 Nozzle orientation given as per data sheet
7 Nozzle elevation as per data sheet
8 Pound rating of nozzle checked
9 Nozzle neck thickness checked as per UG 45 ASME Sec VIII DIV 1
10 Level gauge and Level transmitter nozzle heights as per inst requirements
11 Stiffner ring requirement checked
12 Ladder rungs given at Manhole
13 Fouling of nozzle if any checked
14 Drain nozzle given with vortex breaker
15 Diameter of the vessel as per Data sheet
16 Vessel height as per data sheet
17 Check any special requirements for the vessels like baffles
18 Saddle given at proper location
19 Saddle details given /design checked
20 Sufficient clearance b/w nozzle or boot pad and saddle pad
21 Bill of material specified and checked
22 Check for Insulation cleats
23 Design of skirt/leg support checked.
24 Provision of ladder /platform cleats given at proper elevation/orientation
25 Supports given for internals of vessels
26 Welding details for all the nozzle shown/checked.
27 Welding details for shell to head shown
28 Welding details for shell to skirt shown
29 Lifting lugs given / design checked
30 Earthing lugs given

C Notes to be checked Given Remarks

1 All dimensions are in mm
2 All bolt holes are stradle principle centre line of the vessel
All welding surface to be thoroughly cleaned of scales rust ,oil or
3 foreign body before welding
4 All external welds shall be left unground
5 All internal weld shall be ground smoothly
Bill of material shows finished sizes and necessary maching
6 allowances as per shop practice
Orientation view decides the correct position of all nozzle
7 connections and fittings
8 All welds shall be dye penentrant tested.
9 Reinforcement pad shall be pneumatically tested to 1.25Kg/SqCm g.
10 All tell tale holes shall be filled with grease while dispatching
11 Reinforcement pad shall be fabricated from a single piece.
All nozzle projections are from the cenre line of the vessel as well
12 as tan line line the vessel
All nozzle 2" NB and below sizes shall be provided with 2 nos
13 25WX6 stiffners 90deg apart
14 External painting shall be as per MRPL specification