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This unit alignment was created as a reference guide for lesson planning. It shows how the various curricular materials offered by CMS Social
Studies align with CMS units. This is not a required order, simply a guide for how the different lessons line up with one another. This may be used in
conjunction with different lessons based on the needs of teachers, students, and classrooms.

CMS Unit HMH Book Bundles Inquir(y/ies) Cornerstone(s) Assessment

Unit 1: Family, Friends, ● I Am a Good Friend​ by Sharon Coan “Why should I build I Am a Good Citizen: Unit 1
and Me ● I Am a Good Citizen​ by Sharon Coan positive relationships?” How can I be a good Mini-Assessment
● Rules at School​ by Sharon Coan citizen?
Unit Guide ● This Is Me​ by Dona Herweck Rice Report Card
● Sharing​ by Sam Williams Rubrics
Sample Planning Guide ● First Day of School​ by Sarah Vazquez
● When I Get Older​ by John Serrano
Essential Question: ​Why ● Friends​ by Meg Greve
should I build positive
relationships? Unit 1 Digitized and Printable Primary
NCES: ​K.H.1.1, K.H.1.3,
K.C&G.1.1, K.C&G.1.2,
K.C.1.1, K.C.1.2

Unit 2: Changes, ● Celebrating Our Holidays​ by Frederick “What Makes Holidays Need It or Want It: Unit 2
Community, and Englund Special?” How are needs and Mini-Assessment
Celebrations ● Fun For All Seasons​ by Danielle Carroll wants different?
● Holidays​ by Jennifer Boothroyd Report Card
Unit Guide ● Jobs​ by Robin Nelson Rubrics
● Need It or Want It?​ by John Serrano
Essential Question: ● We Celebrate Thanksgiving in Fall​ by
What makes holidays Rebecca Felix
special? ● Who Works in My Neighborhood?​ by
John Serrano
NCES: ​K.H.1.1, K.H.1.2, ● How’s the Weather in Spring?​ by Jenna
K.H.1.3, K.E.1.1, K.E.1.2, Lee Gleisner
K.G.2.1, K.G.2.2, K.C.1.1,
K.C.1.2 Unit 2 Digitized and Printable Primary

Unit 3: Learning the ● Maps are Flat, Globes are Round​ by “Are maps important?” Unit 3
Land Meg Greve Mini-Assessment
● The Way I Go to School​ by Nelson
Unit Guide Australia, Beverly Randell, Jenny Giles, Report Card
and Annette Smith Rubrics
Essential Question:​ Why ● Up and Down​ by Beverly Randell,
are maps important? Jenny Giles, and Annette Smith
● Left or Right​ by Susan Markowitz
NCES: ​K.G.1.1, K.G.1.2, Meredith
K.G.1.3, K.G.1.4, K.C.1.1, ● Looking at Landforms​ by Ellen Mitten
K.C.1.2 ● Where Is It?​ by Piper Welsh
● Keys and Symbols on Maps​ by Meg
● Getting Around School​ by Sandy Phan

Unit 3 Digitized and Printable Primary


Unit 4: Around the ● Bread, Bread, Bread​ by Ann Morris “What is our WORLD We Are Different, We Unit 4
World ● The Clothes I Wear​ by Bobbie Kalman like?” Are the Same: How Mini-Assessment
● We Are Different, We Are the Same​ by are we the same and
Unit Guide Alicia Gardner different from our Report Card
● My Neighbor Speaks Chinese​ by friends? Rubrics
Essential Question: Declan Parnell
What is the world like? ● Waterways​ by Ellen K. Mitten
● Everyone Eats​ by Nancy Allen
NCES: ​K.G.1.1, K.G.1.2, ● What Do People Do In Winter?​ by
K.G.1.3, K.G.1.4, K.G.2.1, Rebecca Felix
K.C.1.2, K.C.1.2 ● Everyone Goes to School​ by J. Jean

Unit 4 Digitized and Printable Primary