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I. PROJECT TITLE Ignaciana 2019

II. THEME “Creativity with Iggy”

III. IFP GOAL Student and Community Development

IV. IMPLEMENTATION DATE 3 August 2019; 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

V. VENUE Sua Elementary School

Sua, Canaman, Camarines Sur

VI. PARTICIPANTS Students of Sua Elementary School


In celebration of St. Ignatius of Loyola’s feast day, it has been a practice of Ateneo de Naga
University to exercise the values taught and promoted by the institution by providing assistance to
the community and putting in efforts to preserve nature through feeding programs, tree-plantings,
mangrove reforestations, and other forms of outreach activities. In the Bicol region, there are still
plenty of communities wherein within these communities are schools in need of either financial,
material, or instructional assistance. One particular example is Sua Elementary School situated in
Canaman, Camarines Sur. The majority of students in Sua Elementary School lack the necessary
school materials, thus, with their busy schedules, the resources and opportunities for creative
expression have become a rare thing to come by. Given this, the Digital Artists’ League of Ateneo
is proposing an outreach activity that allows its members to share their talent and knowledge in
the arts to the participants in hopes of igniting the creativity the students have within themselves.

During the said activity set on the 3rd of August 2019 from 8:00AM to 12:00NN, the
volunteers will conduct workshops on drawing, coloring, poster-making, and watercolor painting,
depending on grade level, for the students of the Sua Elementary School. There will also be a
community merienda, a time for the volunteers and participants to socialize and bond with one
another with food. The intended purpose of these are to teach the participants basic art skills that
may help with their creativity, provide the students art materials that they may utilize for their
academic needs, and engage the members of DIGITAL to the people and communities outside of
the Ateneo de Naga University institution to practice the Ignatian values in their lives and to have
a deeper understanding of what it means to be a man/woman for others.


After the said activity, the participants are expected to:

a. Gain basic skills in drawing, coloring, and watercolor painting;
b. Make use of these acquired skills during their leisure;
c. Earn a deeper appreciation for activities using creative skills; and
d. Establish a connection and be acquainted with the volunteers.

1. The outreach will be held at Sua Elementary School (Sua, Canaman) on the 3rd of August
2019, from 8:00 AM to 12 NN. Approximately 182 participants are expected in the venue.
2. The assembly of the student volunteers will be at 07:00 AM at the Xavier Hall, Ateneo de
Naga University.
3. After the checking of attendance and materials needed, the student volunteers will then
proceed to the said venue.
4. Upon arriving at the venue, a few minutes will be allotted for the preparation of the
materials to be used. Five student volunteers will be assigned to each grade level, while the
remaining will be in-charge of the food preparation, as well as the documentation of the
said activity.
5. The following are the population for each grade level of Sua Elementary School:


Kindergarten 24

Grade 1 41

Grade 2 29

Grade 3 26

Grade 4 25
Grade 5 17

Grade 6 20


6. The students will then proceed to the classroom they are assigned. The lecture will begin
with the introduction of the student facilitators and a simple getting-to-know activity. It
will last for about two hours.
7. The following activities and facilitators are assigned to each grade level
a. Kindergarten and Grade 1 students will be having connect-the-dots and coloring
b. Grade 2 and 3 pupils will be having tracing and coloring activities.
c. Grade 4 and 5 students will be taught poster-making skills.
d. Grade 6 pupils will be taught using the watercolor.
8. A community merienda will be held after the workshops. The volunteers will serve sopas
and juice to the participants, and engage into conversation with them.
9. After, the facilitators will end their workshops with picture-taking sessions and words of
appreciation and encouragement to practice art.
10. The volunteers will conduct a processing activity after the outreach. They are to evaluate
how the program went and ways to improve it further next time, to gather thoughts and
realizations from them, and to reflect on these experiences.
11. The following is a summary of the program flow:


7:00-7:30 Call time

7:30-7:40 Checking of Attendance

7:40-8:00 Travel time to venue

8:00-8:15 Preparation

8:15-8:30 Introduction & Getting-to-Know Activity

8:30-10:30 Workshop Proper

10:30-11:30 Community Merienda

11:30-11:40 Picture-taking

11:40-11:50 Reflection & Evaluation of the Activity

11:50-12:00 Wrap up


The organization sought financial assistance from the University Research Council; a total
of PHP 10,305.00 will be the budget for the outreach program. Below is a summary of the budget


Art Materials
Watercolors (Php 20.00 x 21) 420.00
Crayons (Php 15.00 x 124) 1,860.00
Oil pastels (Php 30.00 x 44) 1,320.00
Pencils (Php 65.00/box x 16) 1,040.00
Short bond papers (Php 130.00/ream x 1) 130.00
Oslo papers (Php 15.00/10pcs x 5) 75.00
Tracing papers (Php 50.00/10pcs x 12) 600.00
Cartolina (Php 5.00 x 11) 55.00

Food (for 200 people)

Elbow Macaroni (Php 90.00/kg x 20) 1,800.00
Ground Pork (Php 210.00 x 4) 840.00
Carrots (Php 85.00/kg x 2) 170.00
Cabbage (Php 50.00/kg x 4) 200.00
Garlic (Php 100.00/kg x 1) 100.00
Onion (Php 60.00/kg x 1) 60.00
Black Pepper (Php 75.00/0.25 kg x 2) 150.00
Fish Sauce (Php 90.00/half gallon x 1) 90.00
Broth Cubes (Php 60.00/12piece x 2) 120.00
Salt (Php 25.00/kg x 1) 25.00
Evaporated Milk (Php 35.00/can x 6 ) 210.00
Powdered Juice (Php 110.00/125g x 8) 880.00
Ice (Php 1.00 x 10) 10.00
Utensils (Extra)
Spoon (Php 25.00/24piece-pack x 2) 50.00
Soup Cups (Php 50.00/25piece-pack x 2) 100.00

TOTAL PHP 10,305.00

Other materials such as books or school supplies will be provided by other students in the
BS Digital Illustration and Animation program who are interested in donating.



○ Connect-the-dots
Kindergarten Mark Joshua Garchitorena
○ Coloring

○ Connect-the-dots
Grade 1 Mae Cee Ricafort
○ Coloring

○ Tracing
Grade 2 Jury Gabionza
○ Coloring

○ Tracing
Grade 3 John Christian Abonalla
○ Coloring

Grade 4 ○ Poster Making Michael Ron Iris Mendez

Grade 5 ○ Poster Making Jay Frankel Paz

Grade 6 ○ Watercolor Painting Benito Padua III



○ Overall committee
Logistics ○ Assignment of facilitators per Jay Frankel Paz

Secretariat ○ In charge of attendance Michael Ron Iris Mendez

○ Name tags for students and

○ In charge of canvassing of
Finance ○ Handling of fund Nena Criselda Licmoan
○ Buying of materials needed
○ Liquidation of expenses

○ Preparation of Food
Food Kim Darla Escalderon
○ Distribution of Food

Documentation ○ Documenting the activity Cleo Marie Zamudio



Cherry Ann Largo 1

Maureen Ira Meceda 1

Aubrey Marie Montecino 1

Benito Padua III 1

Mae Cee Ricafort 1

Alexia Marie Rili 1

John Christian Abonalla 2

Carl Kendrick Caballero 2

Noemie Angela Consuelo 2

Kim Darla Escalderon 2

Jury Gabionza 2

Mark Joshua Garchitorena 2

Nena Criselda Licmoan 2

Ma. Samantha Nikole Llorin 2

Ryan Angelo Madrideo 2

Michael Ron Iris Mendez 2

Jay Frankel Paz 2

Kristine Joy Tabudlong 2

Baeron Jaus Vallar 2

Cleo Marie Zamudio 2

Kaye Solis 4

Signed by:
JAY FRANKEL PAZ President, Digital Artists’ League of Ateneo

Noted by:


Moderator, Digital Artists’ League of Ateneo

Endorsed by:

Chairperson, Digital Arts and Computer Animation Department

Approved by:


Dean, College of Computer Studies

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