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Prime Bank Limited

a bank with a differeace Recruitment & Selection Policy, 2017

v. Pay: As per approved Broad banding Pay Structure Policy of the Bank.
vi. =—s-s Obligations of Trainee Assistant (Front Office): Every Trainee Assistant (Front
Office) will be required io sign an Undertaking on non-judicial stamp to the effect that
he/she would serve the Bank for a minimum period of 03 (three) years Including 01
(One) year traineeship period. Additionally, candidates who join as Trainee Assistant
(Front Office) will also be required to submit a Surety Bond for Tk.40,0004 (Forty
thousand taka) on mon-judicial stamp from a respectable person acceptable to the
6.3 Sales, Recovery & Support (SRS) cales, Recovery & Support (SRS) employee will be
assiqned for making Sales, Recovery and Suppor of banking products in Head
Office, Branch and for Head Office support. SRS will be specifically recruted under Incentive
based or Nondncentive based Category (guided by specific commission structure) for Sales,
Recovery and Support Stream under Broadbanding Pay Structure Policy and will be
considered as TA-From Office (Presently known as TA-Cash) equivalent at entry level (SR3-
1) and move up to 5RS-4, 1.2 SEO.
SR3 will have the opportunity to move up to SRS (Senior Executive Officer equivalent) level
within a reasonatle span of time provided thelr performance had been commendable. Prior
to becoming SEO, their stream movement will be restricted (except for movement to Front
Office Services Stream). Any movement withinin-between streams will be upon the
discretion of the Management provided there is a vacancy/ requirement.
i. Academic Qualification tor all SRS: Same as Trainee Assistant (Front Office) [Refer to
62 for details] (i) SRS deployed in Core Business Stream/Support Services Stream
shall require higher educational qualifications (.@ minimum 4 years Graduation in
Susiness /1T/Engineering and refated courses with no 3 division in any public
examination and discipline} to Qualify. Other conditions will be as per SRS policy.

ii. Additional terms and conditions:

Where necessary, the terms and conditions mentioned under 6.2 shall be applicable for all
SRS (as they are TA-Fromt Office
Equivalent) with the following additional clauses:
• Performance bonus: SRS who will be under separate Commission Structure (initiated
by respective divisions) admissible on top of their monthly salary, Will not be eligible
for any yearly performance bonus.

• Termination:
If any Sales, Recovery & Support employee fails to achieve the minimum target for
consecutive 03 (three) months, the Management reserves the right to terminate the
employment of the concerned employee.
A separate detailed policy and its amendments have been approved by the Board of
Directors of Prime Bank Limited in its 467 meeting held 27 December, 2016. However, the
inclusions made under this policy as menioned above shall be deemed effective from 01
June, 2076.
6.4 Trainee Assistant: TA (General)
Position discontinued.
6.5 Lateral! External Entrants Lateral Entrants recruitment (Experienced banking
professionals! Experienced Specialists with Non-Banking or Technical background) will be
done from time to time depending on business need, replacement against resignation, etc.
All lateral entrants should have prior banking experience. However, potential candidates
from other industries matching business requirement will also be considered provided
they have specialized expenence
i. Eligibility:
• Incase of Lateral Entrants (other than Fixed Term employees), age limitation is not
applicable but no full time employee aged more than 5/7 years or have af least 3 years
of service length before retirement shall be employed by the Bank on regular service.
® The candidate wil be atleast a Graduate from any University approved by UGC or any
recognized foreign University.
• Candidates must be in their present grade for minimum 1 year in their current
organization to be considered in the next/ equivalent grade in Prime Bank. In addition,
the management may also consider the total vintage of the candidaie Tor any such
grade alignment.
® Grade rationalization/alignment for |atera! entrants shall be done as per the discretion
of the Management.
li. Candidates having relevant professional qualifications (e.g CA, CPA etc) may be
considered for lateral positions even if they do not have required direct work
experience. Exasting employees who have successfully acquired professional
qualifications between serving the bank can also be considered
ili. Pay: AS per approved pay policy of the Bank.
iv. Confirmation: The employment of Lateral entrants shall be treated as confirmed in the
services of the Bank from the date of joaning.
6.7 Fixed Term Employment AS @ prerequisite for ensuring excellence in Human
Resources operational activities and establishing an effective and transparent Contractual
Employment in the Bank, a revision in the Contractual Employment procedure has been
made and now will be termed as “Fixed Term Employment”. i. Scope & Authority
• This policy extends to all Fixed Term employees (except the Managing Director & CEO)
of the Bank whose terms and condition
of employment and compensation along with service tenure are specified through a written
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