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Wah - Guidelines

(V 1.4)
1. Why — Purpose
Wah is an organization-wide, corporate level non-monetary reward & recognition initiative aimed at
encouraging associates to participate and contribute not only towards their scheduled work, but also
towards various organizational level initiatives. Wah is applicable in India only.

2. Who — Eligibility
All associates active on the India Payroll are eligible to have their contributions recognized through the Wah
- Payback program.

3. Wah-Payback Card
The Wah-Payback card is the unique co-branded Payback membership card that enables associates to begin
transactions and avail the additional benefits as part of the Cognizant’s Wah-Payback program. Associates
can swipe their Wah-Payback cards while making payments at network partners (for everyday activities such
as refueling, travel, dining, entertainment etc.) to earn Payback points, which creates an additional earning
potential for associates.

4. Wah-Payback points - Financial Value

Wah point = 6 Payback points. Each Payback point is valued @ Rs.0.25 and each Wah point is valued
@ Rs.1.50

5. Wah Points – Awarding Metrics

Associates can be awarded with Wah points under three broad categories:

a. Appreciation Awards
b. Participating / contributing in Organizational Initiatives
c. Winning / participating in Extra-Curricular Activities (both Internal and external)

Associates can be awarded Wah points for performing / participating in various internal / external activities,
as appreciation from the clients and in many more ways. Associates can be awarded Wah points ranging
from a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 1500.

(Wah points awarding CTI metrics is available in the Wah portal under ‘About Wah.’ Please refer the same
while raising a request for awarding Wah points).


2 Wah Guidelines | C3 – PROTECTED

6. Awarding conditions
Points will be allocated to associates subject to the fulfillment of all the below-mentioned conditions:

 All awarding of Wah points will be strictly based on the CTI metrics. Requests not in line with the CTI
metrics will be denied
 Any request of awarding more than 3000 Wah points to an associate in a calendar month, has
governance in place
 Any request for awarding Wah points needs to be raised within one month of the activity (that the
associate has participated and which they are eligible to be awarded Wah points for) / achievements
(that the associate is eligible to be awarded Wah points for). Any awarding request raised post one
month of the activity / achievement will not be entertained
 Associates can be awarded Wah points for participating in a particular activity or particular
achievement only once in a given day
 HCM supervisors and HR Talent Managers will have access to the Wah application for awarding Wah
points. All requests for awarding Wah points will be routed to the Senior Manager+ Approval and
Talent Manager (Identified for each BU) approval of their respective BUs
 Wah points can be awarded by Supervisors and HR Talent Managers through the Wah portal to
associates across all Business Units (BU)

7. Wah-Payback Points – Validity

Wah points awarded are valid for three years from the date of credit; Wah points are converted to Payback

8. Redemption of Wah Points

Wah points awarded to the associates are converted to Payback points within 24 hours for redemption.

Associates can redeem their Wah points (converted to Payback points) by calling up the Cognizant Wah-
Payback contact center No. 18602585000 or by visiting: and going to the
rewards catalogue. Associates may write to: on any queries related to Payback.

Associates can redeem their Wah points (converted to Payback points) in the outlets of Payback’s multiple
network partners too. The list of network partner outlets is available in the Wah-Payback microsite for the
convenience of the associates.


3 Wah Guidelines | C3 – PROTECTED