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Advanced Technology in Welding Education

Jason Schmidt
Sales Training Manager
Survival Issues Shaping U.S.
Manufacturers’ Decisions


Arc Welding Safety Information

• From AWS
– “Safety and Health Fact Sheets”
– “Safety in Welding, Cutting and
Allied Processes” Document
(ANSI Z49.1)
• Both available as free download
from AWS website

• Also link to documents from

Lincoln Electric website
Arc Welding Safety Information

• From Lincoln Electric

– Arc Welding Safety brochure (E205)
– Arc Welding Safety poster (E201)
– A Guide to Welding Fume Control brochure
– “Welding Safely - the Way the Pros Do It” video
• Available in VHS or DVD format
– New OSHA Hexavalent Chromium Standards
update Information, available as…
• Printed brochure (MC06-211)
• Bonus CD in clam shell with ED209 safety DVD
– Arc Welding Safety Power PointTM presentation
with script
• Included on all the NTLB Welding Process CDs
Robotic Welding Education Cell
AutoDrive™ 4R90 Frame & enclosure
4-Roll Robotic Wire Drive Strong, light weight aluminum
enclosure for maximum visibility

FANUC ARC Mate 50iC/5L

Compact, 5kg payload, 5 axis arm

Mounting features
Easily add optional fume extraction, gas
bottle, & consumable packages

Work Surface
Pre-machined aluminum work
surface for optional clamp &
fixturing hardware

Power Wave® 355M

Advanced, mutli-process, digital inverter

FANUC R30iA Mate Controller

Numerous software features included in
educational package
Production Monitoring™ 2
Production Monitoring™ 2
VRTEX™ 360

• Computer based
educational tool that
– SMAW – E6010 & E7018
– GMAW – Short Arc,
Spray, Pulse & STT
– FCAW – G/S
• Virtual Coupons
– Plate: Flat, Tee, Groove
– Pipe: 2” and 6” Diameter
• All position welding
– Flat, Horizontal, Vertical
and Overhead
Key Benefits of VR

• Train welders faster • Save money on base material &

other materials
• Improve the Image of
Welding • Recruit future welders

• Go Green – Reduce waste • Provide High-Tech training tool

and save energy for welding education
Virtual Environments
VRTEX™ 360
VRTEX™ 360
VRTEX™ 360



Swing Away Table

Instructor Cam –
Can be used while
student is welding
and afterward for
visual inspection

Visual Cues –
Turn green when
proper welding
technique is being
Scoring and Analysis
Teacher Observer Program

• Free Tuition for Instructors

to Lincoln Welding School
– One Week per Year

• See the Latest Teaching

Methods and Welding

• Contact School Directly

(216-383-2259) to Schedule
Specific Topic and Week